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St. Louis Cardinals
Rolling with Waino 💪 #NLCS | #TimeToFly @Cardinals's photo on Waino
12 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
St. Louis Cardinals
Keep 'em coming, Waino! @Cardinals's photo on Waino
12 Oct, 09:14 PM UTC
Jim Hayes
When Waino starts at home, he’s been all that and a bag of chips. #STLCards #NLCS @TheCatOnFox's photo on Waino
12 Oct, 06:18 PM UTC
Michelle Smallmon
I’ll be furious if they waste another postseason gem from Waino ....
12 Oct, 10:10 PM UTC
Well, plan A was for Waino to throw 10 shutout innings and the Cardinals score on a walk off drop 3rd strike. Plan B is to sob uncontrollably and watch porn.
12 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC
Charlie Marlow
Waino with another studly showing. 11 punch outs. Battled his ass off.
12 Oct, 10:25 PM UTC
FOX Sports Midwest
Waino's day is done after 99 pitches -- three runs allowed on seven hits and a walk with 11 strikeouts in 7 1/3 innings. Tune in for Cardinals Live postgame following Blues postgame on FSMW and FSGO. #STLCards @FSMidwest's photo on Waino
12 Oct, 10:24 PM UTC
FOX Sports Midwest
BT expects Waino to thrive on the big stage of Game 2 of the #NLCS today: “These are the type of moments that Adam Wainwright lives for.” #TimeToFly Cardinals Live postgame airs on FSMW and FSGO following Blues postgame. @FSMidwest's photo on Waino
12 Oct, 01:30 PM UTC
Casey Stern
In case we don’t see Waino make another start, this Oct, at 38, stamped what he’s always been ( and there are few): a true “Ace” #Respect
12 Oct, 10:27 PM UTC
STL Cardinals Nation
This game sucks but I think we can all appreciate what Waino is doing. It’s just a shame he can’t get any support...
12 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
Cardinal Tracker
Waino looked really choked up coming off the mound. That could be it... If it is, what a performance from a future Red Jacket. #STLCards #TimeToFly
12 Oct, 10:24 PM UTC
Dan Buffa
Amazing work from Adam Wainwright. 7.1 innings pitched, 3 ER. A year ago, he was adrift. He’s come all the way back to 2013-14 Waino, arguably better. This is why we love baseball. Comebacks. Will it go wasted again? #STLCards
12 Oct, 10:31 PM UTC
FOX Sports Midwest
It's Scherzer vs. Waino as the #STLCards look to tie up the #NLCS at one game apiece. #TimeToFly Watch the game, then switch over for Cardinals Live postgame on FSMW and FSGO: https://t.co/A7ojvk8mEe @FSMidwest's photo on Waino
12 Oct, 06:59 PM UTC
Justin Striebel
People will complain about Waino being left in too long, but we’re talking about a bloop and a well placed ground ball. Just as easily could have happened to the bullpen. And it’s also irrelevant bc this trash offense can’t get to second base let alone alone score a run.
12 Oct, 10:24 PM UTC
Casey Stern
In big moments, you look for stars & talent but also special level competitors. Today, center stage, Max & Waino delivered. #Respect #Studs
13 Oct, 01:14 AM UTC
Jo Bovaconti
@markasaxon Miles and Waino gave us what Jack gives us every time out. Doesn’t matter if we can’t score lol.
12 Oct, 11:58 PM UTC
Kelli 🎗
Day started w/ winning 2 tix to the game from DeWitt III by answering a question (having a sign stating I'm Waino's biggest fan & needed tix probably helped me get picked!) then had SO much joy watching Waino do his thing. @UncleCharlie50 you have NOTHING to hang your head about!
13 Oct, 12:24 AM UTC
Aaron Mullins
The pitching has not been the problem. Waino and Mikolas have both done their jobs and the offense has supported them with one run in two games. #STLCards #TimeToFly https://t.co/eP4JRHxn2j
13 Oct, 12:02 AM UTC
(0-2 NLCS) NL Central CHAMPS
Please tell me that Waino is not seriously blaming himself. Fuck every other person on this team.
13 Oct, 12:21 AM UTC
Dr. B
Waino is dealing and the Cards can’t hit the backside of a barn. SMH. #stlcards #nlcs
12 Oct, 10:16 PM UTC
I mean god I love Waino. But Scherzer was just dirty and then he threw great shade in his interview after the game. Hey Mo how my ass taste???
12 Oct, 11:17 PM UTC
Carol Cusumano
@Cardinals We love Waino he is all heart on and off the field!!! #50 👏♥️⚾️ https://t.co/tGb92NHEVr
13 Oct, 01:11 AM UTC
octavio sequera
10 strikeouts for Waino, Mad Max throwing a GEM (not gonna say it)... You gotta love this game! #Cardinals #Nationals #WePlayLoud
12 Oct, 10:02 PM UTC
@Rinedog1 @markasaxon Seems like you tweeted this about Mikolas. And Waino. Huh.
13 Oct, 12:20 AM UTC
Jon Thomas
Welp, 3 hits in 2 games ain’t it. Doesn’t matter if we have Flaherty Monday. Mikolas and Waino pitcher their dicks off and we have an 0-2 hole to show for it... AT HOME.
12 Oct, 11:25 PM UTC
Shildt is a pushover. Waino in the eighth with the best bullpen in the NL, with runners on first and second. He has to be held accountable. #TimeToFly
12 Oct, 10:24 PM UTC
Victoria {0-1 NLCS⚾ }
@Cardinals The offense did Waino wrong he busted his ass and he deserved that win and he got screwed again just like he got screwed with Atlanta
12 Oct, 11:18 PM UTC
91-71 NL Central Restored
Remove the uniforms. Outside of Jack, Waino, Wonger, Tommy, and Yadi, the rest of you aren’t deserving of wearing this iconic uniform. No pride or heart. These aren’t the St. Louis Cardinals at all.
13 Oct, 01:31 AM UTC
carl g⚾️
@KaranEsch @StlCrdsfn11 @debbietaylor58 Exactly. How Waino is pitching like this is simply a marvel to me.
13 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
Gackie Goon
Someone take the Cardinals logo and photoshop the bat out. They keep screwing each other and don’t even have the damn common courtesy to give Waino a reach around. Hit the baseball!!!!!
12 Oct, 11:09 PM UTC

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