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So what will bunny boiler Credlin focus on now that Dan won and she lost?😂 #Danslide2 #VicVotes2022 #mediawatch @SkyNewsAust #cookers #MurdochRoyalCommission #MurdochGutterMedia #auspol https://t.co/GlJ3g8pmjX
28 Nov, 10:22 AM UTC
Su Dharmapala Votes Yes
This isn't a narrow win - this is a comprehensive shellacking #vicvotes2022 https://t.co/wmJaCQpLmP
29 Nov, 01:26 AM UTC
Peter Murphy
I have no problem with the Libs and Nats lurching further to the extreme right. Just stop claiming to be the "sensible centre" and stop feigning surprise when voters abandon you. 😠 #auspol #VicVotes2022
28 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Politic@l Spinner. Blue tick 😜
This explains it well #VicVotes2022 #auspol https://t.co/4BgO0jL3UW
28 Nov, 09:33 PM UTC
Dan Andrews may be immortalised in bronze in the next four years. Who's angry? Former Vic premier Jeff Kennett. Whose idea was it? Former Vic premier Jeff Kennett's. @theshufflediary reports on the backfire of the century #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/41kAJ3m11g
29 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC
Josephine Cox
The Victorian state election was NOT rigged. I suggest if you think an Australian election is rigged is to become a scrutineer at the next election and see for yourself. Not being able to deal with an election loss doesn't mean it was rigged. #DanSlide #Danslide2 #VicVotes2022
28 Nov, 03:41 PM UTC
@ABCmediawatch @PRGuy17 Going through the last 3 years has been like experiencing an assault by Murdoch’s Herald Sun. It’s felt so abusive & bullying. The headlines through lockdown were always negative. I rallied. I will not stand by & see RM destroy us. #VicVotes2022 #NewsCorpse
28 Nov, 09:59 AM UTC
Peter Murphy
How good are maps? 😊 #auspol #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/WkYt6u16KU
28 Nov, 09:05 AM UTC
@AJGardineresq@mastodon.au ✊ Andrew Gardiner
FUN FACT: In just eight years, Melbourne will pass Sydney as Australia’s biggest city. (Source: McCrindle Research - https://t.co/IFplK99UCo ) Don't tell Sydney's Rowan Dean though. He's having a bad enough week as it is. ↘️ #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/wiOvt2pIFk
29 Nov, 03:42 AM UTC
🐧 Victorian Independence Movement 🐧
Never forget the NSWBC ran a Special Edition to mourn the resignation of Gladys Berejiklian. But not one story about the seismic Victorian election result the Monday after #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/6a1CqNZUXU
28 Nov, 04:27 PM UTC
Jane Halifax
@DaveMilbo "An alternative reality was concocted and sold to Victorians in an attempt to manipulate our election" "I cannot stress how obvious Daniel Andrews winning this election was" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Well said Dave! Epic takedown of biased trainwreck anti-Dan media! #Danslide2 #vicvotes2022
29 Nov, 04:54 AM UTC
Peter Murphy
.@GuardianAus' @firstdogonmoon explains #VicVotes election result perfectly. #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/jFKTpmrcFU
29 Nov, 01:20 AM UTC
😷 ChattyCathyPRGuysGrandma 😷
How funny is it watch the #Cookers make "Stone Soup" They're dropping any old conspiracy into it now. #VicVotes2022 #IStandWithDan #Danslide #auspol
29 Nov, 12:10 AM UTC
After getting absolutely humiliated in the Vic election, I'm yet to see a single cooker, put up their hand and say, "yep, I got that wrong. We aren't mainstream, We ARE just a tiny minority fringe movement." Get on with your lives people. #VicVotes2022 #cookers
28 Nov, 09:03 PM UTC
Tarang / तरंग
