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Classic why I’ll never delete Facebook 😂😂 Juliana⚜️'s photo on Vince
17 Feb, 05:54 PM UTC
Y’all not bout to change my mind . I haven’t seen a better in game dunker , maybe tied wit Vince Ski's photo on Vince
17 Feb, 02:04 PM UTC
Bryan Alvarez
So Vince McMahon did a bait-and-switch and changed the Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman Royal Rumble match because he didn't want Braun to lose, and then has him do a job for BARON CORBIN a month later? #WWEChamber
18 Feb, 02:16 AM UTC
Mark Henry was the guy who gave Neville the confidence to go into Vince's office and tell him he was unhappy, resulting in him turning heel. Henry is the true cruiserdad and we stan for life.
18 Feb, 12:23 AM UTC
Marco Skino © #facciamorete #FPHD
#PonzioPilatoSRL ⚠️ Qualunque 'VOTO' porterà un CAMBIAMENTO Vince il SÌ (cioè il NO) e dimezzeranno il movimento... Vince il NO (cioè il SÌ) e cadrà il capo politico e il suo compagno di baguette... I gilet gialli lo chiamerebbero "#culdesac" Adieu 😂 #facciamorete, se vi va
17 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
Tim Healey
Source: The Mets signed Adeiny Hechavarria to a minor league deal with an invite to big league camp. Hechavarria, 29, is a glove-first shortstop who has also played second and third. He has a good shot at making the roster, which doesn’t have a second natural shortstop.
17 Feb, 09:29 PM UTC
James 💀
#WWEChamber Vince: YOU are the authority Us "the authority": WE WANT KOFI KINGSTON TO WIN THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER Vince: James 💀's photo on Vince
18 Feb, 03:14 AM UTC
Vince Staples
Next week on the Vince Staples Show. Vince Staples's photo on Vince
18 Feb, 02:14 AM UTC
@WWE @itsLioRush @FinnBalor Vince said black history month almost over time to give that belt up
18 Feb, 01:38 AM UTC
Monsoon Classic
NOW AVAILABLE - Take a trip through memory lane through the eyes of Randy Savage, Vince McMahon, & Bobby Heenan as they walk through the WWF career of the Macho Man just two weeks before his Career Match at WrestleMania VII.
17 Feb, 02:39 PM UTC
Dameon™ El Ídolo
"Hey Vince, how's this for being OVERrated?" 😁 #WWEChamber #ICTitle Dameon™ El Ídolo's photo on Vince
18 Feb, 01:46 AM UTC
@BrotherNature Bruh why canela and her family tryna turn us into zombies ?
18 Feb, 12:06 AM UTC
The Shoe
Remember the Vince Foster hoax? Pushed by Rush Limbaugh. But no one listened to him.
18 Feb, 04:33 AM UTC
@LanceStorm @The305MVP @WWE You can call an audible with that type of legitimate emotion. Once in a few year emotion, takes me back to MITB in Chicago with Punk. Vince was given a golden ticket moment to play forever and missed on it.
18 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
If you ACTUALLY think Vince will put the title on Kofi then you're beyond dumb lol #WWEChamber
18 Feb, 03:04 AM UTC
Bet tomorrow: WWE twitter: Vince McMahon has invited @BeckyLynchWWE to RAW ... LOL! 🤦🏾‍♀️ #FreeBecky #TheMan #WWE #WWEChamber
18 Feb, 04:31 AM UTC
Haley ♡
@d_bendy52 @pugvinney Dylan coming at vince to take the money I gave him Haley ♡'s photo on Vince
18 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
"The Vengeful" Saint Weathers
See what I mean? Vince doesn't approve African American Talent He never wants an African American as WWE Champion Not Bobby Lashley, Not Kofi Kingston, Not Big E, Not Xavier Woods, Not Lio Rush, Not Apollo Crews, Not even Velveteen Dream 🤦‍♂️ #WWEChamber
18 Feb, 04:11 AM UTC
Average Joe
@ProWrestlingMag "..Vince McMahon wanted the men’s Elimination Chamber match to close out the event..." in hindsight, that was the right call. He might make a lot of mistakes, but this was not one of them. #WWE #WWEChamber #EliminationChamber
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Da Vinci
Andyan nanaman Round Table Discussion
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Da Vinci
Nag seselos siya sa pinsan ko hindi niya kasi alam na malapit ako sa mga babae pero isa lang talaga mahal ko at siya yun pero iniwan na ako
18 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
@string_vince @wesleycastillo_ @vhiendominque Naalala ko sa rob chowking. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Next year.. I need Zion Williamson, Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, Hamidou Diallo, Giannis Antetokounmpo & Vince Carter in the NBA Slam Dunk contest. & give them all 4 dunks.. with good judges. #NBAAllstar #NBAAllStarGame 👀👀
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Da Vinci
Like WTF! isang haha react ka lang nag react sa akin. Lahat kana lang like
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
i never finished schindler’s list in ms. vince class. i got bout halfway through the movie and went to the office. big ass no from me.
