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Texas A&M Track and Field
Infinite Tucker with Von Miller prior to start of ESPYS tonight in Los Angeles. @aggietrk's photo on Von Miller
10 Jul, 11:47 PM UTC
Dave Shoemaker
Von Miller at the ESPYS. Perhaps the only time you’ll ever see a Carharrt hat with $200,000 worth of necklaces. https://t.co/81Bv3lkkIt
11 Jul, 12:30 AM UTC
The 2011 pass-rushing class will go down as the best of all time. From Von Miller to J.J. Watt, @PFF_Mike explains why the 2011 pass-rush class was — and still is — something special! https://t.co/Kk2yjOuU1x @PFF's photo on Von Miller
10 Jul, 12:16 PM UTC
Sean Wagner-McGough
PSA for everyone yelling at me: Von Miller and Khalil Mack and TJ Watt do not play LB. They play EDGE. EDGE rankings coming tomorrow. Also, these aren’t MY rankings. It’s the entire CBS NFL editorial team’s rankings. Carry on. https://t.co/vgLyeLonsm
10 Jul, 08:07 PM UTC
Von Miller made one wrong turn and ended up presenting an ESPY instead of hunting deer! https://t.co/CXQmpjzpfW
11 Jul, 12:25 AM UTC
Brayden Doss
Von Miller just climbed out of the deer stand https://t.co/ynvN9uLPZh
11 Jul, 12:21 AM UTC
Duke Blog Daily
2 takeaways from Zion’s ESPY: 1. Every time he talks, Duke recruiting gets better (not like it needs to). 2. He’s so big he just made Von Miller look like an 8th grader.
11 Jul, 12:26 AM UTC
Andy Herman
The absolute best part is the Broncos fans in the thread responding no way that Von Miller is too important. https://t.co/kPPQ6wQkwg
11 Jul, 01:23 AM UTC
Von Miller: "Be very very quiet, I'm hunting quarterbacks." #ESPYS https://t.co/PqURg8NUWu
11 Jul, 01:15 AM UTC
i’m not you🤨
Von Miller out here looking like a rep for Bass Masters 😭😭😭 https://t.co/7kgL8oHiP2
11 Jul, 01:26 AM UTC
Y’all see how massive Zion looks standing next to Von Miller😳😳😳. I know the obvious height difference but wtf https://t.co/07METu5MM4
11 Jul, 01:26 AM UTC
L.A. Times Sports
Von Miller, Patrick Mahomes, Lindsey Vonn, Aly Raisman and Robin Roberts talk about what the ESPYs — awards and telecast — mean to them https://t.co/wINyXNm36I
10 Jul, 07:37 PM UTC
Kevin Yerger
Von Miller’s ESPY outfit 🔥🔥 https://t.co/KW1x7e5XY8
11 Jul, 12:23 AM UTC
SBR Sports Picks
Odell Beckham & Von Miller have the #ESPY Awards looking like a fishing & hunting expedition... https://t.co/6yIQWcrjNW
11 Jul, 01:03 AM UTC
Bill Westley
@theryanmichael @zaksheskyman You know why. Why would the packers ever entertain trading Adams, let alone Adams and Rodgers and only get back Von Miller and one first? Hypotheticals are fun but this isn’t even close to possible.
11 Jul, 01:50 AM UTC
@5stardonell @SWiltfong247 @JohnGarcia_Jr Come be the next Von Miller or Myles Garrett at Texas A&M. @Coach_TPrice is one of the best in the business and for sure cooks the best bbq 👍🏾 https://t.co/zwI6MNWTie
11 Jul, 01:06 AM UTC
Return of the Mack
Von Miller is dressed up like Duck Dynasty. Who da fook is dressing athletes?
11 Jul, 01:21 AM UTC
Meghan Messner
Laughing at all the tweets about Von Miller from people who don't know how popular Carhartt is in streetwear. Listen, trends are my job and I also don't understand 'em. Everyone looks Bad.
11 Jul, 01:15 AM UTC
@INGFirebrand I want to judge, but a) I don't want to judge, and b) in my heart, this is always what I guessed Von Miller was wearing in his free time.
11 Jul, 01:47 AM UTC
RIP Tyler Skaggs
Bro first of all, this is absolute awful trade for Green Bay, there basically giving Denver Aaron Rodgers, plus they lose Davante and all they get is Joe Flacco, 30 year old Von Miller, and 1 first, this is just an awful tweet https://t.co/OHeVBmKN3Y
11 Jul, 01:29 AM UTC
Jesse Lichtenberg
🙈🙈 NFL star Von Miller presenting #ESPYS in what can only be deemed "Redneck Chic-” Deer hunting backwoods camo overalls w orange accents & matching jacket, topped w/ heavy “bling” to class up the look.🤔 (I once had the same outfit, but I actually wore it hunting...& I was 6.) https://t.co/UxslugeorZ
11 Jul, 01:55 AM UTC
Matt Callaway
@claydeezy @blake2003ag @AggieFootball @ESPYS @RalphLauren @Burberry I’ve never been Von Miller cool, why would that change tonight?
11 Jul, 01:31 AM UTC
@maau1092 @theryanmichael I love Von Miller...but Millers Value doesnt hold a finger to Rodgers...stop that nonsense.
11 Jul, 01:29 AM UTC
cautious claydeezy
@MCallawayTAMU @blake2003ag @AggieFootball @ESPYS @RalphLauren @Burberry It’s not Von Miller camo cool but it’ll do
11 Jul, 01:20 AM UTC
Winston🐐(Fuck the Hornets)
Von Miller... and y’all all know why😐 https://t.co/oDfO19J6in
11 Jul, 01:46 AM UTC
Sam Jerome
@GregLarson2 Lol Denver fans may be on the plant. What a terrible idea/offer. Not a pack fan Lars.....but give me a break. Rodgers and Adams basically for Von Miller. Lol. Terrible offer.
