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Jeff Tiedrich
so, an obese 74-year-old who never exercises and lives on a diet of amphetamines and junk food makes ANOTHER unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Hospital on a Saturday afternoon because [checks notes] everything is fine and could you please stop asking questions? ok, that checks out
02 Aug, 02:40 AM UTC
Any clearly unfit person who has made as many unplanned and undisclosed trips to Walter Reed hospital in such a short period of time should NOT be allowed to determine the fate of millions of Americans.
02 Aug, 02:36 AM UTC
Hamish Mitchell
Don’t worry everyone. It’s totally normal for a President to get rushed to Walter Reed on a Saturday in his golf clothes.
02 Aug, 02:41 AM UTC
Double Dee
Trump visits Walter Reed so many times in the middle of the night, you’d think it was Epstein’s house
02 Aug, 03:05 AM UTC
Eugene Gu, MD
Could Trump have made an unplanned visit to Walter Reed today? Yes. Could that bruise on the back of his hand be from an IV? Yes. Could he be slurring his words and have right sided weakness from a left sided stroke? Yes. Do we have actual proof? No. Do we need it? Yeah.
02 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
Really American 🇺🇸
Trumps the first president to go to Walter Reed every month. I’m sure it has nothing to do with his “perfect” health.
02 Aug, 04:25 AM UTC
Save The Democracy (BLM)🌊🌈🌊🍥
BREAKING: President Donald Trump's visit to Walter Reed on Saturday did not follow the protocol of a routine presidential medical exam, according to a person familiar with the matter. Via @CNN
01 Aug, 10:46 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Why is the Left saying Trump went to Walter Reed today when he didn’t?
02 Aug, 02:53 AM UTC
Eugene Gu, MD
I detest Tump. But making up conspiracy theories that he went to Walter Reed today because of a stroke without any actual facts and evidence to back up such claims is not helpful. Doctors must also stop trying to diagnose a stroke from video clips without doing a physical exam.
02 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC
@DNCWarRoom @POTUS was actually at Walter REED for an unscheduled medical stop and IV infusion for what is described by one as "cerebral event" @CalHN's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 12:11 AM UTC
🔥Aiden Wolfe
Damn, Trump. Don't let those deep state doctors take you to Walter Reed. Listen to the Surgeon General: you're young, fit like a Russian gymnast. Your genital fat is merely excess testosterone. Seizures? Stroke? Chest pain? All a big fucking hoax. Balls it up & sniff a line.
02 Aug, 11:31 AM UTC
Andrea Junker
@ProjectLincoln Can we please all agree that this experiment of having an obese dumb 74-year-old TV host who never exercises, lives on a diet of amphetamines plus junk food, and makes unscheduled visits to Walter Reed Hospital every whipstitch as president is not going well at all?
02 Aug, 12:50 PM UTC
Devin Duke
If Hillary had made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed, the GOP would have: 1.) Held another Benghazi hearing for the fuck of it. 2.) Created a conspiracy that she injured herself while maintaining a child sex operation. 3.) Held a second Benghazi hearing.
02 Aug, 02:11 PM UTC
Seth Abramson
I agree wholeheartedly with the doctor. I'm very uncomfortable with speculation about acute medical incidents. In Proof of Corruption, which details Trump's mysterious November 2019 Walter Reed trip, I stick to well-sourced major-media reports about what happened and its context.
02 Aug, 03:08 AM UTC
Democratic Coalition
Trump was went to the Walter Reed Hospital yet again last night after a hard day out golfing while Americans die from #COVID19, because he won't make a national testing strategy. Joe Biden published his national plan to defeat the coronavirus months ago. #YesWeCanAgain
02 Aug, 01:56 PM UTC
Since Trump's November trip to Walter Reed, he has exhibited: • Difficulty speaking, particularly in December. • Uncontrolled movements and weakness in the right arm. • Shuffling, dragging his right leg. All of these point to cerebral trauma on the left side of his brain.
02 Aug, 03:18 AM UTC
Trump was at Walter Reed this afternoon to see if he can still remember this. @djonathandavids's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 03:16 AM UTC
Brian J. Karem
According to the White House Trump did NOT visit Walter Reed Hospital Saturday. According to Pool reports he is back golfing In VA again today. The photograph that sparked all the speculation because of a bruise on @realDonaldTrump hand is here: @BrianKarem's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC
NPD Analysis
It's been reported by Don Wilson that trump has been having mini-strokes. Today he went to Walter Reed. We can only hope he's found his excuse to drop out without the embarrassment. 🙏🏻
02 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
Barbara Malmet
Has it been confirmed or denied that Trump went to Walter Reed yesterday?
02 Aug, 04:03 PM UTC
Pass the #VanessaGuillen Bill
Congratulations Kat! I have no idea why it is trending but I am assuming it was because trump took a cognitive spelling test at Walter Reed and this is how he spelled it. @elidet's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 12:23 PM UTC
Donald J. Trump ........................... ᵖᵃʳᵒᵈʸ
I DIDN'T go to Walter Reed hospital to have ME evaluated! I dont need to go!! Becuase I told them again and again!! Person! Woman!! Man! Camera! TV!! Person!! Woman!! Man! Camera!! TV!!! Then they finally believed ME! And we went to the hosptal! #TrumpIsLosing it #SundayThoughts
02 Aug, 04:41 PM UTC
Tomi T Ahonen
A Golf Course near DC TRUMP: I don't feel well DOCTOR: How Mr President? Are you dizzy TRUMP: No my brain is fine, I'm a stable genius DOCTOR: Where's the pain TRUMP: My butt hurts DOCTOR: What happened TRUMP: Nobody likes me DOCTOR: Let's go to Walter Reed #TrumpIsLosing @tomiahonen's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 01:07 PM UTC
John Casey
#TrumpIsNotWell Quick visit to Walter Reed??? Person, .... mommy, ...... @JCasey4364's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 05:04 AM UTC
Michael Marshall Smith
@AdamParkhomenko Everything about this picture is weird. We’re supposed to believe he’s going to read those newspapers? And if this is him going to Walter Reed - they’re really going to make the president wait long enough to need reading matter?
02 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Don Lewis
Call me crazy, but I say he hits the-eject-from-US button soon. Walls are closing in, he looks remarkably unhealthy & legitimately miserable. I know nothing of the Walter Reed or hand rumors, but he doesn't look well on any level. Says here #DonnieDeparts soon. #TimeWillTell @DonLew87's photo on Walter Reed
02 Aug, 05:53 AM UTC
Andrew Wortman
@realDonaldTrump For those of us who’ve never been fooled by your lies, these tweets are getting excruciatingly sad. Drug prices are going up and tens of millions who are out of work thanks to your cosmic failure can’t even afford rent or food. Why were you rushed to Walter Reed again yesterday?
02 Aug, 12:15 PM UTC
Badd Company
Sooo, here is just one more reason trumpf won't make it to the Election. trumpfs brain is on the verge of snapping and because of his trips to Walter Reed, they all know he can't make it 4 years, let alone 1. All eyes on the Republicans, because rest assured, they're maneuvering
02 Aug, 05:48 PM UTC
Duty To Warn 🔉
Was Trump at Walter Reed this weekend? Is that an IV bruise on his hand? Has he had a stroke? Is this related to his recent problems with balance, gait and water drinking?
02 Aug, 05:04 PM UTC
Double Dee
Hey! I’ve got an idea. What if — now dream with me — what if during a global pandemic where 150,000 Americans have already died... we remove the President who makes secret trips to Walter Reed because he is physically, emotionally and neurologically unfit to lead?
02 Aug, 01:08 PM UTC

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