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Vegas Golden Knights
Head Coach Pete DeBoer confirmed Alec Martinez is out for tonight’s game. DeBoer expects Mattias Janmark to play tonight after coming out of COVID-19 protocol. #VegasBorn
22 Oct, 05:46 PM UTC
Friday Knight Fortress Party! #VegasBorn @ChanceNHL's photo on #VegasBorn
22 Oct, 10:36 PM UTC
It finally happened! @ChanceNHL stole @BabyMingo1 for the parade! It completely made her Knight! She didn’t even hesitate! 🤣 @GoldenKnights #VegasBorn #goldenknights https://t.co/jLydgBwmWV
23 Oct, 05:17 AM UTC
NHL News
NHL attendance for 10/22: #LeafsForever - 18,603 (98.8%) #LetsGoBuffalo - 7,820 (41.0%) #TexasHockey - 18,532 (100%) #VegasBorn - 17,978 (103.5%)
23 Oct, 04:50 AM UTC
I went to the doc the other day to tell her about this horrible heartburn I've been having. She said, "When did it start?" I said, "About 27 Power Plays ago." #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:26 AM UTC
Courtney Theriault
Look, all I'm saying is that guys wearing golden helmets are evil and can't be trusted. #Oilers #LetsGoOilers #VegasBorn @cspotweet's photo on #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 02:31 AM UTC
The Gilded Jester
VGK will be holding tryouts tomorrow at CNA in order to ice a full team on Sunday. Bring your twig. #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights @GoldenKnights
23 Oct, 03:35 AM UTC
10/22 NHL Game & Player Highlight EDM@VGS: EDM ML Darnell Nurse +0.5 Points He are the facts!! https://t.co/Z3lAZJYymc #Oilers #VegasBorn #LetsGoOilers #NHL #HockeyTwitter
22 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
The Gilded Jester
i dont need to watch the game to know we probably didn't score on a power play #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights @GoldenKnights
23 Oct, 04:24 AM UTC
Golden Knights Fanatic (1-3-0)
I’ll just say this, these last 2 losses are not due to injuries. Turnovers are costing the Golden Knights. #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 05:12 AM UTC
The Gilded Jester
"Marchessault colliding with Hyman." ... the dreams of many. #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights @GoldenKnights https://t.co/PADMWgStwj
23 Oct, 02:39 AM UTC
Mr. Puck Slut💰
VIP #NHL MINI-SWEEP 🏒🧹 Easy +2.1u💰🤑 Oilers ML +115 (1u)✅ Lehner Saves Over 25.5 -105 (1u)✅ #GamblingTwitter #HockeyTwitter #LetsGoOilers #VegasBorn #EDMvsVGK #NHLPicks
23 Oct, 04:45 AM UTC
The Gilded Jester
This has to be one of the best third periods I have ever not watched because of technical difficulties. #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights @GoldenKnights
23 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Vince Sapienza
Total Attendance tonight @TMobileArena 17,978 #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:23 AM UTC
The Gilded Jester
injuries are on hand? i miss mike 😕 #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights @GoldenKnights https://t.co/L6fAjGOp8F
23 Oct, 04:51 AM UTC
Alex Norwood
Sounds like Whitecloud is going to miss some time. By next game, there will have been 9 NHL caliber players who have been out at least a game with injuries/protocols for the Golden Knights. They can’t catch a break right now. #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 05:17 AM UTC
Jeffery Ade
Gold helmets are fine. #VegasBorn #HockeyTwitter https://t.co/rwq1dgTtiv
23 Oct, 03:43 AM UTC
The Gilded Jester
Something to cheer you up from Knight Life. Marchy with a mic. #GoKnightsGo #VegasBorn #GoldenKnights @GoldenKnights https://t.co/FSCqcPNLXz
23 Oct, 05:57 AM UTC
Tony Cordasco
VGK 0-9 now on the power play. You could tell they worked on it on the off-season... #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:24 AM UTC
Michael Knight
A lot of empty seats. Different vibe inside the fortress. Major league reality is setting in. #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:46 AM UTC
Vince Sapienza
There goes Lehner.... 1:36 to play... #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:39 AM UTC
My heavens....I just love it when #VegasBorn loses. Gives me warm fuzzy feelings.
23 Oct, 04:43 AM UTC
Lewis #HertlToVegas
It's not the personnel we have that makes the Vegas pp so bad, it's the guy running it. Even with Stone and Patches in the lineup, our powerplay has gone 0 for fking 27 dating back to the playoffs. Hello??? This isn't on the players. #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 05:00 AM UTC
Bouchard-Nurse should be a thing for awhile please? #LetsGoOilers #VegasBorn 5-3 EDM
23 Oct, 04:54 AM UTC
Vince Sapienza
Timeout #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Vince Sapienza
FINAL: EDM 5 VGK 3 Golden Knights lose 3 straight for just the second time under Pete DeBoer. The first time where all three losses came in regulation. VGK wrap up the three-game homestand Sunday vs NYI #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
Vince Sapienza
GOAL: Zack Kassian gets loose on a breakaway and slips it five-hoole on Lehner 4-3 Oilers, 15:27 left in the game #VegasBorn
23 Oct, 04:09 AM UTC
Great postgame quote from Pete DeBoer on how to process tonight’s loss and win games moving forward. #VegasBorn https://t.co/6IthRCShUT
23 Oct, 05:24 AM UTC