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Game Of Thrones
#WednesdayWisdom: Watch the new #GoTS7 trailer because #WinterIsHere.
21 Jun, 05:34 PM UTC
Manchester United
Some #WednesdayWisdom from @HenrikhMkh as he talks school days, memorable goals and life lessons:… https://t.co/qmbSk7UBWf
21 Jun, 04:20 PM UTC
Heather ❤️🇺🇸
Wednesday forecast : 100% chance of WINNING! #HappyTrumpDay 🇺🇸 @POTUS #WednesdayWisdom ⬇️
21 Jun, 12:30 PM UTC
Lisa Rohlfing
Good Bye Jon Ossoff! You and your rats will not be missed! #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 05:09 PM UTC
Nina Turner
The New Deal Remix! #wednesdaywisdom
21 Jun, 01:47 PM UTC
MORE WINNING !! What a week !! Crooked Hillary Clinton Under Investigation AGAIN ...... #WednesdayWisdom #Trump https://t.co/7s47E4UOGK
21 Jun, 05:44 PM UTC
Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ Pray4 Scalise
Rachel Maddow's Mind-Boggling Excuse for Ossoff Loss #GA06 https://t.co/RqEZnj9Xg1 #WednesdayWisdomhttps://t.co/6W7DkhLe8q
21 Jun, 05:23 PM UTC
INVESTIGATION: Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the State Dept. for mishandling emails. https://t.co/wJHBQf2OX6 #wednesdaywisdom
21 Jun, 02:37 PM UTC
The Hummingbird
RETWEET if Trump will NEVER be your president. #wednesdaywisdom
21 Jun, 01:37 PM UTC
BREAKING: DNC refused help from Dept. of Homeland Security after hacking. https://t.co/s5q055WvQz #WednesdayWisdom #DNC #DHS
21 Jun, 04:20 PM UTC
Two-timing McCain exposed. This is a great read to see what a real hypocrite he is. #WednesdayWisdom #Hardballhttps://t.co/O13FXMZ7FI
21 Jun, 11:50 PM UTC
🔥FIRE🔥Them All-18
. #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation #Trump While #msm obsesses over a conspiracy @potus working hard for… https://t.co/4yJgBksA9B
21 Jun, 05:07 PM UTC
Carrie ❤️America🌹
#WednesdayWisdom PAYBACK=> Special Counsel to Probe Obama Administration For Obstruction of Justice #LockThemUp 🔐… https://t.co/vhq82OzQHx
21 Jun, 04:14 PM UTC
Holly O'Reilly
Whoa, if true. If my kid came home from school with this reading list, we would have a problem. #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/dcZ5Fa6srj
21 Jun, 06:28 PM UTC
Carrie ❤️America🌹
#WednesdayWisdom ⏰ to shut down this Russia 🕵🏻 Circus 🎪 @RepAdamSchiff! Even Jeh says #DNC refused help from #DHS!
21 Jun, 08:37 PM UTC
Lisa Rohlfing
Well if it's offensive to you....get the hell out!#WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 08:32 PM UTC
"If you give anything less than 100%, you're losing." - @FloydMayweather #MayweatherMcGregor: 8/26… https://t.co/uEb7CW90ni
21 Jun, 07:01 PM UTC
Amy Moreno
Hey fam, We have a new crop of bawling liberal pics! 👌 #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 11:08 AM UTC
#WednesdayWisdom #AdultingIn5Words Is.lamic J.ihadists Will Not Coexist Mu$lims $tone Chri$tians ↘️ Dearborn, MI
21 Jun, 08:31 PM UTC
Allahu Akbar #WednesdayWisdom ACT OF WAR 👳🏽🔪 Ji.Had Sol.dier Stabs Officer On US Soil ↘️Ji.had Sol.diers In US↙️
21 Jun, 07:34 PM UTC
Tony Stark 2017 💥
#TheResistance #wednesdaywisdom If you don't think the #GOP are flipping their collective lids on this, they are.… https://t.co/2cv45yVeb2
21 Jun, 03:08 PM UTC
🔥FIRE🔥Them All-18
@POTUS . #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation #Trump While #msm obsesses over a conspiracy @potus working hard for… https://t.co/wpUTVfDXtv
21 Jun, 05:33 PM UTC
Carrie ❤️America🌹
#WednesdayWisdom Trump Congratulates Karen Handel 🎉 for ‘Big Win’ in GA 🍑 #OssoffGotHandeledhttps://t.co/7yPRDykIa9
21 Jun, 03:45 PM UTC
.Here's my non-political tweet for tonight, enjoy! 😍❤️🐶 #WednesdayWisdom #wednesdaymotivation #dogshttps://t.co/jXGPOfqb7O
22 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
#MobilizeWomen Because when women are given opportunity,they rise to the top! #WednesdayWisdom #Democratshttps://t.co/Z89caKmxpb
21 Jun, 02:41 PM UTC
Pamela Moore
