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Fred Guttenberg
This is what an angry mob looks like. The mob that I proudly associate with is peaceful and fighting for a return to normalcy and civility. #WeAreTheMob and #WeWillVote https://t.co/ty2eN2vMvL
10 Oct, 06:24 PM UTC
Holly Fιɢυeroα O'Reιlly
"...women seem dejected d/t all the mob talk. The purpose of the mob talk is to dampen enthusiasm" on the left. -- .@fred_guttenberg, a Parkland parent and tireless gun control activist. CALLING ALL WOMEN: let's post photos of us protesting. Let's see these "mobs". #WeAreTheMob Holly Fιɢυeroα O'Reιlly's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:04 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
As we head into the election, this is worth remembering. #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #OrangeWaveInNovember Fred Guttenberg's photo on #WeAreTheMob
10 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
Jillian Hurley 📢
Just a couple of punks. We’ve been working since our teens and now we need our health insurance. Our mob is coming this November to prevent Trump’s plan to exclude preexisting conditions and kill us. #NovemberIsComing #WeAreTheMob Jillian Hurley 📢's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:59 PM UTC
Eliza Orlins
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg This is me at March For Our Lives. #WeAreTheMob Eliza Orlins's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:34 PM UTC
Fred Guttenberg
We all must call absolute BS on this. If the only chance you have of winning an argument is to outright lie, then your argument has failed and the candidate who wants you to lie for them should lose. #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #OrangeWaveInNovember https://t.co/hxm4xqVOvS
11 Oct, 04:31 PM UTC
Holly Fιɢυeroα O'Reιlly
And since I haven't done it yet today, let me share this thought: If you are pissed off and hurt and angry and feel helpless and hopeless, there are two things you can do: VOLUNTEER: ➡️https://t.co/ZbmkG3FEwr VOTE: ➡️https://t.co/LCH3K3YZOA #ThursdayThoughts #WeAreTHEMob Holly Fιɢυeroα O'Reιlly's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 03:26 PM UTC
Kayli Schaaf
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg This is my youngest at the March For Our Lives back in spring. I don't feel dejected - there is so much work to do before the midterms - but when I do get down, I look at this and remember why we're doing this. #WeAreTheMob Kayli Schaaf's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:12 PM UTC
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg I’m not a woman and this was not a protest, but here I am, on the side of the stage with the last American President... one who believed in women, and showed it! We are not just a mob, #WeAreTHEMob of true Americans. We believe in equality. We believe survivors. We believe in us! TOᑭ ᖇOᑭE TᖇAViS's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:41 PM UTC
Kaz Weida
(6) The more things change, the more they stay the same. Wear the "leftist mob" moniker with pride. We're the same leftist mob that won women the right to vote nearly a century ago. Make a suffragette proud. March on, ladies. #WeAreTheMob #ThursdayMotivation https://t.co/8wjodFApPO
11 Oct, 03:41 PM UTC
tara strong
@eorlins @AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg #WeAreTheMob (this is a shot of my 7th protest. I’m still enthused..& enraged. Many more signs to come ) #FTrump tara strong's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:48 PM UTC
Barbara Adams Latsaras 🌈
We protest peacefully for things that we deem unacceptable that our fraudulent government is doing. If that makes us a mob well then #WeAreTheMob #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica Barbara Adams Latsaras 🌈's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:32 PM UTC
PresidentRoslin 🇺🇸🌊
When we stand together for ourselves and others we can create change and halt the spread of autocracy and injustice. #WeAreTheMob PresidentRoslin 🇺🇸🌊's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 03:50 PM UTC
Holly Fιɢυeroα O'Reιlly
@mettie67 @fred_guttenberg Wow, look at that mob! #WeAreTheMob https://t.co/vA9dKIax9u
11 Oct, 01:15 PM UTC
Pat is now Enraged Fuller Ω 📢 #Unite4Victory
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg #WeAreTheMob Watch Out @GOP these angry mobsters are coming for you! At the ballot box! #SistersVote Pat is now Enraged Fuller Ω 📢 #Unite4Victory's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 01:52 PM UTC
Shannon #In26Days #VoteBlue
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg #WeAreTheMob This “angry mob” at #MarchForOurLives Birmingham, AL also helped Doug Jones beat Roy Moore last December. Be afraid GOP! Be very afraid! #BlueWave2018 Shannon #In26Days #VoteBlue's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 04:16 PM UTC
Porpentina (Tina)
I am the great granddaughter of a suffragette. I will not allow the media or the RWNJ control this narrative. I am angry, I will fight for what is right! I WILL NOT sit down, shut up or behave!! #VoteBlue like your life depends on it, because it does! #WeAreTheMob https://t.co/GGEma9ccra
