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Jordan Sweeto
@Nux_Taku It seems like a lot of miscommunication. I did see the Vshojo tweet before it got deleted and was confused. I understand that the situation is very difficult and stressful but I do feel like all the victims involved are good people and that they just dealt with this poorly.
26 Nov, 01:19 AM UTC
Jordan Sweeto
Nux and the Vshojo members are all good people you guys. I truely believe that. They’ve all been very kind to me personally and I don’t think anyone deserves any hate. The situation sounds stressful enough and we rly should just wish them all the best as they sort things out imo.
26 Nov, 01:27 AM UTC
Lily is asleep
I never thought I'd get to see kson, Connor and VShojo playing minecraft together
26 Nov, 09:23 AM UTC
@CDawgVA These two fit too well into vshojo. Which is why I stand by my case: https://t.co/uuJk02ElqY
25 Nov, 02:56 PM UTC
Kuri Rinji | VTuber & Fan Cringe/Drama (🏥)
Nux has issued a new apology video but then new information came out from Froot herself. Some really odd things going on behind the scenes because of this issue. https://t.co/aGLJrsB9fM #VShojo #ENVTuber #VTuber https://t.co/UCXW2gb0kG
26 Nov, 10:17 AM UTC
@PEXYVERSE @LichVtuber What? Nux is the one who made it public lol, he released the video against their wishes. I'm glad VShojo decided to have a spine and speak out against his horrible actions rather than bending over and letting people who don't think about things think he's some hero.
26 Nov, 10:32 AM UTC
Seifukuou Iskandar
@LekserVT @LichVtuber This pretty much sums up why nux is not completely without fault in this. It may be on Vshojo management why he is justified to post it in the first place but refusing to take it down after it is clearly causing his friends distress is kinda inexcusable.
26 Nov, 09:39 AM UTC
@JkingPatrick @AnimeUproar @Nux_Taku Correction before he released it. None of what Nux said could be used in court seeing as how Vshojo or the doxxer didn't have a gag order on nux and nux is a victim/witness and is allowed to say as much or little as he wants legally regarding the case
26 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
【公式】VILLS vol.3 12/18-19
\\✨VShojo×緒方てい様✨// VShojoのイラストをご担当された🧑‍🎨 🎨緒方てい様(@ogatatei) 本当に有難うございました! VShojoは、12月18日(土)の音楽ステージに出場します!🎶 海外からのやってきたkawaii3人‼️ あなたもきっと虜になる🎶 #VILLSでひとつに
26 Nov, 12:04 PM UTC
Sir Derpsalot
@Nux_Taku However, this shouldn't have warranted hate towards nux and the girls at Vshojo. If there's anyone to be blamed here, it's Vshojo management and the doxxer. That's it. (3)
26 Nov, 10:36 AM UTC
@Mega2chan @gh0stk1ttyyy @pepe_ugaso @Kogarashi_44 @LichVtuber I don't know if it was over but they already knew pretty much everything about the doxxer. So in that sense it was already done. Vshojo told Nux they know who it was.
26 Nov, 11:44 AM UTC
Revri | レヴェリ【Pre-Debut Vtuber Dec】
@CaramelVT_ @gh0stk1ttyyy Guys remember The original claim Nux saying he wasn’t told to take down the video until after the fact. And Vshojo said openly that they told him Before the upload. All the messages prove was they asked him after it was posted. This kinda just proves the dmed his and blasted him https://t.co/l5QkntnJlz
26 Nov, 11:07 AM UTC
Davidvt ⬜⬛🗡️🟫🟪
#nuxdidnothingwrong #vtuber nic did nothing wrong , the vshojo girls didn't talk to him , one one did , if anyone should be targeted it's your management they give nux the approval , @ProjektMelody #VShojo @ironmouse @zentreya @_Silvervale_
26 Nov, 11:42 AM UTC
@Nux_Taku Honestly you didn't need to apologize and you really shouldnt had to take that video down. You are the victim. As they said it's your right to do so and you was only stating the truth of the incident. Anybody who finds a problem with that, even the vshojo girls, is irrelevant.