Just sad that @TimSmithMP has blocked me on Twitter because we'd actually have so much to talk about now after #VicVotes2022
29 Nov, 05:02 AM UTC
Chinese-Australian voters had an impact on Saturday’s election in Victoria, writes @UTSFass's Wanning Sun. While anti-Asian racism and hostility from right-wing media and politicians alienated them, Labor listened, learnt, and got their votes #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/C1QuPdCOLz
29 Nov, 02:15 AM UTC
The weekend result in Victoria makes it clear, writes Wanning Sun: the opposition still hasn’t got the message that Asian Australians are sick and tired of hostility and racism #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/C1QuPdCOLz
29 Nov, 05:45 AM UTC
TOM ‘Fakey McParody-Face’ RED 🤡💀😉🙇🏾🐍🦈
Can you identify the following @SkyNewsAust presenters? #auspol #skynews #murdoch #newscorpse #VicVotes2022 1 = 2 = etc https://t.co/WX4xS7GUnq
29 Nov, 03:25 AM UTC
Legalise Cannabis Victoria
Thanks to a prod from @BurnleyTheCat (🙏) and a quick response from @AntonyGreenElec 's team, we can now see how the VIC Legislative Council is shaping up with #legalisecannabis numbers reported outside of "other" 😅 https://t.co/fmifJHdYLy #VicVotes2022 #vicpol #springst https://t.co/BBFsXcIDJX
29 Nov, 12:56 AM UTC
Shannon Deery
The VEC says election results in close seats will not be known until preference distributions are conducted from next Tuesday 6 December.  This is because all eligible votes must be admitted to the count first, and rechecked. #springst #VicVotes2022
29 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC
“Hiding [the envelope] down my pants wasn’t ideal, but ... there wasn’t really a choice in the end.” Maeve McGregor goes inside Animal Justice’s Glenn Druery sting – a tale of deception, destruction and a very intense 'leprechaun' #VicVotes2022 #Victoria https://t.co/VWHopMPpI3
29 Nov, 01:45 AM UTC
Jeff Kennett introducing the bronze statue for premiers who serve 3000 days because he thought he was a shoe-in for a third term, only to lose and now his nemesis Dan Andrews getting one is the highlight of this election #VicVotes2022
29 Nov, 06:03 AM UTC
Maurice Billi - armitage*shanks 💉💉💪🏼
If constant failure is a prerequisite for liberal leadership in Victoria , then PETA Credlin is almost assured the top job. #auspol #VicVotes2022 @SkyNewsAust #afternoonbriefing
29 Nov, 06:20 AM UTC
Eternal Optimist
These #Cookers are off their chops!! #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/3S4Uf0Khoi
29 Nov, 07:06 AM UTC
TOM ‘Fakey McParody-Face’ RED 🤡💀😉🙇🏾🐍🦈
After a big campaign with lots and lots of red cordial, these little campaigners are a little tired and emotional. Time for bed. #auspol #skynews #VicVotes2022 #vicpol @SkyNewsAust https://t.co/jFGQoK0eKg
29 Nov, 06:49 AM UTC
Austin Fabkins
Victoria: "I'm dropping some hints that I smoke weed, but I'm trying to keep it subtle." The hint: #VicVotes2022 https://t.co/xRlf53xF8g
29 Nov, 07:40 AM UTC
Frank jackson
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29 Nov, 07:29 AM UTC
Oh look, it’s @DanielAndrewsMP at a hospital construction site. And to think those RWNJs said they cared about health- lol. Funny how they didn’t know about this. Or spoke about it. Or it got publicity till after the election. #vicpol #VicVotes2022 #LNPNeverAgain https://t.co/71Uzu9ZjjV
29 Nov, 07:36 AM UTC
💧Vince Mahon
@abc730 The Sydney centric @abc730 still yet to find Victoria & discover there was election held there on Saturday. Just damning. #auspol #abc730 #VicVotes2022
29 Nov, 07:54 AM UTC
Frank jackson
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29 Nov, 07:28 AM UTC