11 Oct, 03:58 PM UTC
Thread Reader App
@ThoughtTemplar Hi! there is your unroll: Thread by @kazweida: "I've been hearing lots of "leftist mob" talk It's frustrating to have the bullies conflate themselves into victims & […]" #WeAreTheMob #ThursdayMotivation https://t.co/gKuuebIsbG Have a good day. 🤖
11 Oct, 03:49 PM UTC
Jillian Hurley 📢
It’s time to reach out to the press and tell them you want detailed coverage of the “pre-existing conditions” hogwash the GOP is spreading. 212-664-4444 MSNBC 404-827-1500 CNN 212-975-3247. CBS ABC https://t.co/bzG7Fp3KZN #WeAreTheMob #ExpectUs
11 Oct, 05:13 PM UTC
Just thinking about how the real #HimToo kicker is that men are more likely to be sexually assaulted themselves than they are to be falsely accused of committing a sexual assault against a woman. #ThursdayThoughts #JustSayin #Facts #MenAreNotTheVictims #WeAreTheMob #WhyWeFight
11 Oct, 05:09 PM UTC
Marci Starkman
#IAmTheMob get money out of politics free speech right to protest reproductive right to choose black lives matter medicare for all include pre-existing conditions #MeToo truth matters blue tsunami get out and VOTE! #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 02:25 PM UTC
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg #WeAreTheMob We plan to make our country a better place. Linda's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:05 PM UTC
Jenny Staff Johnson
Watch out, we will terrify you with our common-sense legislative proposals our vicious beagle!#WeAreTheMob @MomsDemand Jenny Staff Johnson's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 03:14 PM UTC
Deb M. #TakeItBack
@AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg A few of the faces of our “angry mob” at #MarchForOurLives Florence, Alabama. #WeAreTheMob Photo creds: @LoraForAlabama #ALHD02 Deb M. #TakeItBack's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:16 PM UTC
Donnedia Edmond
#wearethemob 👍🏾If by MOB they mean M~Motivating O~Our B~Base I Agree😄😉 #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #VoteBlue Amer. Future Matters #ExpandSocialSecurity #DayOfTheGirl #ThisIs18 “Kid Rock” & “Kanye” Represent Lost Ppl🙄#SwingLeft #GirlPower 💕 Donnedia Edmond's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:17 PM UTC
Count Shoqula
TODAY'S FAIL: @CNN covering @kanyeWest at White House for nothing but campaign propaganda purposes, less than a month before the #Midterms. @CNN should be fined for a campaign finance violation, Jeff Zucker strikes again. #MEDIAISTHEPROBLEM #WeAreTheMob cc @brianstelter
11 Oct, 05:20 PM UTC
🍿Justice is Served
@AynRandPaulRyan @bugsy159 @fred_guttenberg #WeAreTheMob Me, my 16 yo daughter and her friend who will be voting in November at the #MarchForOurLives in PA. Our first march, and not our last!! The should be very afraid of the youth, because they will bring the change! 🍿Justice is Served's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 04:42 PM UTC
Smart Green Just Alt EPA
#WeAreTheMob #DissentIsPatriotic https://t.co/3L4Q8o4Ap7
11 Oct, 04:17 PM UTC
#WeAreTheMob is trending and I can't get one of my favorite songs out of my head. We are voting. https://t.co/FBMzkRf1mz
11 Oct, 05:06 PM UTC
Jillian Hurley 📢
#WeAreTheMob The @GOP supports Robber Barons and exploits the working class. Jillian Hurley 📢's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:22 PM UTC
I added our photo to #WeAreTheMob Why not Add your photo too! Boo! @GOP Kathy's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:30 PM UTC
🌊❄️Steve David❄️🌊
@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote #WeAreTheMob #WeWillVote 🌊❄️Steve David❄️🌊's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:29 PM UTC
Lynn Cathryn Walters
Ugh and UnReal! Reality TV Show @WhiteHouse! #JimBrown is the most normal person visiting the #WhiteHouse Today #WeAreTheMob Get #Kanye and #KidRock outta there! #VoteThemOut #VoteBlue https://t.co/E3OsDdt7qv
11 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC
Kanye not helping looking and sounding more crazy than @POTUS yes it is possible trump doesnt know what hydrogen is. #WeAreTheMob he is manic live on @msnbc not being sarcastic land in the can on the brand yadda yadda #PeaceAndLove @KimKardashian #kayne @drdrew help him
11 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC
#WeAreTheMob ,We will Vote! Shopgirl…xoxo's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:26 PM UTC
Yakity_Yak_Yak 😜
#WeAreTheMob Yakity_Yak_Yak 😜's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:25 PM UTC
What’s your “scary” Halloween costume? 🎃 Scary + trolling comment you got from GOP brainwashed masses or trolling comment from them that’s actually more of a badge of honor anyway.👻 #ThursdayThoughts #ThrowbackThursday #VoteBlue #WeAreTheMob #Halloween #NovemberIsComing 🗳💙 Jen;mobster🎃vote💙👻's photo on #WeAreTheMob
11 Oct, 05:24 PM UTC
@quaveringjelly @AynRandPaulRyan @fred_guttenberg #WeAreTheMob The #MarchForOurLives in #Oklahoma https://t.co/Jqr49ejP71
11 Oct, 05:21 PM UTC

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