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NWS Seattle
A few reports of lightning coming in. We don't see any on our detectors. But we were up on the roof to measure our daily rainfall and saw a green flash across Lake Washington toward Kenmore. So you may be seeing transformers or powerlines blow. Stay safe out there everyone! #wawx
13 Jan, 07:55 AM UTC
NWS Seattle
Power outages in Western Washington are now upwards of 350K. The worst of the winds have passed -- but it will still remain gusty for the next few hours on the order of 30-45 mph. #wawx
13 Jan, 09:00 AM UTC
NWS Seattle
12 AM Wind Gusts. You can see most places near the Sound are now in the 30 - 45 mph range. But it's causing way more issues than normal thanks to all our recent rain. The worst of the winds should be over the next few hours. #wawx @NWSSeattle's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 08:02 AM UTC
NWS Seattle
Hang in there everyone! We're trying to keep up with everything as the situation rapidly evolves. The worst winds will be over the next few hours & then gradually decrease. Power outages are mounting & the flashes you may be seeing are transformers and power lines blowing. #wawx @NWSSeattle's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 08:25 AM UTC
NWS Seattle
If you're over the rain, we have good news! The back edge of our atmospheric river system is nearing the coast and is clearly visible from satellite. The rain will taper off by Wednesday morning! #wawx @NWSSeattle's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 06:30 AM UTC
NWS Seattle
Power outages are starting to roll in as winds increase across the interior. Here are a few tips to follow during a power outage! #wawx @NWSSeattle's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 07:45 AM UTC
Erin Winking
Listening to the scanner - be careful. There are a TON of trees and power lines down all across the region. DO NOT TRY AND MOVE TREES YOURSELF. There may be live wires tangled up in them! #WAWX #Q13FOX
13 Jan, 08:35 AM UTC
NWS Portland
12:37 AM PST | Cold front has started mixing wind gusts around 50 mph down. It’s moving east rather quickly. #Eugene, you’re next. #orwx #wawx @NWSPortland's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 08:44 AM UTC
Shannon O'Donnell
Almost 300,000 customers without power! The strong southerly winds have been replaced by strong westerlies as the gusts follow the storm east of the Cascades. For some of you, the wind is dying down, but for those along the east-west oriented valleys/highways, it's howling! #WAwx https://t.co/MWw2AP2Api
13 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC
Morgan Palmer
64 mph wind gust NAS Whidbey Island. At 11, my forecast model was showing 59 mph so close but this storm is overperforming most expectations by about 10 mph or so. Wind will calm many locations after 2 a.m. but remain very strong around Whidbey through at least 4. #wawx #wawind @MorganKIRO7's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 09:05 AM UTC
Morgan Palmer
Winds slowly subsiding overnight after a sharp storm that created more damage and power outages than a similar storm would — but we just had our wettest start to a year on record for #Seattle. Loose soil. Lots more trees down. Stay off roads if you can. #wawx #wawind @MorganKIRO7's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 10:12 AM UTC
Q13 FOX Seattle
Q13 Chief Meteorologist Lisa Villegas (@WxVillegas) has an update on the windstorm that knocked out power to nearly 500,000 people. Updates: https://t.co/nkNT1jHPbR #Q13FOX #WaWx @Q13FOX's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 10:52 AM UTC
Nothing like cutting wood at 230am #wawx South Lake Whatcom got hit hard, so many trees down. @NWSSeattle @WaWxChasers @RandySmall https://t.co/UQb0GygJK7
13 Jan, 10:27 AM UTC
NWS Pendleton
315AM: Heads up! Very strong wind gusts expected with the cold front moving east across NE OR/SE WA. Gusts 50-55 mph common with occasional higher gusts expected. #orwx #wawx
13 Jan, 11:14 AM UTC
