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It’s time. #WatchmenHBO @watchmen's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
We know there are other dimensions than this one. Tonight. 9PM. #WatchmenHBO @watchmen's photo on #WatchmenHBO
17 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
It ends with light. New @watchmen episode tonight at 9PM. #WatchmenHBO @DCComics's photo on #WatchmenHBO
17 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Yahya Abdul-Mateen 2
#WatchmenHBO in 4 minutes!!!
18 Nov, 01:56 AM UTC
Alan Sepinwall
This week's Looking Glass-centric #WatchmenHBO felt like a bonus episode of The Leftovers — in the best possible way — while also filling in a huge gap in the series' history. My review: https://t.co/6xie7mOgLV @sepinwall's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 03:05 AM UTC
I'm probably wrong, but I have a theory that the clones of Mr. Phillips and Ms. Crookshanks are clones of the original Jon and Janey. #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/bKIIYLrLcJ
18 Nov, 03:22 AM UTC
Megat Danial 214🦸‍♂️
Damon Lindelof the current showrunner of #WatchmenHBO is showing support for #ReleaseTheSnyderCut https://t.co/zhp9zklW9H
18 Nov, 12:57 AM UTC
theblerdgurl™️ is Sister Night’s Tailor
The transitions on this show should win an award. #WatchmenHBO @theblerdgurl's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 03:08 AM UTC
Universo DC Comics
Produtor de #watchmenhbo apoiando #ReleaseTheSnyderCut https://t.co/LJA7gBRbOI
18 Nov, 01:02 AM UTC
theblerdgurl™️ is Sister Night’s Tailor
This is the first show I’ve ever heard where intergenerational trauma is actually acknowledged as real...but they were referring to a squid and not slavery. #WatchmenHBO @theblerdgurl's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 02:46 AM UTC
C.B. Bnwsau
if you are not watching #WatchmenHBO i dont know what the fuck you are doing with your Sunday entertainment life. but you are missing a masterclass in tv
18 Nov, 03:13 AM UTC
Lashana's Martini Maker
Me at this episode right now: #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/oLLqyi1U0v
18 Nov, 02:44 AM UTC
Jamie Jirak
When I did the #WatchmenHBO press junket, Jean Smart and Tim Blake Nelson did their roundtable together and they exuded so much powerful energy that I almost literally bowed the fuck down. https://t.co/i8rlumVSGG
18 Nov, 03:02 AM UTC
Watchmen Brasil
Episódio 5 de Watchmen, vulgo perfeição. #watchmenhbo #watchmen #dc #dccomics #ReleaseTheSnyderCut https://t.co/lVZRugpvYk
18 Nov, 03:09 AM UTC
Katie Tuohy 🦇
Remember when Zack Snyder said the Squid would be unfilmable? Well, HBO did the damn thing. We got our squid, ya’ll. #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/7ydTMORJRX
18 Nov, 02:51 AM UTC
Phil Jacke
#WatchmenHBO Veidt dragging bodies around the moon like: https://t.co/CumJGBUnTD
18 Nov, 04:21 AM UTC
Watchmen Looks
Watchmen 1x05 Little Fear of Lightning || Opening Scene!!!! "I suspect the calamari didn't help" 😜 #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/AmFxJxWOmy
18 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
Richard Newby
I don’t know how but #WatchmenHBO gets even better week by week. Emmys for Regina King, Jean Smart, and Tim Blake Nelson. Also, best use of Careless Whisper? I think so.
18 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
M. Pelissier
#Watchmen #WatchmenHBO I fucking knew it I knew Keene was no good you can't ever trust a person who never stops smiling https://t.co/9sIz9Wvl9B
18 Nov, 02:45 AM UTC
The Inquisition returns with yours truly and @doomcock to put pop culture on trial including another episode of The Watchmen..er Wokemen..er..Watchwomen..er... Fiftysomething. 7:15pm PST on my channel. #TheInquisition #WatchmenHBO #TheRiseOfSkywalker #TheMandalorian https://t.co/gUBXo1Jluy
18 Nov, 01:45 AM UTC
HBO Brasil
#WatchmenHBO não está para brincadeiras… Já viu o novo episódio? Então ouça a nova edição do Podcast Oficial, com @mmizidoro e @alexandremaron, para se preparar para a semana que vem! Disponível em todas as plataformas de podcasts e na #HBOGOBR.
18 Nov, 04:00 AM UTC
Katie Tuohy 🦇
Also, because I know all of you are ready to ask...yes, I am in fact getting “squid pro quo” tattooed on my ass #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/CVggndmyiB
18 Nov, 03:27 AM UTC
Rolling Stone
This week on #WatchmenHBO, Wade’s origin story exposes an even bigger secret: the mystery of the squid. Alan Sepinwall’s recap https://t.co/UCQ87UEzXx @RollingStone's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 03:02 AM UTC
Rasika A.W.
Amazing how Looking Glass became my favorite character after just one episode #WatchmenHBO https://t.co/cZIAx4UTO2
18 Nov, 04:55 AM UTC
Greg thee Egg
#WatchmenHBO Watchmen: "Hoboken 1985". Me: "Let me Goigle and see what kind of real life fuckery they are about to hit me with." https://t.co/lYUqTKyLaB
18 Nov, 02:05 AM UTC
#WatchmenHBO's showrunner breaks down the dramatic Giant Squid attack from this week's episode https://t.co/huxHlzkzUz @ComicBook's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 05:53 AM UTC
Fan Screening
#TrendingTV currently trending scripted: 1. #TheWalkingDead 2. #Supergirl 3. #TWD 4. #Batwoman 5. #WatchmenHBO 6. #TheMandalorian 7. #Watchmen 8. #Shameless 9. #TheRookie 10. #Supernatural chat https://t.co/89CHyaN2cg like, RT & follow https://t.co/reOrQ89ULq
18 Nov, 04:05 AM UTC
Tonight’s #WatchmenHBO gave fans a closer looks at Tim Blake Nelson's Looking Glass. https://t.co/rA2lvpfnmH @ComicBook's photo on #WatchmenHBO
18 Nov, 09:43 AM UTC

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