11 Jul, 01:43 AM UTC
Slick Canseco
Von Miller Country AF
11 Jul, 12:20 AM UTC
Randy Nava
Can’t tell if it’s Von Miller or @CoachEricFinney 😂 https://t.co/i9KHcZgWfe
11 Jul, 01:13 AM UTC
Sanjeevan Singh Sidhu
DL- Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson LB- Von Miller, Bill Romanowski DB- Champ Bailey, John Lynch https://t.co/zl4KzTQBcr
11 Jul, 02:13 AM UTC
Keith MacLean
NFL player I dislike: Roethlisberger Overrated NFL Player: Cam Newton Underrated NFL Player: Chris Jones NFL player that I like: (besides Mahomes) T Kelce NFL player that I secretly like: Von Miller Favorite Player of all time: Derrick Thomas
11 Jul, 02:09 AM UTC
Von Miller out here looking like he’s about to go quail hunting with dick cheney 🏈🦆🔫 https://t.co/lTUtFFHYA0
11 Jul, 02:08 AM UTC
Eddie Mush
@FB_FilmAnalysis AFC WEST: QB: Patrick Mahomes WR: Antonio Brown WR: Keenan Allen WR: Tyreek Hill TE: Travis Kelce RB: Melvin Gordon C: Mike Pouncey CB: Chris Harris Jr. CB: Casey Hayward Jr. N: Desmond King II LB: Von Miller LB: Darron Lee SS: Derwin James FS: Tyrann Mathieu
11 Jul, 02:07 AM UTC
Justin Wilkie
@theryanmichael Imagine thinking 30 year old Von Miller is enough to land a top 5 WR and a top 5 QB
11 Jul, 02:06 AM UTC
Asst to the Minister of Culture
@ehoffp @BlatantHomerism @KeganReneau For A&M I think it’s von Miller
11 Jul, 02:04 AM UTC
Vince Dowd
Malik Jackson, Rubin Carter, Von Miller, Romanowski, Steve Foley, John Lynch https://t.co/Bzu07HSuvi
11 Jul, 02:04 AM UTC
Which one is von Miller ? https://t.co/aAQxpOSWSh
11 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Von Miller a fly nigga stop playing with my son.
11 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC
Good News Everyone!
@derekmke @theryanmichael @cytovag https://t.co/gw8BUeBmOM according to this if I’m not mistaken miller is ranked 4 for last season Season before that ranked 1 https://t.co/MqcqfWP0Bw Since you want to try and make an argument that he isn’t good. Rodgers was maybe number 7 this past season Previous back half of 10
11 Jul, 01:55 AM UTC
@GaIIegos @seanjwagner @Bwagz You have to admit comparing Luke Kuechly to Von Miller in terms of rank doesn't make sense due to their styles of play and what they're actually doing most of the game. Not saying Von, LT, or Derrick couldn't/can't cover that's just not what they were/are best at
11 Jul, 01:54 AM UTC
Gashouse Glen Davis
I say all this to say, let's not get revisionist because the Panthers were under the radar for most of the year. Those guys were world beaters and if Ron Rivera/Mike Shula could make ANY adjustments to counteract Von Miller, we'd talk about this team (and Cam) very differently
11 Jul, 01:51 AM UTC
D Lo
@TerriyakiPanda @theryanmichael @cytovag Ok then Rodgers is top-whatever Von Miller is. Adams is still top 3. You still taking this trade as Packers GM? https://t.co/W4YQuVu8Vx
11 Jul, 01:47 AM UTC
saw Von Miller trending but forgot the ESPYs 👀
11 Jul, 01:43 AM UTC
D Lo
@TerriyakiPanda @theryanmichael @cytovag Lol do you really wanna argue Von Miller has been a top 3 EDGE the last 3 years
11 Jul, 01:40 AM UTC
Fernando Valadao
@chucksmithnfl @RobertMathis98 Von Miller, Dwight Freeney, Julius Peppers, & the best D-Lineman to ever play the game Reggie White.
11 Jul, 01:40 AM UTC
Better players to name a few, aaron donald, khalil Mack, von Miller, Tom brady, Aaron Rodgers, deandre hopkins, antionio brown JJ Watt, bobby wagner, Travis Kelce could go on and on
11 Jul, 01:38 AM UTC
yo le llego
Von Miller best dressed at the espys
11 Jul, 01:36 AM UTC
Trey McBride
@sixshooter67 @mattcapelle33 @theryanmichael Elway would finally find a QB worth a shit this way. And get an arguably top 5 WR to accompany a fairly talented receiving core in Denver. But yeah von Miller is more important in this scenario for sure.
11 Jul, 01:36 AM UTC
Cashman’s Burner
Alright so the Packers lose arguably the most important player in the sport and his favorite target, plus a pick. In return they get the worst QB in the league, Von Miller who is obviously very good, and a first. Mind you the Packers once received a first for moving back 4 spots https://t.co/FZax8XysSd
11 Jul, 01:32 AM UTC
Lol "there's not a better edge rusher in football than von Miller" okay MileHighReport https://t.co/99vV0u2BK0
11 Jul, 01:30 AM UTC
And looks like Von Miller going hunting LMAO. Thanks for reppin @Cabelas
11 Jul, 01:20 AM UTC
The way Von Miller dresses triggers me
11 Jul, 01:20 AM UTC
Von Miller got paid from Carhartt. Did Odell Beckham get paid from Pampers for wearing a diaper?
11 Jul, 01:15 AM UTC