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The xG Philosophy
Watford (2.47) 1-5 (2.32) Leicester
15 May, 02:56 PM UTC
Premier League
HALF-TIME #PL SCORES Aston Villa 0-0 Crystal Palace Leeds 0-1 Brighton Watford 1-2 Leicester West Ham 2-0 Man City Wolves 0-1 Norwich #AVLCRY | #LEEBHA | #WATLEI | #WHUMCI | #WOLNOR https://t.co/BQLAbNpDQ4
15 May, 01:49 PM UTC
Premier League
FULL-TIME Watford 1-5 Leicester A rampant Leicester display as they leave Vicarage Road with the win #WATLEI @premierleague's photo on Watford
15 May, 02:52 PM UTC
Premier League
GOAL Watford 1-1 Leicester (18 mins) Youri Tielemans takes advantage of a loose Watford header, squares it to James Maddison who makes no mistake #WATLEI
15 May, 01:18 PM UTC
Mahrez has never done anything at City apart from scoring the 4th and 5th goals in a 3:00 kickoff against Watford
15 May, 02:48 PM UTC
Lee Mc
Don’t tell me to relax and don’t tell me I’m overreacting. We needed one win against Watford and Brentford and failed. The way this season has gone, and with the league clearly wanting us down, I’ve every right to be worried sick.
15 May, 05:59 PM UTC
Points won in the Premier League this season: ◉ 46 - Brentford ◎ 45 - Watford & Norwich combined A win on the last day could see Thomas Frank's side finish in the top half. 💪 @Squawka's photo on Watford
15 May, 05:40 PM UTC
Mozo Football
🇫🇷 Wesley Fofana completed more passes (74/74) and won more defensive aerial duels (5/6) than any other player for either Watford or Leicester City. 100% pass completion!🤯 #WatLei #LCFC https://t.co/wzKqFvdOU0
15 May, 03:26 PM UTC
Brentford were promoted via the Championship play-offs - with Norwich and Watford going up automatically. The Bees have amassed more points than Norwich and Watford combined in the Premier League this season. #BrentfordFC @bet365's photo on Watford
15 May, 05:26 PM UTC
Looking increasingly more like the decision to utterly flap Watford was a massive mistake.
15 May, 05:06 PM UTC
Griffin Park Grapevine (Brentford FC)
We've beaten half the league on aggregate (2-leg games): ✅Chelsea 4–2 ✅Arsenal 3–2 ✅West Ham 4–1 ✅Wolves 3–2 ✅Villa 3–2 ✅Watford 4–2 ✅Norwich 4–3 ✅Soton 4–4 (away goals rule 😇) ✅Burnley 3–3 (ditto) ✅Everton 4–3 Not bad for the tiniest club in the league #BrentfordFC
15 May, 06:50 PM UTC
Uncle Ron
#WatfordFC Pedro, Ngakia and Kamara can stay. As for the rest, I would be truly happy to never see any of them again in a Watford shirt.
15 May, 02:41 PM UTC
[#PremierLeague 🏴] 37e journée - les résultats du jour : • West Ham 2-2 Manchester City • Tottenham 1-0 Burnley • Aston Villa 1-1 Crystal Palace • Watford 1-5 Leicester • Wolverhampton 1-1 Norwich • Leeds 1-1 Brighton • Everton 2-3 Brentford https://t.co/HLWvh0r1FQ
15 May, 07:12 PM UTC
Stephen Leary
Only Norwich and Watford have lost more games than us. 20 games off football we have lost in the league. 20 fucking games.. If we stay up some will say its over forget etc and that will be that, but i will never let this owner and board forget this, or most of these players!!
15 May, 06:44 PM UTC
Negative tweet incoming - I can only see us getting one point from the last 2 games, maybe less depending on the officials. Watford was the game to make changes, a free hit if you like as Brentford were always going to cause us problems
15 May, 06:54 PM UTC
Uncle Ron
#WatfordFC Nothing changes until Mogi Bayat is removed from Watford. We need to talk about Bayat https://t.co/LvQNsm7vjR
15 May, 07:02 PM UTC
Daniel Moroney
Hodgson seemed to be arguing with fans towards end of the game instead of appreciating the #Watford fans for this season
15 May, 07:08 PM UTC
@Blaisemenz We still dropped vital points against. Newcastle, Wolves, Villa, Burnley and Southampton. Even Watford and Leicester was a joke. Plus the recent results against Brighton, Arsenal and Liverpool.
15 May, 07:13 PM UTC
Will never understand why we played for a draw against Watford, that was the one.
15 May, 06:56 PM UTC
Janek Bajorek
Getafe vs Barca to chyba najgorszy mecz jaki widziałem w tym sezonie. A oglądałem takie szlagiery jak Burnley vs Watford.
15 May, 07:13 PM UTC
Amanda Billien🇬🇬💙💛🌹🎭🎵⚽️
What a day for the Premier League!! 👀 Superb Win by Super Spurs!! 🤗⚽️💙 Shocking Defeat for The Toffees!! Sad Defeat for Watford!! Good Result - Draw for Everyone else! Next week is All to play for! 🏆👀 #PremierLeague ⚽️ #SuperSunday #TottenhamHotspur 💙 #TOTBUR #football ⚽️ https://t.co/YQGAciZh0A
15 May, 06:38 PM UTC
Russell Campion
Thanks to Ian for the photos. Had a great time at my belated 50th! #WFC #Watford @WatfordFC https://t.co/wTWGarTpo7
15 May, 07:09 PM UTC
Coin Michel
@N_um_A Vu son profil je pense qu’il est déjà sur les tablettes des Brendford Watford Wolverhampton & co
15 May, 07:08 PM UTC
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15 May, 07:06 PM UTC
Ben Rathe
I can’t rationalise the attacking intent vs Brentford today (which was working until the red!) with the pathetically cautious approach against a much worse Watford team.
15 May, 07:06 PM UTC
@Sean_Lunt Turn it in lad a 11 men Everton should of beat Watford, Burnley, Norwich.
15 May, 07:04 PM UTC
Rob Pressler
@JonathanLCFC Old joke … he was warming up as a Watford sub at Filbert Street during his second spell after coming back from AC Milan to be greeted by a chorus of “Did you score in Italy?” from the Main Stand Enclosure
15 May, 07:03 PM UTC
Simon Gemine
@Flewy @ToffeeTVEFC Should have wrapped it up on Wednesday mate. Poor performance against Watford. They were there for the taking. Lost last 11 at home and not kept a clean sheet at home all season. Enter Everton 😂
15 May, 07:01 PM UTC
mike tilburn
@CherylSwanick What worries me most is that Frank seems clueless. He left it until 75 minutes to make a change against Watford when we clearly needed freshening up much earlier. No better today, he should have replaced Gomez with Allan at half time.
15 May, 07:01 PM UTC