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Wallis Fashion
It's #WallisWeekend! We're giving you the chance to #WIN one of these styles!*. To enter, simply follow us on Twitter, reply with your favourite look & retweet this post. Quick, ends midnight!❀️ *T&Cs apply. Can't wait? Shop now > https://t.co/SNvqd37usM Wallis Fashion's photo on #WallisWeekend
17 May, 05:00 AM UTC
πŸ›΅ GranddadOlly & Cai πŸ›΅
@WallisFashion Look 1 #WallisWeekend lovely giveaway @rebeccacann23 @DonnaPetrie6
17 May, 10:24 AM UTC
Rebecca CannπŸ’•
@WallisFashion Look 1 please.😊 #win #WallisWeekend @GranddadOlly @DonnaPetrie6
17 May, 09:56 AM UTC
Alison Clifford
@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend Look 2 please
17 May, 10:46 AM UTC
kim murray
@WallisFashion #wallisweekend Look 1 please ❀❀❀
17 May, 10:42 AM UTC
Daphne Ormerod
@WallisFashion Look 2 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:41 AM UTC
Jayne Barnes
@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend look 1
17 May, 10:36 AM UTC
Tracey Hallmark
@WallisFashion Look 2 is lovely and bright for the Summer and my first ever cruise booked to celebrate my man's 60th birthday this year #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:36 AM UTC
Sarah Jane Downs
@WallisFashion Look 2, I ❀️ red! #WIN #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:35 AM UTC
Emma Ellison β˜•πŸ“šπŸ§¦β™₯οΈπŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦
@WallisFashion Look 1 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:34 AM UTC
Margaret Martin πŸ˜ΊπŸΆπŸΎπŸŒˆπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ’œ
@WallisFashion Look 2 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:25 AM UTC
Carly πŸ’•
@WallisFashion Look 1 is lovely πŸ’• #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:23 AM UTC
@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend - Look 1 is my favourite 🌟
17 May, 10:20 AM UTC
SinΓ©ad Cryan
@WallisFashion Look 1 #WallisWeekend #WIN ❀️
17 May, 10:18 AM UTC
Teresa Anne Adams
@WallisFashion Look 1 please #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:16 AM UTC
πŸ’™Heather πŸ’š
@WallisFashion Love Look 1 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:16 AM UTC
@WallisFashion Look 1 😍 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:14 AM UTC
@WallisFashion Look 2 would be my choiceπŸ‘#WallisWeekend #Competition
17 May, 10:03 AM UTC
Pauline Dring
@WallisFashion Black daisy print, Look 1 please #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:03 AM UTC
Becky P πŸ’•
@WallisFashion Look 1 is lovely! Perfect for Summer parties! #WallisWeekend
17 May, 10:01 AM UTC
Sophie Sarah
@WallisFashion Look 1 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 09:49 AM UTC
Rebecca Cornes
@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend I love Look 1 please. Thank you for the super chance to #WIN
17 May, 09:46 AM UTC
Gemma Massey
@WallisFashion Look 2 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 09:45 AM UTC
⛱️ karen T ⛱️
@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend Look 1
17 May, 09:41 AM UTC
Michelle Ferguson
@WallisFashion Look 2 #WallisWeekend
17 May, 09:38 AM UTC
Ben Houghton
@WallisFashion My girlfriend would love Look 1 Please #WallisWeekend
17 May, 09:37 AM UTC
@WallisFashion #WallisWeekend I πŸ’•look 1
17 May, 09:35 AM UTC