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Universal Orlando Resort
You: "Ah, it's May. A new month." Us: "Ah, it's May. The last month that won't have VelociCoaster in it."
01 May, 02:24 PM UTC
Christopher Ripley
With Velocicoaster, Hagrid’s and Spider-Man, Islands of Adventure basically has the three greatest ride experiences in the US and on some days IOA can be $50 a day cheaper than Disney’s Hollywood Studios
01 May, 09:05 PM UTC
Universal Parks News Today
Annual Passholder previews start today for VelociCoaster at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. We’re first in line and ready to ride!
02 May, 11:51 AM UTC
Expedition Theme Park
It is the first day of pass holder previews for VelociCoaster! @UniversalORL
02 May, 12:32 PM UTC
Amusement Insider
It’s happening! #VelociCoaster #universal
02 May, 12:30 PM UTC
Universal Parks News Today
Guests are lined up in Jurassic Park waiting for VelociCoaster. Previews start at 9 AM.
02 May, 12:14 PM UTC
Derek Burgan
Team Member trying to hold Annual Passholders back from storming the VelociCoaster.
02 May, 12:22 PM UTC
Len Testa
In line for this VelociCoaster thing. Wore the wrong glasses. It's some sort of ... boat ride?
02 May, 12:43 PM UTC
How Bowers
Ready to hit the road to @UniversalORL today for #VelociCoaster previews. Now let’s go get that dino!
02 May, 12:40 PM UTC
Universal Parks News Today
We are 🔴LIVE from the Velocicoaster Passholder Preview!! Join us now! Click here to watch:
02 May, 12:30 PM UTC
Erin 🦈🕷
For some reason it just occurred to me I’ll be on Velocicoaster at night. Even BETTER.
02 May, 11:52 AM UTC
Men in Black: Alien A-Zac 🕶🔫
So excited for all my Twitter friends who get to finally ride Velocicoaster. Y’all are in for a treat!
02 May, 12:13 PM UTC
Me waking up this morning. #VelociCoaster
02 May, 12:03 PM UTC
Universal Parks News Today
If you’re attending the Passholder preview for VelociCoaster, here’s what you need to know before you go.
02 May, 12:01 PM UTC
Theme Park Express
I’m ready to take on the VelociCoaster! Today is the day!
02 May, 12:09 PM UTC
Denise at Mousesteps
It was a little claustrophobic entering on a weekend, but I’m vaccinated and ready to ride VelociCoaster
02 May, 12:55 PM UTC
Theme Park Shark 🎢🦈
🎢 We are headed in to Islands Of Adventure for #VelociCoaster!
02 May, 12:46 PM UTC
Michael Carelli
#JurassicWorldDominion clothing for sale in Jurassic Outfitters! #JurassicWorld #VelociCoaster #UniversalOrlando
02 May, 12:10 PM UTC
💙💚 VelociCiara 💚🧡
I wish everyone a happy “Preview Day for Velocicoaster” y’all are not going to be the same after this. She’s about to ruin your whole a good way 💕🤭
02 May, 12:52 PM UTC
The Coaster Crew
Today, The Adventure Begins for Passholders as many will experience the all new Velocicoaster! #HoldOntoYourButts @UniversalORL
02 May, 12:12 PM UTC
Theme Park Bar
Happy Velocicoaster preview to everyone going today! Be sure to check out Jurassic Outfitters(River Adventure giftshop) for some awesome Mr. DNA and Jurassic World merch they now have available.
02 May, 12:45 PM UTC
With Velocicoaster now open this couldn't be more true. Just saying.
02 May, 12:55 AM UTC
Theme Park Express
‼️I NEED A CAMERA PERSON!‼️ If you’re in the park today riding the VelociCoaster around 6pm I will need someone to do some camera work for me for about five minutes while I try out the test seat and examine it for the video! You will b paid $20 and given a shout in the video!
02 May, 12:31 PM UTC
Libby Champs
TODAY’S THE DAYYYYYY!!! 🎢 🦖🎢🦖 #VelociCoaster @UniversalORL
02 May, 11:54 AM UTC
Alicia Stella
First guests riding VelociCoaster!!
02 May, 01:01 PM UTC
Ethan the HHN kid 🏳️‍🌈 SeaWorld’s nerd🦩
02 May, 12:50 PM UTC
It’s ✨💕✨velocicoaster day ✨💕✨
02 May, 12:13 PM UTC
miranda grant 🦖🦩
The fact I’ll be riding Rise today then Velocicoaster and Hagrid’s tomorrow means I’ll have completed the Miranda Trifecta of fandoms.
02 May, 12:07 PM UTC