It continues to be a soggy commute for several in the northwest! Here, first responders are seen on camera clearing up a crash on #wet roads in Washington. We'll be taking you there shortly to tell you when skies will let up, in your western regional forecast! #WAWx @WeatherNation's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 11:04 AM UTC
Ryan Yamamoto KOMO
This morning: Puget Sound Energy @PSETalk reporting1828 outages - Estimated total customers affected: 323,035 Their outage map is lit up like Christmas Tree but this is no gift this AM. Link to their outage map: https://t.co/eG4wdTbybI #KOMONews #WaWx @YamsTV's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 11:15 AM UTC
NWS Spokane
⚠️Heads up central/eastern Washington. We're watching the winds increase in speeds as the front approaches us. #wawx https://t.co/Q2WRA4EkD1
13 Jan, 11:21 AM UTC
Erin Winking
A tree came down and demolished this home in South Tacoma. Occupant was trapped for a while but was rescued by @TacomaFire and taken to the hospital. #wawx #Q13FOX https://t.co/OJRTTkLYSR
13 Jan, 10:28 AM UTC
WikiLeaks Today 🕵🏻
Tensions HIGH (Jan 13): The US Marines Forces Save Taiwan from Fight China in the South China Sea https://t.co/hDSrXi9hVv Harden Geraldo #innittwtselfieday #catboyhalo #wawx #ThisIsUs Orin #WeLoveYouTOO Lisa Montgomery Legalize Yubin George Hill Belle Delphine
13 Jan, 10:26 AM UTC
#wawx Winds still haven't peaked at my location yet, but they are increasing. My anemometer measured a 51 Mph gust, in Chester, Wa. Also, wind is coming in waves, with noticeable lulls followed by strong wind gusts. Very eerie howling and roar coming from hills. @NWSSpokane
13 Jan, 10:47 AM UTC
Mohamed kamel
immigrants bring a positive change to the host country #DV2021 #DV2021 #DV2020 #NoBan #FamilyVisa @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @Transition46 #innittwtselfieday #wawx #catboyhalo Rockets Harden Geraldo #ThisIsUs https://t.co/Zhba0hXxLe
13 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
Jordan Steele
Be careful on the roads in the #PNW this morning...We have nearly 750k customers without power between Washington and Oregon #wawx #orwx https://t.co/l99nIDtm2z
13 Jan, 10:59 AM UTC
ali weka
@socialmediaclub @socialmedia2day https://t.co/kwH4ZjvU1F #ThisIsUs #innittwtselfieday #wawx #catboyhalo #shootyoshotoclock #مستور_العصيمي_في_ذمه_الله #بدويه #ريح_بالك_وتملك_عقارك #وش_علامه_جمالك #السوق38
13 Jan, 11:24 AM UTC
Nikki Torres
More than 5,400 outages have been reported through @PacificPower_OR. About 1,000 outages were additionally reported near Astoria. #WAWX #ORWX #LiveOnK2 To report an outage to Pacific Power, click here: https://t.co/4ohBx7xBNj @NikkiTorresTV's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 11:13 AM UTC
Nikki Torres
That's a lot of power 🔌 outages this morning 😳 #WAWX #ORWX #LiveOnK2 If you're waking up without power, you can report an outage to @portlandgeneral here: https://t.co/yIEsUKEHYU @NikkiTorresTV's photo on #wawx
13 Jan, 11:08 AM UTC
Amitava Chowdhury
I am Busy Doing Nothing! https://t.co/Wg1rBkzgUO #digitalamitava #amitava555 #innittwtselfieday #innitselfieday #catboyhalo #wawx
13 Jan, 11:10 AM UTC
Market Wire News
Just In: $EXPI eXp Realty Named One of Glassdoor's Best Places to Work; eXp Founder and CEO Listed on Swanepoel Power 200 List https://t.co/W7B3qr5ckO #wawx @eXpWorldIR @vincehopper @earningsflyinc $NK $BORR $GTCH $MARA
13 Jan, 10:00 AM UTC
ali weka
https://t.co/kwH4ZjvU1F #ThisIsUs #innittwtselfieday #wawx #catboyhalo #shootyoshotoclock #مستور_العصيمي_في_ذمه_الله #بدويه #ريح_بالك_وتملك_عقارك #وش_علامه_جمالك #السوق38
13 Jan, 11:03 AM UTC
Market Wire News
Breaking News: $HX Xiaobai Maimai Joins Leading Industry Associations to Formulate "Social e-Commerce Enterprise Operational Service Standards" https://t.co/KFjPIQJntu #wawx @Testson15 $NK $GTCH $BORR $MARA
13 Jan, 11:00 AM UTC
#wawx Winds are slowly starting to create power outages, here in Eastern Wa. most notably, in Stevens county. Stay safe! https://t.co/pjncv9ZTEr
13 Jan, 10:53 AM UTC

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