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Buster Olney
Based on current roster, this is what the 2020 Reds' lineup could look like: CF Nick Senzel 1B Joey Votto 3B Eugenio Suarez 2B Mike Moustakas RF Aristides Aquino LF Jesse Winker C Barnhart/Casali SS Freddy Galvis
02 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
Joey Votto
#Reds infield: Votto, Moustakas, Galvis, Suárez 😍 https://t.co/A3YVXwjOUj
02 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
C. Trent Rosecrans
Mike Moustakas started 40 games at 2B for the BRewers last year. Right now #Reds infield would be Votto, Moustakas, Galvis and Suárez
02 Dec, 08:40 PM UTC
Reds Baseball Take
Potential 2020 Reds lineup: 1. Nick Senzel - CF 2. Joey Votto - 1B 3. Eugenio Suarez - 3B 4. Aristides Aquino - RF 5. Mike Moustakas - 2B 6. Jesse Winker - LF 7. Freddy Galvis - SS 8. Tucker Barnhart / Curt Casali We also have All-Stars all over our starting rotation👀🔥🔥
02 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
Jeff Wallner
How we lookin' #Reds fans? CF Senzel 1B Votto 3B Suarez 2B Moustakas RF Aquino LF Winker C Barnhart SS Galvis
02 Dec, 09:11 PM UTC
Jim Rosati
Reds have the 27th largest market in MLB and just signed a FA to a 4/$65m deal. Pirates have 26th largest market. Largest FA deal in franchise history: 3/$39. Oh, Joey Votto has a 10/$225m deal, too. But we apparently can’t afford anyone.
02 Dec, 08:50 PM UTC
Gingersaurus Rex
Not exactly thrilled with the thought of 41 million dollars being tied to Votto at 39 and Moustakas at 35 in 2023, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. BTW, it won’t be so bad if the #Reds win the pennant before then.
02 Dec, 09:46 PM UTC
Tyler Hoehn
2020 @Reds potential lineup: CF Nick Senzel 1B Joey Votto 3B Eugenio Suarez 2B Mike Moustakas RF Aristides Aquino LF Jesse Winker C Barnhart/Casali SS Freddy Galvis And potential rotation: Trevor Bauer Luis Castillo Sonny Gray Alex Wood Anthony DeSclafani Excited about ⚾️!!
02 Dec, 09:32 PM UTC
Future Dodgers
Reds are gonna surprise some people next year who haven’t been paying close attention. Big organizational/developmental acquisitions, a top 3 of Castillo/Gray/Bauer + Garrett/Lorenzen in the pen, with bats Votto/Suarez/Moose/Senzel/Aquino. More work to do, but solid foundation. https://t.co/rjRbRKhBeL
02 Dec, 08:40 PM UTC
Big Red Machine
Senzel Votto Suarez Moose Aquino Winker Galvis Barnhart/Casali I don’t hate it, can still improve.
02 Dec, 10:44 PM UTC
Redleg Nation Radio
Jonathan Villar at SS would look great in this infield, with Suarez, Votto, and Moustakas. https://t.co/BDPbkgoaGM
02 Dec, 08:44 PM UTC
Will Higgisson
Vegetation surrounding arid wetlands provide important drinking access points for many smaller bird species #Simon Votto #AFSS2019 https://t.co/T2MGKIoDXX
02 Dec, 03:41 AM UTC
It's A Reds Thing
Joey Votto (Canadian) has to become best friends with Moustakas (moose), right?
02 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC
jan- solteira fev- solteira mar- solteira abr- solteira mai- solteira jun- solteira jul- solteira ago- solteira set- solteira out- solteira nov- solteira dez- solteira Confesso que não me arrependo disso https://t.co/SO0SsgI1ed
02 Dec, 10:46 PM UTC
Ring the Bell
Seeing lots of folks posting prospective 2020 @Reds lineups as "daunting" and other such adjectives. Those #Reds lineups all include Joey Votto hitting third. He'll be 36 next year. Slashed .261/.357/.411 with 15 HR, 47 RBIs, 79 runs in 2019. Just 12 HR, 67 RBIs in 2018. https://t.co/6Wp8QGphOR
02 Dec, 09:46 PM UTC
If Trevor Bauer plays like he did in Cleveland and Joey Votto is at least manageable the reds are going to be serious competition
02 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC
Cory Rueckert
@CincyRedsTake Cant be afraid to move votto down in the order if he continues to hit like he did last season
02 Dec, 11:35 PM UTC
Chris Larson
So as it looks right now, the #Reds infield would consist of Votto at first, Moustakas at second, Galvis at shortstop, and Suarez over at third. Pretty solid infield group, but could still see Cincy sign Didi Gregorious to man shortstop. #BornToBaseball #MLB #HotStove
02 Dec, 08:49 PM UTC
I want to punt harbaugh into the sun
@JeffPassan @SpookyStxrlight You say this like bauer was as good as advertised in cincy, he wasn't, Castillo is elite, gray idk about, he could cool off, desclafani is good as a 4th starter, but who's the 5th starter, Aquino was terrible after his hot start, votto ain't an mvps anymore, C isn't good enough
02 Dec, 11:19 PM UTC
@Thebloggervlog1 @NYYF0REVER @MaxWildstein @Shinuto5 cool I would love bell he would be great there and even though and he sucked last year votto would be an interesting candidate too
02 Dec, 11:18 PM UTC
Kris Aiken
@claywlink Their offense with Moose will be a lot better. Hopefully Votto returns with a bang and they get a couple pitchers.
02 Dec, 10:58 PM UTC
Chris Rossi
@JRK_22 @Cut4 @MLB @JeffPassan @Mooose_8 @Reds Yessir, is have votto, Moose, galvis, Geno. That’s a solid ass infield. Lots of power potential
02 Dec, 10:55 PM UTC
Nick Stone
@teufelshunde4 @C70 Votto is 36 years old lol. What do you mean get back to being Votto??
02 Dec, 10:50 PM UTC
Eli Raider
@WVMeatslinger If we get Didi then we have an IF if Suarez, Didi, Moustakas, and Votto with the platoon of Galvis who can play all 4 positions. And the outfield is alright if we don't get anyone, just all young so might want to get the vet to help shape things out.
02 Dec, 11:31 PM UTC
@JeffWallner Can Senzel stay healthy? Can Votto revert to old form at 36 years old? Can Aquino hit consistently over 162 games? Can Winker hit LHP? I’m sorry but I still do not see a lineup capable of making the playoffs. Too many questions. Hopefully the Reds aren’t done adding bats...
02 Dec, 11:31 PM UTC
Judge Smails
@realBWells @kyleThampton @Ken_Rosenthal @ctrent @JonHeyman Because they still owe Votto $8 billion....
02 Dec, 11:29 PM UTC
Kelly Lowhorn
@Buster_ESPN Probably should flip flop Votto and Galvis in that batting order.
02 Dec, 11:27 PM UTC
@izabel_maciel14 Cansada de não passar nas porta só se for kkkkkkk
02 Dec, 11:27 PM UTC
@EvilJoeyVotto Starting hitting the ball Votto
02 Dec, 11:14 PM UTC

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