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Y'all hurry up🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸
Apparently Biden is negotiating into the night with Manchin and Sinema on voting rights. Do y’all think he’ll make any progress or is he wasting his fucking time?
14 Jan, 12:42 AM UTC
Real Talk Kim
Gotta know the difference between being patient and wasting your time!
13 Jan, 03:03 PM UTC
Ban me @RiotSupport. I do not agree with your policies, it is absolutely cool to leave a game instead of deliberately wasting time with people that do not want to win. I ask for a permaban, would be an honor to end this saga with a manual ban. So it ends the way it started. https://t.co/EtRFC1BIbn
14 Jan, 10:22 AM UTC
Ohia yɛ forkin😩
Next time a woman rejects you, thank her for being honest and not wasting your valuable time. Walk away with frame.
14 Jan, 07:28 AM UTC
Dr Clare Craig (not one of her impersonators)
At one point he commented on wasting court time. I was really struck by that remark. How much court time is taken when it is a single child with a face and a name that has died? This case involves many children. Judges, like everyone, need human stories to move them.
14 Jan, 10:21 AM UTC
I'm tired of wasting all this nut w/ no one to give it to 😫💦 | https://t.co/rxzFl22kuS https://t.co/ryCzZLeL11
14 Jan, 02:50 AM UTC
Madhu Pai, MD, PhD
-High-income countries (HIC) hoard vaccines (while blocking TRIPS) -When they are close to expiry, then 'donate' (dump) to low-income countries (LIC) -LICs struggle to use at short notice -HICs blame LICs for wasting vaccines & for vaccine hesitancy -HICs slow down donations
13 Jan, 07:32 PM UTC
Boss Your Day
Peace finds you when you quit wasting your energy on things that don’t matter.
14 Jan, 12:30 PM UTC
ZéBà GîŁBęƦť
I am scared about my future but i end up sleeping or wasting time on social media 🙂
14 Jan, 09:42 AM UTC
Niranjan 💫
Imagine a Motion poster with this BGM and Thalapathy...Will be Lit 💥💥💥 Arey Sun pictures you are wasting the real hype da..🙏 #Beast @Nelsondilpkumar bro 💔 https://t.co/xXJHomoXuX
14 Jan, 12:56 PM UTC
Will Ben Simmons ever play for the Sixers again? "I don't think he will. When we talked about this after Doc and Embiid said what they said, it was over. This is now a matter of pride, Daryl Morey is wasting another year of Embiid by not trading Simmons." — @ShannonSharpe @undisputed's photo on Wasting
13 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
@catfishyak In regards to Sinema, I think he's wasting his time. But I hope he shows her this: https://t.co/Dsd5NdbhlF
14 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
The main success of JD is portraying a character who is really very intelligent and skilled but who’s wasting it away in a self induced state of addiction and disassociation. A lot of youngsters related with that. https://t.co/hn2E1g93kv
13 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC
d ☆
The way some jensen stans have made up their minds that theres a competition b/w JP & JA. What are y'all smoking?! At least they are both doing something they love & are employed, unlike u whos hiding behind a screen harassing celebs on sm & wasting your parents/guardians money.
14 Jan, 06:16 AM UTC
Krystal Hoyte
One thing I absolutely *Hate* is people wasting my time. (wasting my gas is a close second).
14 Jan, 02:04 PM UTC
There's nothing more unhelpful than the distorted thinking of "always being right". It sucks you, and your ego into an unhealthy, emotionally draining, time-wasting black hole. Get comfortable and enjoy saying "Oh, didn't know that"; " I didn't consider that perspective" etc.
14 Jan, 01:47 PM UTC
THEE Sam from Delacroix, LA
Buy white pundits on the left and the right are telling you that this voting rights push is much ado about nothing and that Democrats are wasting their time. https://t.co/1GBxno41PL
14 Jan, 12:21 PM UTC
@TheAnuragTyagi @OfficeDp @kalpitveerwal @mohittyagi @Jitin_IAS @saravanakr_n @_pradeepsingh_ @RBArchive Students are alsonational treasure for nation .then why hamper them and wasting their time . please xome forward @saravanakr_n @indiatvnews @myogiadityanath @saravanakr_ns @RahulGandhi @Jitin_IAS @_pradeepsingh_ @namokaul humble request 🙏🙏 #Scrap75percentforJee2022 https://t.co/H4mitLOzLN
14 Jan, 01:40 PM UTC
@faceyouhate "Stop wasting my time!" - Person willfully volunteering to read something not specifically addressed to them
13 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
Skyrim players when they load the game with 700 tiddy mods installed https://t.co/SsgGS5sbOP
14 Jan, 02:11 PM UTC
Because I'm so caught up in this australian drama, I legit woke up not knowing what today is. It's Friday in America. Covak is still wasting everybody's fucking time.
14 Jan, 02:09 PM UTC
Ashley 🌺
I do not appreciate people wasting my time.
14 Jan, 01:35 PM UTC
14 Jan, 11:51 AM UTC
Stop🚯 wasting your Money on predictions or pay after games...they won't come through I assure you Get fixed matches from me...and end your loosing streak...my source has failed only twice and one if them the games where postponed but never played.. https://t.co/dOP0WOVybU
14 Jan, 11:45 AM UTC
*STOP!!! ⚠* *Stop🚯 wasting your Money on predictions* *Buy fixed matches from a real source.* *Buy my games today change your story.* *I do not give pay after or trial game because I'm sure of my games* *Buy directly from ME and NEVER LOOSE 🙅🏾‍♂*
14 Jan, 11:24 AM UTC
M&J Marketing
When was the last time you completed an audit of your marketing? Last year? Ever? It's a crucial part of any business no matter the size. So stop wasting your money and take a look at our tips here: https://t.co/Zz4VNcAnOa #business #marketingcoaching #audit #socilamedia
14 Jan, 02:13 PM UTC
@Wasting_Night there are fewer and fewer male skin and the ones that exist are an attempt to be funny or ridiculous https://t.co/kINP2VYi8z
14 Jan, 02:11 PM UTC
✨ A r i a ✨
@FeedYourQueen Yeah, I love my Queen! And that's what is most important! All that other stuff is nothing compared to Camilla... there's no point in me wasting my time with things that don't benefit her first.
14 Jan, 02:10 PM UTC
Norfolk Royal
@GBullstein Wasting tax payers money… aka fuck all apart from ruining a once fine city #londonrip #killinglondon #london
14 Jan, 02:10 PM UTC
𝑼mii ki tweets
Me wasting another day and blaming to covid.
14 Jan, 02:09 PM UTC