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Kaz Weida
Dear media, Go get a pen. I want you to write something down. JOE LIEBERMAN IS NOT A DEMOCRAT. He's a Trump supporter and his opinions about Democrats are irrelevant. I feel like we keep having this conversation. Let's not do this again. https://t.co/4Fb4YExKrq
11 Jan, 04:18 PM UTC
Ron Perlman
I think we should start the clock on scumbags who are about to go down. Yo Alex you fuckin pussy, you ain’t the first; but upu ain’t the last either! https://t.co/6OHdvLwOUh
12 Jan, 05:36 AM UTC
Sone Support
We are slowing down.we have to work hard. Let's see how many retweets and replies this tweet will get. Let’s go! YOUNGONES Vote Attack #TiffanyYoung #BestSoloBreakOut #iHeartAwards @tiffanyyoung
11 Jan, 11:36 AM UTC
update post: boy here we go, after explaining everything what bisexual meant to my father and trying my hardest not to break down. he still hasn’t grasp the concept BUT he accepted it and told me “I don’t care what you are. you’re still my daughter, I love you” GUYS HOLY FUCKSHAJ
11 Jan, 08:56 PM UTC
Zaid Hamid
Turkish Kanuni 9mm quick review... One line - if you find it....go for it... It was drizzling and weather in Islamabad is extremely cold and pleasant but we decided to do a quick review....it's priced around 150k. If imports are opened, this could come down to 70k. Zaid Hamid's photo on we go down
11 Jan, 08:34 PM UTC
Mayor Tim Keller
During the government shut down, thousands of Albuquerque residents will go unpaid. We’re offering FREE admission for furloughed employees and a guest to @abqbiopark (Zoo or Aquarium/Botanical Garden), @abqmuseum, or the @balloonmuseum. Bring your valid federal ID.
11 Jan, 03:01 PM UTC
Pwned C99
Really important Jailbreakers!!! We can’t let Bigboss repo go down! This is the main Cydia repo which includes the majority of tweaks on cydia! You need to act now: Share this information to let lots of people know❗️ @JailbreakReal @iM4CH3T3 @FCE365 https://t.co/VidrFgrQyP
11 Jan, 06:39 PM UTC
Randy Cox
@Acosta @VanessaHeard6 Or what? He’s going to keep the government shut down. Or he’s going to declare a made up national emergency to go all Dictator on US and do an end run around the Constitution. Or get mad, resign! BuhBye! #IndictTrumpPenceNow they’re criminals, we have evidence, not above the law!
11 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
March 30th is going to go down in history. Not for Brexit, but for the beginning of civil unrest in the UK. We are facing the biggest act of defiance against democracy the country has ever seen. Govt has disregarded and betrayed the working people. This is the dawn of a new age.
11 Jan, 07:50 AM UTC
補欠補欠インフルWe Go Down
12 Jan, 06:50 AM UTC
Regina Veronica
@jojoh888 What a mess in Venezuela ! We have radical groups here in South Africa who want to go down this same Socialist Road, which will end in disaster.
11 Jan, 06:48 PM UTC
justin dewbre
“If I go to heaven and Jesus says, worst case scenario, ‘Chris, could’ve calmed down a bit.’ Worst case scenario.” What if we all lived a life with this faith? Deciding to not run to edge and think twice but dive in head first to the will of God? What if? justin dewbre's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
Donald Doo 🇳🇬
Make room for God in your life. Set aside time for Him, be flexible, ask for understanding, when God leads a man, nothing can bring him down. That is why we don't go up in God, we grow up, these times are times of growth, there will be days you'll be falling, remember to stand.
12 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
Rachel West
From my @amprog colleague @DCHammslice, whose husband is a fed employee. They're down 1 salary, but paying 2 x for child care so that their fed building CC center doesn't go under during the #TrumpShutdown. And "I know we’re among the lucky ones." https://t.co/tCoC5HO0GK
11 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
DJ Genki@彦田元気
何かと思ったらwe go down選ばれてたのか!⛩⛩⛩
12 Jan, 06:55 AM UTC
nicole ♡ gonkyu
y'all need to chill tf out. we all know yedam, junkyu and haruto are 100% debuting, there's no question about it. SO WHAT if they go down like 2 spots in the ranking. it's literally not going to affect them in any way, do y'all really think their popularity is that frail?
12 Jan, 07:02 AM UTC
mwendia wa muraya
Hapo sasa arsenal man u were meant and adopted by their local community or fans it's time we make our clubs be part of our rituals let's each Kenyan county support two or three clubs then go down to community adoption whereby each and every individual fl entitlement https://t.co/lsGNxGQaw0
12 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
We Go Down ぱぷす@3/14VVの定演来てね!'s photo on we go down
12 Jan, 07:11 AM UTC
We Go Downトレンド入りは流石に草
12 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
補欠補欠インフルWe Go Downはさすがに可愛そすぎてもらい泣きした
12 Jan, 06:56 AM UTC
Jamie Ryan
@awwpantsno 2 down...umpteen more to go! #IncredibleHulk had some good points, and it had some very bad points. Felt more like a (for the time) "traditional" superhero movie and not like we've more recently come to expect from the studios. Unfortunate, but perhaps good, in the end. #learning
12 Jan, 07:14 AM UTC
Game day We host Arsenal, in a must win game! I think Arsenal are too strong for us, but you never know. If we get going, our fans will play a huge part in us getting the result. I reckon we will go down 3-2, with Anderson and Antonio with the goals! #coyi #westham #epl
12 Jan, 07:14 AM UTC
AJ Fuhr
Thanks for hanging, everyone! Living Failures and Maria are down! I'm glad everyone enjoyed the new stream graphics as well! Oh, and we hit 10 average viewers for the month! Thank you! We sent the raid off to @WngInfidel to cap off the night. Go hang! https://t.co/BhOJz9ABH7
12 Jan, 07:09 AM UTC
Nosipo Matanzima
@chiefntshingila To me this statement says" we dont know what to do with this, let sleeping dogs lie dor a while until the furore dies down, hopefully this will go away.