18 Feb, 04:46 AM UTC
@NikkiSixx Nikki the Crue is an all time favorite band of many. But with all due respect seeing Vince waddle around the stage singing 2 out of every 10 words was not enjoyable.
18 Feb, 04:46 AM UTC
#NowPlaying "The Vapors" by Jhené Aiko, Vince Staples on @TIDAL
18 Feb, 04:46 AM UTC
Grizz 🚀
@vKing_2k Yeah like I took vince from your team before you could join?
18 Feb, 04:46 AM UTC
Quaerite et conteret
@VelenaWWE AEW's existence and Vince's desperation to keep a happy ship seems to have emboldened some people. I have a weird feeling about it. Like we could be on the crossroads to good times again if it's done right.
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Teflon Sean
@JayAlletto I agree on Braun it’s unreal how badly Vince fucked that whole thing up
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Da Vinci
TLE & AP please naman paki summarise yung mga lesson kasi ang sobrang haba
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
@eric_shorey I am still holding on to someone near Vince "fixing" it in time for WM to just Becky vs Ronda and Charlotte v. Asuka II
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
Branden Dross
@TrueKofi deserves a main event push. Tonight proves the crowd is behind him. Do it,Vince!
18 Feb, 04:45 AM UTC
im vince mcmahon gif reactioning over here
18 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
Justin Martinez
@Vince_Mazzola Especially when you only need one to do the trick lol
18 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
vince arthriz
Am I the only one who has 2 crushes at the same time? — I do.🙋🏻‍♂️
18 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
WKNC 88.1FM Playlist
Feels Like Summer by Vince Staples is now playing at
18 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
WWE logic. I didn't tweet it out earlier but I will now. The segment after The Raw women's title involving Becky Lynch. Why weren't there any security guards, agents or referee's coming down once she came out! Why didn't Vince come out? She's ''suspended''. #WWEChamber
18 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
11 O’Clock Comics Episode 590 by Vince B
18 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
@MegosVolve I know for a fact that Vince reads my twitter you're just jealous I'm a big industry insider
18 Feb, 04:43 AM UTC
Christian Tolentino
Kilig to the Max. Sana maging movie ito just like Vince, Kath and James.
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Mela Storm #Resistance! NO SURRENDER
@Vince_StandUp Tell her! And support a different Democratic candidate in 2020.
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is. – Vince Lombardi
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
The frenchy
@Vince_Tokyo Trop tard 🤮 ... 🤣🤣
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
corey webster
@BeckyLynchWWE @VinceMcMahon time for an attack on vince and ric next week 🤔🤔
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Phoenix knows Kofi deserved that win 😭😭😭 🏳️‍🌈
@PsychosocialSB Yup he was. And that's another thing I'm worried about; Vince changes his mind at the drop of the hat too. So even if this IS their trial run and possible plan for later...Vince could easy decide on something else.
18 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC
Brandon Land
@LaJethroJenkins Blake almost Vince Cartered me in High School
18 Feb, 04:41 AM UTC
@jellyfox_ I think it’s super cool that you’ve made playlists for Vince and Howard I quite love that
18 Feb, 04:41 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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