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Purple Row
I legitimately think Bud Black was the *only* person interested in Wade Davis closing again in 2020. I had not seen anyone else advocate for it.
01 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
Vic Lombardiᴰʳ
Wade Davis at Coors Field. @VicLombardi's photo on Wade Davis
01 Aug, 03:53 AM UTC
Andrew Mason
Let me just say that the 10 p.m. last-call mandate at Colorado bars is incompatible with the Wade Davis Experience
01 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
01 Aug, 03:58 AM UTC
Bullpen arms that imploded today: Craig Kimbrel Wade Davis Dellin Betances Kirby Yates Blake Treinen All of which have had crazy successful seasons the last few years. Just shows how hard it is to shutdown these lineups day in and day out
01 Aug, 05:05 AM UTC
01 Aug, 03:44 AM UTC
Makayla Perkins
ahhh I see typical Wade Davis has returned
01 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
Rockies bullpen ERA’s: Almonte: 0.00 Bard: 3.86 Wade Davis: 16.88 Díaz: 0.00 Estevez: 0.00 Kinley: 0.00 I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with the Rockies!
01 Aug, 05:35 AM UTC
brent but sports
Wade Davis at Coors like https://t.co/raNRejKJXq
01 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
Wade Davis is quite literally the Rockies’ fifth or sixth-best reliever. At best.
01 Aug, 03:45 AM UTC
I have arrested Wade Davis
01 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC
Wade Davis couldn’t even make it one game at coors without fucking imploding
01 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
This is a 60 game season. A sprint. There is NO room for a closet who is absolutely atrocious. Wade Davis needs to be gone tomorrow.
01 Aug, 05:06 AM UTC
Luke Hall
Guys who should be closing Rockies games before Wade Davis (1/?): - Scott Oberg, even hurt - Carlos Estevez - Jairo Diaz - Yency Almonte - Daniel Bard - Phillip Diehl - Tyler Kinley - That Goudeau guy - Dinger - Steve Foster - Jeff Hudson - @BasedMarcos - Tim Tebow - Chad Kelly
01 Aug, 04:06 AM UTC
Brandon Dill
$52 million for a 16.88 ERA. Wade Davis is a fucking train wreck https://t.co/DVt3niMVSg
01 Aug, 03:55 AM UTC
How many wins has wade Davis cost us the past 2 seasons?
01 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
*DNVR Rockies
This is the type of game the Rockies won all the time in 2017 and 2018; it's precisely the type they lost in 2019. https://t.co/ViRu8zxmA8
01 Aug, 06:36 AM UTC
MLB Insider Dinger
One day the Mets will sign a clearly cooked Wade Davis, he'll have subpar AAA numbers, get called up anyway, and be left on the MLB roster 3 weeks too long
01 Aug, 03:49 AM UTC
I would rather have hemorrhoids the rest of my life than watch Wade Davis ever pitch again
01 Aug, 04:26 AM UTC
Tommy Pham (4) off RHP Wade Davis - 104.9 mph, 25 degrees (440 ft Home Run) 91.2 mph 4-Seam Fastball #Padres @ #Rockies (T9)
01 Aug, 03:53 AM UTC
Javier Gonzalez 🇨🇺/🇺🇸
Craig Kimbrel: 27.00 ERA Wade Davis: 16.88 ERA Raicel Iglesias: 13.50 ERA Edwin Diaz: 7.71 ERA El año del cerrador en #MLB 😜😜
01 Aug, 04:12 AM UTC
*DNVR Rockies
Wade Davis is the Heartbreak Kid against San Diego | DNVR Rockies https://t.co/cqCxcyuutM
01 Aug, 04:49 AM UTC
Gil Whiteley
Wade Davis makes more than the entire Colorado State legislature, and is almost as useless.. .
01 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Hayden Ringer
just saw that wade davis had a normal one tonight
01 Aug, 06:17 AM UTC
MLB Czech
Už to vypadalo, že Rockies berou další výhru. Jenže closer Wade Davis nezvládl 9. směnu. Padres se v ní vzepjali a 4 body otočili utkání. Velkou měrou se na tom podílel Tommy Pham, který trefil tříbodový HR. Pham vstoupil do sezony fantasticky: pálí, krade i brání! #ZpravyMLB
01 Aug, 10:49 AM UTC
wade davis has led me to go through a six pack, don't say I was gonna do it anyway
01 Aug, 10:16 AM UTC
Purple Row
Padres 8, Rockies 7: Rockies bats fall short in bottom of the ninth in home opener loss https://t.co/9Bb3b3Wfdb
01 Aug, 05:05 AM UTC
Thomas Harding
The story of the night was Wade Davis' ninth inning, and what does this mean for his future as the #Rockies' closer. (Bud Black didn't go there after the game.) So here is my story. This thread tries to another crazy #Padres-Rox game. https://t.co/e0DjzKEZeB via @MLB
01 Aug, 06:59 AM UTC
This is the type of game the Rockies won all the time in 2017 and 2018; it's precisely the type they lost in 2019. https://t.co/UdftdAu3zL
01 Aug, 06:36 AM UTC
Stephen Nover
I sure hope baseball doesn't shut down. But if it does, I won't miss Wade Davis.
01 Aug, 06:36 AM UTC

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