26 Nov, 11:51 AM UTC
月華 Rin.【👻🐈♀ V🥔】
I want to apologize to everyone if you've gotten spammed by my replies to the recent Nux and VShojo drama. I try to not to get involved but sometimes I can't help it. I just don't like seeing this kind of petty witch hunt. https://t.co/1yj68qyILA
26 Nov, 10:54 AM UTC
hitman2b 🇫🇷
@migsishere @TheHatGuy2 @ALostinthevoid @Crash1mill @LichVtuber vshojo wasn't the target the target was small indi vtuber that wasn't part of that
26 Nov, 10:53 AM UTC
Zion Fury
@Fewstwriter @EcoEclipse @RekinsonT @ironmouse @Veibae @Nux_Taku I'm beginning to feel they never cared if any more fell victim to this as long as they are good. While I do like some of the vshojo people, just turning their backs on someone who wanted to help warn others and have their fanbases go at Nux like their own attack dogs is (Cont)
26 Nov, 11:50 AM UTC
@LichVtuber - Took notice of and changed then got the all go from them. He did this to shine light on the situation to the indies, not the Vshojo ”talents” which i personally feel that Vshojo themselves should have done when they found out about this.
26 Nov, 11:34 AM UTC
@LichVtuber Nah i’m wirh Nux on this one as well. He only talked about his own experience and Vshojo not once did he mention ”the talents” in the video. He also showed the video before uploading to one of them + the head off cybersecurity at Vshojo and they had some comments which he -
26 Nov, 11:32 AM UTC
Marine Reality
@TheHatGuy2 @ALostinthevoid @Crash1mill @migsishere @LichVtuber Twitter doesn't let me post 3 minute long videos but he said and I quote "so, after talking to the ceo of vshojo and the authorities i have been given the green to post this video. I'm sorry I can't share more with you but the dumbass will rot in jail. This is a serious felony"
26 Nov, 11:28 AM UTC
Hohenheim de Lux
@Lost_Pause_ @kfsilver89 @Nux_Taku I completely understand. I know I am a fan of all of them, and not actually friends, but it hurts seeing everyone fighting. It is time to take this to private, and work this out. You all, Vshojo, Nux, need to talk it out, at least for the community.
26 Nov, 11:27 AM UTC
@Mega2chan @gh0stk1ttyyy @pepe_ugaso @Kogarashi_44 @LichVtuber Then Vshojo wouldn't have allowed them to upload in the first place, if it interfered with the investigation its Vshojo's own fault
26 Nov, 11:19 AM UTC
Will | ウィル
@VTuberCringe Okay, now I'm interested to see how VShojo gonna minimize the damage after Froot slipping up big time.
26 Nov, 11:16 AM UTC
@LegionDivine @Manggaku1 @JkingPatrick @Nux_Taku idk about nux's community being all that nice, you seen this thread n read most/all of it? even some? there's a lot of false rumours and hate, though there's also the same on vshojo's side, just fans vs fans at this point for something that should have been private anyway.
26 Nov, 11:15 AM UTC
hitman2b 🇫🇷
@TheHatGuy2 @migsishere @ALostinthevoid @Crash1mill @LichVtuber yeah it's not the same, he was about to be doxxed by the guy but since he never applied to Vshojo that tick him reason why he contact gunrun
26 Nov, 11:01 AM UTC
Donie Darko 🔱 Gura Shrimp
@Lairucremzz @subbiest_boy @LeviGratton @CrielTheBugbear @Veibae @_mamavale @Nux_Taku I'm sorry, but Nux video was indeed about himself, the indie, and vshojo the company He didn't mention the girls themselves
26 Nov, 11:53 AM UTC
@BigManAis @LichVtuber The end of your tweet isn't true in the least. Most of VShojo consider him a friend which is why this felt like such a betrayal.
26 Nov, 10:21 AM UTC
@EddieTheK3 @Nux_Taku I seriously don’t get this attitude. I don’t like Nux but the fact VShojo knew about the doxxer for god knows how long and couldn’t even be assed to post a “these are the only contact channels we use anything else is a scam” tweet/reddit post/etc is just as shitty
26 Nov, 11:22 AM UTC
@notifymeaccount @quilta_the_nerd @Cfdude93 @Nux_Taku That’s understandable. I’m more inclined to side with the girls on this, mostly because elf my personal bias. I will say though that Vshojo, the company and management, should’ve made sure both the talents and Bux were on the same page 100%.
26 Nov, 11:19 AM UTC
@embracetophats @BadMapper @Nux_Taku Nux was swatted in the past it was serious, police had guns. Several vtubers gave away their real name address and stuff thinking it was a Vshojo job opportunity. Nux got the scammer arrested. He saved multiple people from swatting, possible death. Vshojo kept quiet.
26 Nov, 11:14 AM UTC