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Detroit Red Wings
The Detroit #RedWings today acquired RW Richard Panik, LW Jakub Vrana, a first-round pick in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft and a second-round pick in the 2022 NHL Entry Draft from the Washington Capitals in exchange for RW Anthony Mantha. @DetroitRedWings's photo on Vrana
12 Apr, 07:45 PM UTC
Kevin Weekes
**Breaking News** Hearing @DetroitRedWings are moving Mantha to @Capitals for Panik / Vrana and more @TSNHockey @NHLNetwork @NHL #HockeyTwitter
12 Apr, 07:28 PM UTC
Washington Capitals
NEWS | The Washington Capitals have acquired forward Anthony Mantha from the Detroit Red Wings for forwards Jakub Vrana and Richard Panik, a 2021 first round pick and a 2022 second round pick.
12 Apr, 07:44 PM UTC
Ian Oland
I think we'll like the Mantha/Vrana trade long term, but this one stings. I feel like Barry Trotz and Peter Laviolette tried to make V something he wasn't and their stubborn view of system hockey robbed him of his joy for the sport sometimes. I hope he becomes a star in DET. @ianoland's photo on Vrana
12 Apr, 08:16 PM UTC
Rob Carlin
Jakub Vrana will always have a place in #ALLCAPS history. He got them going with this goal in Game 5 in Vegas. His name is on the Cup forever. Never became a consistent, 200 foot player. But one of the nicest, happiest kids I’ve ever covered. Worked his tail off. Helluva legacy. https://t.co/R2g5vj34jp
12 Apr, 11:11 PM UTC
Don't sleep on Jakub Vrana. 5v5 points in the past three seasons combined Mantha: 152 GP, 28G, 27A, 65 points (0.42 points per game) Vrana: 190 GP, 53G, 43A, 96 points (0.50 points per game)
12 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
Travis Tuthill
Jakub Vrana will always be remembered in DC for opening up the scoring in our Stanley Cup clinching game. ❤️ https://t.co/3j9lL8SOcH
12 Apr, 08:09 PM UTC
NoVa Caps
Thank you, Stanley Cup Champion Jakub Vrana! We will miss you in the DMV. Best of luck in the Motor City. Tell Djoosey we said hey. 👊 @VranaJakub #ALLCAPS https://t.co/CIkbblCfTx
12 Apr, 10:30 PM UTC
noah hockey stick emoji
Thank you, Jakub Vrana https://t.co/ztLZZKMPOw
13 Apr, 12:30 AM UTC
Daniella Bruce
Vrana and Panik are expected to practice Wednesday and be available to play on Thursday. #LGRW
12 Apr, 08:42 PM UTC
Jason Rogers
Jakub Vrana is going to be a superstar. He also gave one of my favorites quotes ever -- a tale of ice cream's siren song and the stern remediation of Brooks Orpik's scathing sarcasm. https://t.co/pKhSah5I9g
12 Apr, 08:06 PM UTC
Jonathan Bombulie
Am I crazy to think Vrana is a better player than Mantha?
12 Apr, 07:37 PM UTC
noah hockey stick emoji
Hello Wings! I have been following your team for the past two days, and have come to the conclusion you do not deserve to have Vrana in your organization. He is my comfort player and seeing him in an environment not meant for him brings me anxiety, so I will be expecting a repl
12 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
Rob Carlin
Love the move. #Caps gave up a lot. But Vrana doesn’t play the style that Laviolette demands. Mantha is a big, talented offensive weapon. Size plays in the spring. Makes them a tougher, more physical team. Going for it!
12 Apr, 07:48 PM UTC
jan (jakbub's dad)
You had the audacity to separate Vrana and Vitek, absolute best friends. Vrana who helped Vitek learn English and get acclimated in The States and translated for him in early interviews. You broke that up. [Sobbing noises] https://t.co/5lgDtj2n6A
12 Apr, 07:47 PM UTC
NBC Sports Capitals
Jakub Vrana’s five best moments with the Washington Capitals https://t.co/nwXs21Gu6u
12 Apr, 10:48 PM UTC
Rhys Jessop
Anthony Mantha is one of the league’s more underrated wingers. Really like his skill and scoring ability. Getting Vrana (an excellent player in his own right) plus quality futures is great aggressive rebuilder work by Yzerman.
12 Apr, 07:35 PM UTC
Japers’ Rink
Jakub Vrana is a great goal-scorer. His three most common linemates over the last three years have been Oshie, Backstrom and Kuznetsov. Anthony Mantha's most common linemates over that span have been Larkin, Bertuzzi and Fabbri.
12 Apr, 09:51 PM UTC
Sammi Silber
My favourite Jakub Vrana memory was when he came into the locker room after skating an extra hour, smiled, dribbled a basketball in full gear and said "I'm a globetrotter" and then talked to me about how he excelled as one of the young guys in the game. Best of luck, No. 13.
12 Apr, 09:31 PM UTC
i will miss vrana’s cup bender https://t.co/GP8pbd6gXW
12 Apr, 07:43 PM UTC
Max Bultman
NEW: What the Anthony Mantha trade means for the Red Wings, and hot they could see real upside from it down the line: https://t.co/sNy09oMFQT
12 Apr, 11:04 PM UTC
Matt 🇴🇲
@spittinchiclets Ok, so the Mantha deal isn’t as bad as people are making it out for The Caps. The 1st is in an already weak but now also unpredictable class. The 2nd is comp for taking Panik’s contract off the books. Vrana also is pending RFA and prob wants a fuck ton more than the caps can give
12 Apr, 08:28 PM UTC
How Jakub Vrana getting on the plane to Detroit https://t.co/vzuYhXnhq2
12 Apr, 07:37 PM UTC
Tony Wolak
Living in DC, I’ve seen a lot of Jakub Vrana over the past few years. To me, this stands out the most. Look familiar? #LGRW https://t.co/KPLDQQRGmz
12 Apr, 08:28 PM UTC
Brad Galli
Steve Yzerman pulled off the biggest headline deal on the NHL's trade deadline. The Red Wings traded Anthony Mantha to the Capitals for a 2021 first rounder, 2022 second rounder, Jakub Vrana, and Richard Panik. @BradGalli's photo on Vrana
12 Apr, 10:35 PM UTC
super soft sports
jakub vrana forever in our hearts https://t.co/1QxsFeNsWD
13 Apr, 01:26 AM UTC
Pete Jensen 🏒
Four #NHLTrade Deadline movers in @NHLFantasy forward rankings: 65. #AllCaps Mantha 67. #NHLBruins Hall 73. #Isles Palmieri 90. #LGRW Vrana 👀 #LeafsForever Foligno, #FlaPanthers Gusev, #LetsGoPens Carter Top 100 rankings & new podcast: https://t.co/KqE3rxyFGy
13 Apr, 01:19 AM UTC
gigi 🚗
i dont even hate Mantha i just really really really love Jakub Vrana
13 Apr, 01:20 AM UTC
My friend just jakub vrana was the most consistent player on the caps https://t.co/QqrCMbeCJe
13 Apr, 01:38 AM UTC
The Fantasy Hockey Bros
Jakub Vrana heads from a great team to a poor one. The Red Wings though, will be able to provide Vrana with loads of opportunity, something he wasn’t getting much of lately in Washington. He only has 4 points in his last 12 games. That will improve moving forward. #LGRW https://t.co/tCobSkJf6g
13 Apr, 01:36 AM UTC