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A MOMENT!!! #VERZUZ @verzuzonline's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 02:15 AM UTC
Why would Fashion Nova Men comment this 😭😭😭 #VERZUZ @_trajans's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 01:35 AM UTC
XXL Magazine
Never forget ✊ JA RULE JAY-Z DMX #VERZUZ @XXL's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 02:08 AM UTC
Tonight’s battle is a reminder that Ja Rule and Ashanti really reinvented the magic of Hip-Hop and R&B collaborations in the early 2000s. Add them to the blueprint of why these two genres will always go hand in hand. #VERZUZ https://t.co/ZkInxo3624
15 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
ALWAYS ON TIME @ashanti @jarule #VERZUZ @triller's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:25 AM UTC
XXL Magazine
Jadakiss really the #VERZUZ MVP 🚫🧢
15 Sep, 03:39 AM UTC
Kathleen Francois, MSW, LCSW, LCADC
Nelly really walked through these people’s concert to give Ashanti a hug 😂 #VERZUZ @katfrancoislcsw's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 04:35 AM UTC
Tony M. Centeno 😷✍🏽
Can’t think of a better way to end this one! 🗽🗽 #VERZUZ @_tonyMC's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:48 AM UTC
Jayson Slade
How 50 Cent gonna be looking at Fat Joe after losing to Ja Rule in the #Verzuz battle @JSladeShow's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:15 AM UTC
All Things Battles 🖊🔥
Fat Joe plays “All I Do Is Win” Ja Rule: “This ain’t yours either!” 🤣🤣🤣 #VERZUZ @AllThingsBRC's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 02:22 AM UTC
Ashanti is both Fat Joe & Ja Rule’s cheat code. Sis has hits on both ends of the stage & still looks as good (or even better) than she did when the songs came out. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #Verzuz #verzuztv #verzuzbattle @truth_well's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:34 AM UTC
Britni Danielle
50 really robbed us of Ja...he convinced y'all Ja was wack while doing the same thing Ja did. #Verzuz
15 Sep, 02:24 AM UTC
Nelly walked up to Ashanti like, “where my hug?” #verzuz @moniexlove's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:37 AM UTC
Jadakiss is the #Verzuz MVP, hands down!
15 Sep, 03:39 AM UTC
50 Cent watching, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Jadakiss put on for New York #VERZUZ @HeWhoGodBlessed's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Carlton Banks’ Burner Account
Jadakiss showing up at the end of the #VERZUZ like: @banksburner25's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Eva-nee Bing
15 Sep, 03:39 AM UTC
Barflaan Tedoe 🇱🇷
Jadakiss pulling up late to kill Ja Rule and Fat Joe’s #Verzuz https://t.co/3KM2jhTkdm
15 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Ppl get on verzuz and when they losing they really start saying “you playing old shit” as if that’s not why we are all here #Verzuz https://t.co/UZbNKiKZ78
15 Sep, 02:30 AM UTC
In My Mind
Dave Chappelle talking about Ja Rule: 😂 #Verzuz https://t.co/uKxFwbETxs
15 Sep, 02:14 AM UTC
50 cent at home watching Ja Rule drops hits against Fat Joe #VERZUZ https://t.co/uI6o763qF8
15 Sep, 02:37 AM UTC
DJ First Class™ 🏁
Irv Gotti Had Some Words For The 50 Cent Talk During The #Verzuz & Of Course Fif Responded 😂😂😂😭😭🥴🥴 https://t.co/7wXHkHqhGO
15 Sep, 09:13 AM UTC
All Things Battles 🖊🔥
Ja Rule BODYING “It’s Murda” 🔥 #VERZUZ #RIPDMX @jarule https://t.co/jPjuFl09TG
15 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
🔁RT si quieres una sin bestido💋😈 aunque me encanta el azul😘 #EstreiaAFazenda #AppleEvent #realloyalfans #TheMaskedSingerBR #VERZUZ #MelanKOS #4toInformeEdoméx #MexiNoche #milf #curvyonlyfans https://t.co/e9R65MlxGh
15 Sep, 03:15 AM UTC
👑👑👑 @ashanti #VERZUZ @triller's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:18 AM UTC
LeVelle Moton
Nelly looking at Ashanti perform from the side of the stage…😂😂 #Verzuz @LeVelleMoton's photo on #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:38 AM UTC
Female Rap Room
Remy Ma comes to Fat Joe’s defense when Lil Mo demands an apology after he called her and Vita dusty bitches during the #Verzuz battle https://t.co/k2dFdasEIv
15 Sep, 08:01 PM UTC
So Extra Blog
Ja Rule VS Fat Joe "Put It On Me" #FatJoevsJaRule #JaRuleVsFatJoe #JaRule #Verzuz #FatJoe #SoExtraBlog https://t.co/h8dzepk2M8
15 Sep, 04:39 AM UTC
JADAKISS is a now 3x #Verzuz hall of famer after this one 🔥🎤🔥 #JaRuleVsFatJoe https://t.co/Zb9smHjDYh
15 Sep, 04:23 AM UTC
Saida B
If Lil Moe & Vida was gay y’all would be canceling Fat Joe right now ✌🏾 #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 10:16 PM UTC