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Gwen Stefani
#VoiceTop10 ✨ Vote @IamRoseShort & @joanamart1nez on #TheVoice Official App or https://t.co/96wXtAXA7k!! ❤️ gx #TeamGwen #somuchtalent https://t.co/gzzBJSUb4A
03 Dec, 03:11 AM UTC
The Voice
RT if you're ready to see the #VoiceTop10 perform tonight! 🎶 @NBCTheVoice's photo on #VoiceTop10
02 Dec, 05:30 PM UTC
The Voice
Prepare to be blown away by the #VoiceTop10. 👏 #TheVoice starts now on @nbc. @NBCTheVoice's photo on #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 01:00 AM UTC
Voice Save
WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💁🏾‍♀️👏✌️ @IamRoseShort #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 01:07 AM UTC
Voice Save
Remember to vote for @IamRoseShort if you want her in next week’s #VoiceSemifinals! ✌️ #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 01:10 AM UTC
Voice Save
Remember to vote for @joanamart1nez if you want her in next week’s #VoiceSemifinals! ✌️ #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 02:14 AM UTC
Voice Save
WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💁🏻‍♀️👏✌️ @joanamart1nez #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 02:13 AM UTC
John Stuart
WOW @IamRoseShort ! 💥 IN-CREDIBLE performance of @blakeshelton 's 'God's Country' tonight on #TheVoice #VoiceTop10 ! What energy! What range! It was an @NBCTheVoice all-time classic!!
03 Dec, 01:35 AM UTC
Bea 🌺
Finally got to watch @IamRoseShort's performace from tonight and omg ...... you're telling there's a human being that can sing Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney and Blake Shelton and kill every single one of them? Because if that's not "the voice" idk what is. Wow!👑👑👑 #VoiceTop10 https://t.co/3lQwNQLWoI
03 Dec, 03:52 AM UTC
🙈 Liane 🇧🇷
#TeamGwen #TheWinner #TheVoice #VoiceTop10 Rose Short Takes on Blake Shelton's "God's Country" - The Voice Live Top 10 Performances 2019 https://t.co/POiXIDdyNL
03 Dec, 03:35 AM UTC
Gloria Tanguma
@gwenstefani #VoiceTop10 Rose was amazing and Gwen is stunning as always
03 Dec, 01:16 AM UTC
Lÿndsey Parker
Here's tonight's #TheVoice #VoiceTop10 recap! https://t.co/Gf8deuF9r4
03 Dec, 04:57 AM UTC
Rosa E. Puerto
@kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10 #jakehoot is like wow 🤩 https://t.co/wBulrLF9o1
03 Dec, 02:31 AM UTC
Monday Night Music; This song is a good one for having just before going to bed. May this song Bless you. C.L.🎅🎄🤶#MondayMusic #VoiceTop10 https://t.co/mw9sfjjWiI
03 Dec, 02:19 AM UTC
marlene 🌴🎶
So gooooood!!! @HelloSundayDuo @NBCTheVoice @kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10 #TheVoice https://t.co/mdEa6mjKZ6
03 Dec, 05:39 AM UTC
Lori Adams
@kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10 Jake’s tribute to his cousin Coulton and the video support of the armed forces was amazing - made me cry. But his god given gift to sing, his stage presence, and the level of humility - no words do him justice. I’d love to go to his first concert.
03 Dec, 06:04 AM UTC
Monique Debella
@johnlegend #VoiceTop10 love Wills enthusiasm & energy!
03 Dec, 05:59 AM UTC
Cant vote for Will cause I cant hear the words@johnlegend #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 05:59 AM UTC
#TheVoice #TeamKelly talk Top 10 performances tonight. INTERVIEW - https://t.co/92JXS6Wl4k #VoiceTop10 #HelloSunday #JakeHoot #Shaneq @NBCTheVoice @CraigRies
03 Dec, 05:58 AM UTC
@johnlegend #VoiceTop10 Will fun but vocally too messy, IMO.
03 Dec, 05:58 AM UTC
Jen Cieslak
Oh my word. I thought no one could possibly follow the incomparable star @KatieKadan, but that performance from Hello Sunday just took my breath away. Pretty much everything @kellyclarkson said — same (including the tears). 💖💕 #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 05:53 AM UTC
Jake Hoot is the man but I truly feel that he needs to do a Clint Black song@kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 05:50 AM UTC
Lisa Teore
@kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10 what do you think of Hoot doing an Allman Brothers song? Sweet Melissa. Or Lynyrd Skynyrd? Simple Man?
03 Dec, 05:50 AM UTC
Kathleen Pickrell
Hi Kelly. Please message me back. I have a personal question. Nothing bad, I promise! @kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 05:46 AM UTC
W. Pete Pedersen
@kellyclarkson #VoiceTop10 Hoot is a real Hoot Kelly:) I really love his natural style and his voice is amazing, I definitely want to listen to his music in the very near future!
03 Dec, 05:44 AM UTC
dawn ferrari
Wow just watched tonight' episode. Will stole the show and won the voice! My new favorite. @johnlegend #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 06:16 AM UTC
Kat Hammock killed it. #TeamBlake #nailedit #lovehervoice @blakeshelton #VoiceTop10
03 Dec, 06:16 AM UTC
@johnlegend #VoiceTop10 loving every minute of the voice.... It would be nice if you and your group could sing at my wedding
03 Dec, 06:15 AM UTC
@blakeshelton #VoiceTop10 too much backup. Didn’t touch your version
03 Dec, 06:15 AM UTC

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