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Lou Brutus
Dear @RecordingAcad: This is a picture of Vinnie Paul. Though you did not think he and other prominent Rock musicians worthy of your memorial segment, there are millions of us who disagree. Shame on the #Grammys for their vile disrespect to so many talented human beings. Lou Brutus's photo on Vinnie Paul
11 Feb, 05:15 AM UTC
Kerrang! Magazine
And then the @RecordingAcad left Vinnie Paul Abbott out of the In Memoriam reel. Thanks for reminding metalheads you don't really care about our fallen heroes, #GRAMMYs! RIP Vinnie Paul. Kerrang! Magazine's photo on Vinnie Paul
11 Feb, 04:36 AM UTC
Vinnie Paul, Pantera drummer and four-time Grammy nominee, died in 2018 yet was absent from the "In Memoriam" section of the ceremony. The Grammy Awards forgot him. Fans never will. UltimateClassicRock's photo on Vinnie Paul
11 Feb, 01:43 PM UTC
The Best Amendment
Did the @RecordingAcad just ignore Vinnie Paul?!?
11 Feb, 04:36 AM UTC
Graham Hartmann
The #GRAMMYs left Vinnie Paul out of their 'In Memoriam' segment. The drummer from PANTERA really isn't worth the mention??? F U C K Y O U 🖕 Graham Hartmann's photo on Vinnie Paul
11 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
WOW: Fans react to @Pantera's Vinnie Paul being left out of Grammys' In Memorial tribute reel
11 Feb, 01:09 PM UTC
Had the pleasure of seeing Vinnie Paul play drums a couple years ago and he was amazing. The fact his passing was never mentioned during the Grammy's is an insult to the rock community. #GRAMMYs
11 Feb, 05:00 AM UTC
(((matty karas)))
rock is so dead that the #grammys don't even know it's dead. RIP pete shelley and vinnie paul
11 Feb, 04:40 AM UTC
Lou Brutus
The shitheels at the #Grammys left Vinnie Paul out of the memorial segment. Thanks for nothing @RecordingAcad. What a bunch of fucking assholes.
11 Feb, 04:39 AM UTC
@RecordingAcad SHAMEFUL excluding Vinnie Paul from your memorial segment. He was the greatest metal drummer of all time. Pantera were nominated for metal performance 4 times,(though you guys know dick all about metal).& it’s the 15th anniversary of Damageplan’s “New Found Power”.
11 Feb, 04:44 AM UTC
Sophie Jane Paterson
The #Grammys need to recognise rock & metal musicians. They also forgot to include @slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman in the obituaries at 2014 Grammys. Vinnie Paul Was Left Out Of The Grammys' In Memoriam Reel via @KerrangMagazine #Grammys2019 #VinniePaul
11 Feb, 10:46 AM UTC
Kerrang! Magazine
Never forget, they forgot him.
11 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
11 Feb, 09:25 AM UTC
Lou Brutus
PLEASE READ: The slight to Vinnie Paul and other Rockers in last night's Grammy Awards memorial segment has blown up in the face of the @RecordingAcad. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but an omission as glaring as Vinnie Paul must have been done on purpose. /1
11 Feb, 03:46 PM UTC
Lou Brutus
Finally, I want the @RecordingAcad on notice they need to make this right. The RA needs to acknowledge the horrible injustice of leaving Vinnie Paul off the televised memorial segment. They should also explain why they continually ignore Rock as well as other non-Pop genres. /6
11 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Matthew Walter🇺🇸
Vinnie Paul didn’t make The Grammy’s in memoriam segment... but Michelle Obama opened show that is about music. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 RT to acknowledge that The Grammy’s May have forgotten him but the fans never will! Matthew Walter🇺🇸's photo on Vinnie Paul
11 Feb, 05:12 PM UTC
matt sorum
Vinnie Paul Being left out was another travesty and the reality of the Grammys. Fans of most of those artists are looking for the latest thing . Vinnie has loyal fans in the millions that will live on well beyond that event.
11 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Chris Ohm
The grammys didn't include vinnie paul in the in memoriam...... They hate rock that much huh?
11 Feb, 04:39 AM UTC
It's all respect at the @RecordingAcad unless you like rock or metal. No Vinnie Paul in the IN MEMORIAM? You gotta be kidding me! Inclusion for all... Unless you're a metal head.
11 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
Seamus 🛸
They didn't even show Vinnie Paul in the In Memoriam. Bullshit. #Grammys
11 Feb, 04:36 AM UTC
@RecordingAcad so why wasn’t Vinnie Paul in the In Memoriam? #VinnePaul #GrammyAwards2019
11 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
@rebksmith @ImBaeShortiee @liamxxrexha @RecordingAcad @iamcardib Smh!!!! Not even dead! They left out Vinnie Paul, drummer for Pantera, in the memorial reel.
11 Feb, 02:45 PM UTC
David Welker
Dolores O'Riordian Jill Janus Vinnie Paul Kyle Pavone Shane Bissnett Josiah Boyd Mikio Fujioka Paul Antignani Eddie "Fast" Clarke Alfred Morris III Dave Holland Marcin Walencyzkowski Damien Percy Pat Torpey Fabiano Penna
11 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
❎❎Dakota D-dog Crook❎❎
@LouBrutus @RecordingAcad Vinnie Paul , Dimebag Darrel , The Rev those are just the 3 I can remember there are soooo many 😢
11 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Josh Krueger
@MrTommyLand And no mention of Vinnie Paul @Pantera @hellyeahband in the Memorium. What a joke.
11 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Justin Forbes
@pitchfork Vinnie Paul is not considered “others” to be mentioned as an afterthought ESPECIALLY behind XXXtentacion. “The most trusted voice in music.” What a joke.
11 Feb, 05:44 PM UTC
Four Trips Ahead
No surprise here but tasteless. @Pantera @hellyeahband #NOGRAMMYLOVE
11 Feb, 05:44 PM UTC
the negative one
ta mas como assim nao fizeram tributo ao vinnie paul no memorial do Grammy??
11 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
@enews They also left out Vinnie Paul of Pantera! Don’t give a you know what they left Xxx.... whatever he called himself
11 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
@likaluca @DoctorNora Also, Vinnie Paul but we all know the Grammies is a joke. Sorry 😐
11 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
Chris Love
The @RecordingAcad casually left out @VinniePaulOffic from their memorial last night. Classy.
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
@kirakosarin I know Vinnie Paul Abbott should have been included! Chris's photo on Vinnie Paul
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC

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