12 Jan, 05:55 AM UTC
𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕔 𝕁𝕣. ❄️⛈🌊
We are the first to see what every hype expert will be posting tomorrow before 12z lol. It can only go down from here though.
12 Jan, 07:05 AM UTC
Dogs are the bestest
Well that didnt go as planned. Trying to save time & cleanup by not draining the trans before I removed it resulted in all the ATF on the floor from the fill tube hole when my helper lost his grip and the thing went upside down as we were lowering it. At least we didnt drop it 🙄 Dogs are the bestest's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
So much we don't know that's happening behind the scene with all these investigations. Trump will go down in the end. https://t.co/PZD6b3ccjk
12 Jan, 07:16 AM UTC
Pure Climate Skeptic
Mankind has been down this road before and we will go down this road again and we will survive. The last time we faced this type of disaster was over 300 years ago, as a result it has almost been erased from our collective memory. https://t.co/810Q5Cviu1 Pure Climate Skeptic's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 07:16 AM UTC
Esoteric Jeff
This is a great episode, although as Karl points out we hadn't quite nailed the format down yet that's a virtue: R.E.M. in only two hours! And a huge part of the credit for that has to go to @MattWelch, who lived through it all and was so eloquent about them. https://t.co/l3ph1hXiL1
12 Jan, 07:15 AM UTC
Ashland Fire Dept.
This is why it’s soooooo very important to slow down and #MoveOver when you see Emergency Vehicles on the side of the road. ESPECIALLY during unsavory road conditions! We all want to go home too! Luckily, this State Trooper is expected to be ok. @NEStatePatrol Ashland Fire Dept.'s photo on we go down
12 Jan, 07:13 AM UTC
Ed -Yellow Vest-🇺🇸❌
@suznu Thank you. We must all continue to speak up against Evil. For they go by many names, many faces. But, the hate that resonates from them, sounds the same. It'll send chills down your spine.
12 Jan, 07:12 AM UTC
we go downトレンド入りしてやんの さくら's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 07:12 AM UTC
𝓫𝓪𝓫𝔂 𝓱𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂
ok it’s a stretch that one of the boys are gonna tweet zayn happy birthday but if we’re betting on who’s gonna do it I’m saying Niall lets go boy @NiallOfficial don’t let me down
12 Jan, 07:10 AM UTC
We Go Downトレンド入りで草
12 Jan, 07:06 AM UTC
One dress down! I’m wearing the corset we got to go with it (because bandeau bras don’t work for me AT ALL) and I paired it with a belt because by itself it looked like I was wearing a… https://t.co/7Z5k48ch7S
12 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
Can we go back to having the majority of people over the age of 28 on the @BacheloretteABC @BachelorABC ...... it might make your viewers actually believe people are ready to settle down.... @fleissmeister
12 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
Trending 20
🚨 We are LIVE 🚨 The #Trending20 countdown radio show is GO! Time to count down the nation's biggest tracks...kicking off with one of our favourites from 2018... 20. @CalvinHarris ft. @samsmith - #Promises Trending 20's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 07:04 AM UTC
Tiger Programmes
We've played TWBT twice before OTD, both at home and lost both. The first time we ended up relegated. the second, we got promoted. 16351, obviously mostly Wendies fans, saw us go down 1 3, due in no little part to a howler from Jakupovic. #hcafc https://t.co/CQNtk7VRKP
12 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
It’s got to the point where I hope chelsea fucking hammer us, we go down and Rafa walks. If that is what it takes to get rid of Ashley then so be it. That’s what the man has driven me to. Ripped the soul out of not just the club but us as well #NUFC
12 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
@CacheBoi Short short term, long long term :) i think we still have a little room down to go during 2019 year But obviously it's already time to stack as much BTC as possible
12 Jan, 07:02 AM UTC
*Head E Murphy*
@Trackmann Yes The Arsenal Which Went Unbeaten and has always been talk of the town whether we win or lose, Chill with the bigotry, You can’t force Your Opinion down my throat Shestnot talented and that’s it. Go sit on a Pin as you Watch Formula 1 video clips BYE
12 Jan, 07:02 AM UTC
@OKhiya3 @Education4Libs @dcno so since it's at an all time low, you think we should stop there, or make it even better (Lower). Just because a murder rate goes down, doesn't mean you start laying off police officers. That means they're doing a good job and hopefully, it continues to go down.
12 Jan, 06:59 AM UTC
lil ravioli
Bc I’m not sports fan but Crosby won this poll & we all known OV is a 5 at best & he was would go down on u for at least 15 min
12 Jan, 06:58 AM UTC
The Opera
“Where’s the sense in it, if we go down, there’s going to be trouble.” “There won’t be, I won’t be going down.” “You’re going down!” ”No!” The Opera's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 06:56 AM UTC
GO CHECK OUT THE NEW VIDEO!!! We did the try not to laugh challenge!! Be sure to leave a positive comment down in the comment section and shout us out to all of your friends!! Like + Subscribe 💕thanks loves💕 #trynottolaugh #twins #comedy #youtubechannel theryantwins's photo on we go down
12 Jan, 06:55 AM UTC

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