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Dinesh D'Souza
The two Michigan Republicans who rescinded their vote to certify the bogus Wayne County vote count are HEROES. I can only imagine the intimidation and pressure they are under. How much would you or I be willing to sacrifice to save our country? #MichiganElection
19 Nov, 01:17 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: Trump called a Wayne Co., MI Republican after she voted to certify the election results. Shortly after she tried to rescind her vote, but that’s not an option. President-elect Biden’s win in Michigan will be certified on Monday.
19 Nov, 04:55 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
BREAKING: Wayne County election official Monica Palmer reports @NedStaebler has posted her home address online and told people to visit her there Threatening election officials in a federal election is a federal offense
20 Nov, 04:08 AM UTC
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
“Taking out Wayne County” includes “taking out” the entire city of Detroit, AKA the #1 city in the US when it comes to African American population by percentage.
19 Nov, 10:15 PM UTC
Joe Lockhart
Message to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. The President of the United States is directly tampering with the election in your state and country by pressuring local election officials. This should be investigated and prosecuted.
19 Nov, 03:31 PM UTC
Ronna McDaniel
This is just some of the hate Republican canvassers in Wayne County received for trying to ensure an accurate count. When you have 71% of precincts whose counts do not match, that’s a legitimate concern, not a justification for disgusting attacks like these. @GOPChairwoman's photo on Wayne
19 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
Video Dropping Soon: Rudy fails in court again/withdraws Michigan lawsuit; Trump tries to strong-arm first, Wayne County Board of Canvassers to corruptly throw him the election & now demands Michigan state legislators come to the White House for some arm-twisting. It won’t work!
20 Nov, 12:46 AM UTC
Katy Tur
WAPO confirms w Palmer that Trump called her. https://t.co/IEH2BCMMDR
19 Nov, 03:58 PM UTC
The Washington Post
Michigan county official who wants to rescind her vote to certify election results says she received a call from Trump https://t.co/wtNexgBR9y
19 Nov, 03:41 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Wayne County is 40% Black. Detroit, which Giuliani focuses on, is 80% Black. So let's talk about what we're really talking about here. Take the vote away from Black people, and Trump wins. That's what they're arguing, racism plain and simple. https://t.co/OLIBdSVh84
19 Nov, 11:16 PM UTC
NEW: The Trump campaign is seeking to withdraw its Michigan election lawsuit, saying the litigation achieved its goal of derailing the certification of election results in Detroit and surrounding Wayne County https://t.co/rm6NjIC9Ez
19 Nov, 04:04 PM UTC
Rep. Matt Gaetz
We can win the future with President @realDonaldTrump's vision for America, a vision that puts our country and our people FIRST. #GaetzTakes https://t.co/JehLnBM9Me @RepMattGaetz's photo on Wayne
19 Nov, 10:21 PM UTC
Miss Michigan
Breaking: FOUR consecutive Wayne County Democrats issued warnings to a US election official about a topic completely unrelated to the election: Her children. All 4 work with Rashida Tlaib as #BLM riot organizers: Abraham Aiyash Trische Duckworth Liza Bielby Edward Pruitt https://t.co/yV0ELDkAo9
19 Nov, 10:17 PM UTC
Stretford Paddock
Wayne Rooney has been speaking about Marcus Rashford: "Marcus is a great player with huge potential, we've yet to see best of him for United and England. Reaction off the field has been incredible. He should be getting all the plaudits." A legend respecting a legend 👏👏👏 @StretfordPaddck's photo on Wayne
19 Nov, 02:32 PM UTC
Citizen Free Press
Laura Ingraham exclusive with two Wayne County canvassers who switched their votes on certification… https://t.co/ZUtuAf9JlO https://t.co/eNL5p5UrB7
20 Nov, 07:55 AM UTC
Nicki Minaj celebrates the 10th anniversary of #PinkFriday by releasing the alternate version of "Roman's Revenge" with Lil Wayne 🎀 Listen: https://t.co/s8wbk5o3iG @RapUp's photo on Wayne
20 Nov, 05:50 AM UTC
Wayne Rooney has confirmed he wants the manager's job at Derby on a permanent basis. More compelling evidence we're all living in a @FootballManager save. @goal's photo on Wayne
20 Nov, 09:55 AM UTC
The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸
.@IngrahamAngle's Interview w/ Monica Palmer & William Hartman, The Two Wayne County Michigan Board Of Canvassers Who Rescinded Their Certification Votes They Discuss Their Reasoning & The Harassment They Received From The Left For Defending The Integrity Of Our Elections #Audit https://t.co/jzyBUb3FDf
20 Nov, 03:50 AM UTC
President Trump called at least one of the two GOP members of Michigan’s Wayne County board who said they want to "rescind" their votes to certify Detroit’s presidential results, the Washington Post reports. Certification is still set to move forward. https://t.co/Dv45ka7GRG
19 Nov, 05:30 PM UTC
Imagine doing a verzuz with Wayne and he play his version of your song and win.
20 Nov, 04:46 AM UTC
@AriBerman @prisonculture Coverage of Michigan should also point out how the GOP repeatedly overthrew the rightfully elected governments of majority Black communities through its Emergency Manager laws. What they're trying to do to Wayne County in the Presidential election is not new behavior.
19 Nov, 08:39 PM UTC
Facts only when Wayne wants to kiss CC wherever and whenever they are on-screen, so imagine when they're off-scene 🙈 https://t.co/1B2nXf8bWR
20 Nov, 01:49 AM UTC
Natasha S. Robinson
What are the desires of your heart as we enter this weekend? https://t.co/lwTA4nLgj3
20 Nov, 11:10 AM UTC
Every feature Wayne has done this year all the YouTube comments are “damn, this sound like the old Wayne” nah son, Wayne been sounding like this you just weren’t listening
20 Nov, 11:44 AM UTC
Jay 💫
bruh this so hard cause the both got so many classics n bangers😭😭😭😭wayne the og but drake been droppin bangers every fuckin summer since i can remember https://t.co/HOjOCWCO64
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
Georgia recount plagued by anomalies; Trump camp holds presser; Wayne co... https://t.co/hTwfEh4DV4 via @YouTube Biden not to Oval Office but to Prison together with his bunch of criminals
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
🔺️ASAP Tokky🔺️
🎬New Show🎬 🎶The Music Minded Podcast🎶 🎙Hosts: Myself/@sophiewalll /@iamlyndrikxela Youtube @sarcasm_city YouTube - https://t.co/DTWGaKP7u4 SoundCloud - https://t.co/2KF2mI4k20 Topics: Headie one vs Tion Wayne 🥊🥊 Octavian being a creep 🤦🏾‍♂️ Is Stormzy done out here 🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/UiyqDPQmrR
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
Aalekh Bhatta
@premierleague So i Ask who is he. he is reknown by the name of Wayne Rooney Wayne Rooney
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
Wesley Dickens
@AOC The people who intentionally used Wayne County for their purpose to commit election fraud gave no concern to the civil rights of any American. And then they decided to threaten children to continue to push their scam.
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
4WM x DSC 🤞🏾
Wayne fuck em up, no cap. Not up for debate. SLAUGHTERHOUSE https://t.co/qIddB49i4f
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC

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