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Public Enemies Podcast
Kyle O’Riley: I can’t wait to tear the house down in the main eve- Von Wagner: #WWENXT https://t.co/F18ouqc0ej
15 Sep, 01:38 AM UTC
the NXT title lineup with Von Wagner https://t.co/CNCSp0VTNX
15 Sep, 01:19 AM UTC
y'all stop making fun of my CAW Von Wagner i'm trying to beat the WWE 2K21 story mode
15 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
Von Wagner is gonna be the new NXT Champion, isn’t he? #WWENXT
15 Sep, 01:29 AM UTC
Lucha Libre Online
Tommaso Ciampa derrota a Pete Dunne, LA Knight & Von Wagner para coronarse en el nuevo Campeón Mundial Peso Completo de NXT. #WWENXT https://t.co/3ePg2PFcie
15 Sep, 01:51 AM UTC
Alex Pawlowski
15 Sep, 01:14 AM UTC
Bong Wagner🍃💨
somebody probably missing nxt right now cause of work waiting to see kyle o’rielly win the title and gone clock out to see VON WAGNER in the match
15 Sep, 01:40 AM UTC
👑Adam Goldberg 
Who the fuck is von wagner #WWENXT
15 Sep, 01:14 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling
15 Sep, 01:17 AM UTC
Bong Wagner🍃💨
niggas got released and watched a nigga named von wagner debut in a title match
15 Sep, 02:42 AM UTC
Wrestling News
WWE management sees Von Wagner as a future WrestleMania main eventer https://t.co/f2Zi5Y9hDB https://t.co/zFUoL44umn
15 Sep, 03:18 AM UTC
👑Adam Goldberg 
Twitter is gonna burn NXT alive if von wagner ends up winning #WWENXT https://t.co/RmTDAY1pEq
15 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
Von Wagner is the most WCW name I’ve ever heard
15 Sep, 01:33 AM UTC
engagement enthusiast
niggas got rid of 50 people in 1 month to make room for von wagner
15 Sep, 02:42 AM UTC
Alfred Konuwa
"...and his replacement will be Von Wagner!" #WWENXT @ThisIsNasty's photo on Von Wagner
15 Sep, 01:21 AM UTC
Kyle O'Reilly is unable to compete in the main event, and Regal announces that Von Wagner is taking his place... WHAT??!!! #WWENXT https://t.co/7DBSNVwCT5
15 Sep, 01:14 AM UTC
NoDQ.com: WWE and AEW news
Kyle O'Reilly taken out of the fatal four-way and replaced by Von Wagner (Cal Bloom - son of the Beverly Brothers' Wayne Bloom) #WWE #WWENXT
15 Sep, 01:15 AM UTC
Alfred Konuwa
All this talk of LA Knight or Von Wagner being the first world champion in "Vince and Kevin Dunn's NXT" turned out to be more of the IWC's persecution complex. Imagine that. #WWENXT
15 Sep, 01:50 AM UTC
Public Enemies Podcast
Kyle O'Reilly on his way to a #WWENXT title shot til King Von Wagner pulled up like.. https://t.co/CfreW4G5tt
15 Sep, 04:19 AM UTC
Wrestling Daze
🚨 WWE NXT 2.0 REVIEW 🚨 My thoughts on: • The new arena • The Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis wedding segment • Bron Breakker, Von Wagner & other new stars • The new NXT Champion & more!!! ➡ https://t.co/wc9Iqy7ZFP #WWE #WWENXT #NXT https://t.co/dOENphmXSO
15 Sep, 04:05 AM UTC
Horror Movie BBQ
Ok follow me. I know it’s a reach but what if Von Wagner somehow leads to a WWE Legends contract for the Beverly Brothers and we finally get Elites 🤯 questions comments concerns concerning the BevBros can be addressed here
15 Sep, 01:40 AM UTC
It’s almost 12am and I’m laughing at this Von Wagner NlGGA😂😂😂
15 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
Pro Wrestling WWE News
WWE management sees Von Wagner as a future WrestleMania main eventer https://t.co/ZpiyZ7SRjt https://t.co/XjGFQ0Rcui
15 Sep, 03:18 AM UTC
I was so ready to walk away from wrestling if Von Wagner won man lmaooo
15 Sep, 03:23 AM UTC
Getting Over: Wrestling Podcast
Been surprisingly positive about #WWENXT tonight, but the Von Wagner booking and Tony D'Angelo vignette were a couple truly horrible things back-to-back.
15 Sep, 01:23 AM UTC
Joshua Lopez
#WWENXT 9/14/21 Results: The Indi Hartwell & Dexter Lumis Wedding. B-Fab's In-Ring Debut. Plus, Pete Dunne vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. LA Knight vs. Von Wagner In A Fatal Four Way Match For The Vacated WWE NXT Championship. #StudentOfTheGame #WeAreNXT https://t.co/7V6mfcXENc https://t.co/kz1ieaLgKk
15 Sep, 03:47 AM UTC
Bron Breakker already has the tools to be a star of NXT. Von Wagner needs some work on his look and maybe debuting him as Kyle O'Reilly's friend and hotshotting him into a title match wasn't the best idea.
15 Sep, 04:38 AM UTC
But WWE Von Wagner is probably Top 1 Two Pack Of Ass Name I Have Seen From Yall
15 Sep, 04:27 AM UTC
L Von Wagner is a future World Champion https://t.co/ZXg2zMAh8X
15 Sep, 04:16 AM UTC