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The Kyiv Independent
⚡️ Ukraine turns Yanukovych’s former residence into national park. The Environmental Protection and National Resources Ministry said it hopes the former residence of ousted ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, spanning 340 acres, will be frequented by Ukrainians and tourists alike.
25 Jun, 12:26 AM UTC
Fragrance Direct
FOLLOW, LIKE & RT TO WIN! 🌈 VIKTOR&ROLF GIVEAWAY 🌈 In celebration of Pride Month, we're giving away the iconic duo Spicebomb Eau de Toilette and Spicebomb Infrared! (Competition ends 05/07/22, UK only, winner will be contacted via DM!) https://t.co/5eghxwvV72
24 Jun, 05:00 PM UTC
Ru ☂︎
kind of tua3 spoilers// We all noticed that Sparrow Ben’s bedroom is where Viktors used to be, right? Though, it someone looks a lot bigger it has the same brick wall. Explains why Viktor went there to cry. That’s his room <3
24 Jun, 07:40 PM UTC
The Championship Chat Podcast
Which of these three Championship players will score the most goals in 2022/23? 🤔 🔁 RT for Viktor Gyokeres ❤️ Like for Billy Sharp 💬 Comment for Karlan Grant #CCP | #PUSB #TwitterBlades #WBA https://t.co/rXl89YKFo8
24 Jun, 03:00 PM UTC
Lyna Tarot 🐝✨
Diego: o Luther quer dar uma festa idiota pra você se sentir amado. Você se sente amado? Viktor: sim, eu me sinto. Diego: ótimo, porque você é. MEU DEUS QUE COISA MAIS FOFA Te amo The Umbrella Academy https://t.co/UUOxXo0OKl
24 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC
I’M SHAKING 😭😭😭 @ViktorAxelsen HII VIKTOR! thank youu for taking a picture with me 😭 send my regards to baby vega 😍❤️ Can’t wait to see you at #MalaysiaOpen2022 ! https://t.co/8DqY9UEDFY
25 Jun, 08:32 AM UTC
A small compilation featuring my favourite updated League animations by @RoryAlderton that never actually made it into the game He's to thank for those snazy updated animations for Shen, Viktor, Ali, Kat etc all those years ago We miss you man, keeping the old champs alive 🙏 https://t.co/cBBX2sinpl
25 Jun, 08:07 AM UTC
🏳️‍🌈 Jayce's PR Guy 🛠
whatever battle academia vikjayce bc i deserve nice things #ArtofLegends #Jayvik #Jayce #Viktor https://t.co/gwXGTLmcfh
25 Jun, 05:59 AM UTC
Viktor Rom Venus
Check out BARE FUCKERS on Raw Fuck Club! https://t.co/sGl5cnWiO3 https://t.co/tQ7gZ4Nt9R
24 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
🔞Kristen Bjorn
CASTING COUCH 410 Guillem Ramos @guillemramosxxx Viktor Rom @ViktorRomvenus Direction @ncr_art https://t.co/f0yRVSdgGo @queermenow @new_gaywanking @purelygayporn @thequeerpig @GayVN @miguelsolo611 @Grabbys @scallysex @HotGuyZone https://t.co/X1olwvgpjg
25 Jun, 04:19 AM UTC
Vinnie @ star wars jayvik
Drew a little Star guardian Viktor https://t.co/cmDtUN8pMQ
25 Jun, 01:02 AM UTC
Paul Ronzheimer
Exklusiv: Wien, Madrid und Berlin ließen sich bei Anbahnung d Termins nach @bild infos austricksen. Fake-Klitschko schrieb mit Absender mayor.kyiv@ukr.net , bat um Termine. Recherche bzw Kontakte in Kyiv und zum Außenpolitik-Berater hätten genügt, um Video-Schalte zu verhindern.
25 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC
Viktor Rom Venus
Check out HOLE ON FIRE on Raw Fuck Club! https://t.co/xNg7x9uaUs https://t.co/JOdVo6pZO1
24 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
Viktor Rom Venus
Check out ON THE ROAD on Raw Fuck Club! https://t.co/qC4qdgbsoU https://t.co/ysHp3KFSEq
25 Jun, 12:02 AM UTC
Top Win Rate MS 2022 nih, blf! 1. Viktor Axelsen (30 Match, 29 W : 1 L, 96.7%) 2. Lee Ziijia (32 Match, 28 W : 4L, 87.5%) Disusul Hongyang, View, Kidambi, Keanyew, Jojo, CTC, Shifeng, Lakshya, dll. https://t.co/xhUXfCoyRG
25 Jun, 10:20 AM UTC
@robertlargan @buxtonlabour @BuxtonLions Are you taking the piss as you don't know what working hard for your constituents in #Buxton #Glossop #Highpeak means Robert and let alone spell it. The way you and @BorisJohnson @RishiSunak @Conservatives have abandoned them is abhorrent @OfficialEUA https://t.co/yeVkLQs0lv
24 Jun, 09:37 PM UTC
Stephen James
"Forced Motherhood" Not really...presumably you opened your legs and allowed sperm to fertilize your egg https://t.co/ektvKMCepH
25 Jun, 07:14 AM UTC
@viktor_nie @Stadt_Wien @BgmLudwig Ludwig sollte jetzt erklären, WIE das Gespräch zustande kam.
25 Jun, 09:49 AM UTC
Kiss Beáta
"Amit Orbán Viktor jelent ebben az országban, az úgy, hogy van, elfogadhatatlan. Katasztrofális." Lukáts Andor https://t.co/gQrijX9uxW
25 Jun, 09:14 AM UTC
daisy 。:°ஐ
TUA SPOILERS!!! I can already see it. season 4 opening up to all of the characters living their lives separately, after a time skip. diego and lila with their kid. allison with claire and ray. klaus doing klaus shit. viktor playing violin again maybe. luther in shambles (+)
25 Jun, 09:02 AM UTC
#TheUmbrellaAcademy spoilers - - - - - - “It’s Viktor” “What?” “Vanya’s Viktor now” crying on the floor i love diego sm
25 Jun, 10:17 AM UTC
dea • crochet commissions open!
diego and viktor relationship is so underrated ☹️
25 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
夜凰の今日の冒険。(食料値-1) 🎲6 + 🎲3 =9 🌐☆通常 💎宝箱を発見した! ✅開錠判定(6)を行うことができる。 ・成功→ アイテムを獲得。  《呪血》 ★冒険道具/重量2/価値0G #新診ダン_トジン海崖 #新診ダン_PT_夜猫 https://t.co/TfvDugKux3 持っている……誰か必要なら譲るぞ
24 Jun, 04:19 PM UTC
"Implosion is no invention in the conventional sense, but rather the renaissance of ancient knowledge, lost over the course of time." ~Viktor Schauberger~
25 Jun, 10:23 AM UTC
ashley 🗡
Luther and viktor are so cute wtf
25 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC
Le Renfort de l’Âme 🦋🌙
Le Français et Kimiko dans The Boys ✨✨✨ Viktor d’Umbrella Academy ✨✨✨ (Épisode 2)
25 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC
viktor after calling lila lil britain💀 https://t.co/8wvo2WHlKH
25 Jun, 10:30 AM UTC
seronoknyaa dapat jumpa viktor 🥹
25 Jun, 10:30 AM UTC