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Microsoft offered Yahoo $44.6 billion for their entire company in 2008, but Yahoo thought it wasn't enough money Yahoo ended up selling to Verizon for $4.83 billion in 2016
03 May, 04:23 PM UTC
The New York Times
Breaking News: Verizon will sell Yahoo and AOL for $5 billion, giving up on its digital-media ambitions in the face of competition from Google and Facebook.
03 May, 12:06 PM UTC
Eric Garland
Verizon selling the company that leaked billions of your emails to the private equity firm run until recently by Jared Kushner’s pal Leon Black, who funded Jeffrey Epstein. #HINT
03 May, 02:41 PM UTC
BREAKING: Verizon sells Yahoo and AOL businesses to Apollo for $5 billion
03 May, 12:03 PM UTC
Santiago Niño
(Expresado en $ del 2021). En el 2008 Microsoft ofertó a Yahoo! 55.300 M$ para comprarla, y la oferta fue rechazada. En el 2017 Verizon compró Yahoo! por 5.184 M$. Y ahora el fondo Apollo Global ha adquirido Yahoo! por 5.000 M$. Las vueltas que da la vida.
03 May, 04:36 PM UTC
Traveler Of The Universe 1 President Biden
Tucker Carlson wants people to call child protective services to harass adults & their kids for wearing masks. Here are some Fox News sponsors @Disney @hulu @Facebook @WeatherTech @legacybox @LandOFrost @amazon @KraftHeinzCo @ProcterGamble @Verizon @Carvana @NordicTrack MyPillow
03 May, 12:50 AM UTC
Morning Brew ☕️
Verizon sold AOL and Yahoo to Apollo Global today for $5 billion...less than half what it originally paid for the two media companies But that is far from the worst acquisition ever Here are 10 of the biggest M&A flops of all time
03 May, 08:30 PM UTC
tolu ogunlesi
“In 2019, Verizon sold the social media site Tumblr to WordPress parent company Automattic for $3 million. Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion just six years earlier.” — @Adweek
03 May, 04:43 PM UTC
John Solomon
Verizon to sells Yahoo, AOL for $5 billion, turn focus to 5G network growth | Just The News
03 May, 06:55 PM UTC
Verizon is selling Yahoo and AOL. At this point you can probably pick em up for like $20 if you've ever wanted a crumbling and outdated media empire.
03 May, 12:59 PM UTC
Zack Whittaker
As you've seen, private equity firm Apollo has agreed to buy Yahoo & AOL from Verizon — and that also includes TechCrunch. I have no idea what it means for the future. But until then, I've still got stories to write and I can't wait to share them with you.
03 May, 05:27 PM UTC
Morning Brew ☕️
1. AOL x Time Warner 2000: AOL merges with Time Warner in a $165 billion deal 2015: Verizon buys AOL for $4.4 billion Loss: AOL written off for $99 billion in 2002 Lesson: Poor timing, bad cultures, and dial-up internet make for a nasty combo. Easily the worst merger ever.
03 May, 08:30 PM UTC
The Atlantic
Yahoo is being sold by Verizon, its parent company. Read about how Yahoo came to be known as an internet villain, in this @kait_tiffany story from last month:
03 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Verizon said it has agreed to sell its media unit, that includes Yahoo and AOL, to Apollo Global Management for $5 billion, as it looks to offload its digital media business @Reuters's photo on Verizon
03 May, 08:30 PM UTC
St. Dominic Soccer
High School Rankings sponsored by Verizon – Spring Girls – Region IV | United Soccer Coaches #1 St Dominic
03 May, 04:05 PM UTC
Verizon News
Verizon Media to be acquired by Apollo Funds
03 May, 12:06 PM UTC
Join the #NetworkOfAppreciation as we dedicate the next 30 days to those who serve. Check back to hear stories from everyday heroes, enter into our sweeps and spread appreciation to the ones who deserve it most. @Verizon's photo on Verizon
03 May, 08:05 PM UTC
Verizon News
This Small Business Week, Verizon Business is helping small business customers get the technology and tools they need to jumpstart their mobile communications, connectivity and security. Learn more below.
03 May, 05:20 PM UTC
New Orleans Pelicans
LIVE: Head Coach Stan Van Gundy addresses the media prior to tonight's game against Golden State @Verizon
03 May, 09:49 PM UTC
Massachusetts STEM Week
The final panel of the day, “STEM Workforce Pipeline” will be moderated by @kennturner of @MALifeSciences. Featuring @VertexPharma’s Melodie Knowlton,@Northeastern’s @KemiJona, @SheilaHarrity, Latinos in Bio’s Carolina Alarco, & @Verizon’s @bacilee.
03 May, 08:17 PM UTC
Verizon to Sell Yahoo, AOL Businesses for $5 Billion to Apollo Global
03 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Ken Yeung
Verizon sells Yahoo and AOL businesses to Apollo for $5 billion
03 May, 12:35 PM UTC
My soul floating away from my corporeal form sitting next to my mom as she fights with the Verizon salesman about 5G
03 May, 09:58 PM UTC
PE Firm Apollo Is Buying Verizon Media For $5 Billion ... and the new company will be called Yahoo! (really)
03 May, 01:55 PM UTC
JP Saucier 2
And there you have it my Canadian friends. The REAL reason Rogers Cable pleaded to keep Verizon OUT of Canada. #Weasels
03 May, 05:30 PM UTC
J.E. Skeets
Next up: The @Suns go with Verizon, which was in the news today for offloading Yahoo and AOL in a $5 billion deal. Think they kept the backboard ad? @jeskeets's photo on Verizon
03 May, 09:50 PM UTC
Tom Devlin
Thanks @ATTHelp @ATT Loyalty for encouraging me to move to @Verizon or @TMobile after 25 years #mobile #iPhone #Wireless #5G Will visit my local stores and their new account teams this week
03 May, 05:49 PM UTC
I’d been pushing my firm to carve-out an asset from Verizon/Yahoo. We had traction/engagement from them, and then they went cold a few months back. Now I know why. Lesson for the people focused on sourcing, pick your spots.
03 May, 09:48 PM UTC
5G Americas
#OpenRAN challenges need to be addressed before unleashing its full power #5G #ORAN @Light_Reading @mikedano
03 May, 10:01 PM UTC