Chinese live in China Town Italians live in Little Italy Muslims live in NO-GO Zones #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 09:01 PM UTC
Cristina Laila
🚨PAYBACK=> Special Counsel to Probe Obama Administration For Obstruction of Justice #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/zMAGYR2Emb
21 Jun, 03:13 PM UTC
Mr. Redcap 🇺🇸
Donating $ to the Democrats #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 12:45 PM UTC
Tim Fargo
Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. - Oscar Wilde #quote #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 10:51 AM UTC
Don't forget to enjoy the journey. #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 12:35 PM UTC
Murray Newlands
Judging person does not define who they are, it defines who you are. #WednesdayWisdom #CreatePositivity
22 Jun, 05:00 AM UTC
Tim Fargo
Remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind. ~ Dale Carnegie #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 11:47 AM UTC
When the journey becomes Successful,share the happiness among everyone - #WednesdayWisdom RT🔁 if you agree… https://t.co/MeoNtAgG3N
21 Jun, 09:25 AM UTC
Tim Fargo
Failure cannot cope with persistence. - Napoleon Hill #quote #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 08:04 PM UTC
Tim Fargo
A day without laughter is a day wasted. - Charlie Chaplin #FridayFeeling #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 01:40 PM UTC
Tim Fargo
Be proud of who you are, not ashamed of how someone else sees you. #quote #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 09:35 PM UTC
#WednesdayWisdom George Webb exposes the most expansive corruption network in history #SethRich #DNCFraudLawsuithttps://t.co/kqnLRRLrcx
21 Jun, 08:45 AM UTC
Shared Motivation
Be your own biggest fan. #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 02:11 PM UTC
Tim Fargo
A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. - Maya Angelou #quote #WednesdayWisdom
22 Jun, 03:25 AM UTC
🔥FIRE🔥Them All-18
@POTUS . #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation #Trump While #msm obsesses over a conspiracy @potus working hard for… https://t.co/WS5LlmvsTC
21 Jun, 06:35 PM UTC
Stephen Burns
#WednesdayWisdom by @morganhousel: Eat well,get some exercise, live below your means. You'll eliminate 90% of the problems people fall into.
21 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
Vinod Dass
#WorldMusicDay #WednesdayWisdom #Radha जीने_की_राह पढ़कर जाने की हम सब अलग नही एक ही परमात्मा की संतान है https://t.co/BLSwthhNOS
21 Jun, 03:47 PM UTC
Shared Motivation
Enjoy all the small moments today, don't let them pass you by, #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 08:12 PM UTC
RE Wealth Expo
From a negative to a POSITIVE, #wednesdaywisdom with #Pitbull at The Real Estate Wealth Expo 😎
21 Jun, 04:04 PM UTC
Next Gen Earthlings
#WednesdayWisdom #Ramadan #BanSharia #LindaSarsour is a coward, unwilling to debate honestly about what Sharia is https://t.co/gPc5a1pjhH
21 Jun, 09:46 PM UTC
Jayne and Chris Fans
No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together ☔️🌞💜… https://t.co/jR2FV6ItJX
21 Jun, 11:03 AM UTC
🌹Samantha Jane🌹
😂😂😁 #wednesdaywisdom
21 Jun, 03:17 PM UTC
Tyler L.
#WednesdayWisdom Oh gawd, #DYING! Oh Lordy, let there be tapes! Bahaha MALARIA Trump wearing a cassette tape gown!… https://t.co/VBPlNKSQYP
21 Jun, 03:13 PM UTC
My girl waiting patiently for her supper to get ready. #WednesdayWisdom #dogsoftwitter #dogcelebration
21 Jun, 10:29 PM UTC
#WednesdayWisdom: #Tea dates back such a long time! Amazing! #TeaLover #Tealovers
21 Jun, 12:10 PM UTC
Lucinda Bakken White
New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. -Lao Tzu #WednesdayWisdom RT @UnstickNow
22 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
#WednesdayWisdom NCEZID protects ppl from emerging #diseases & diseases spread btw animals, insects, ticks & ppl… https://t.co/7zHRO9KTrw
21 Jun, 06:12 PM UTC
Emily la Grange 👩‍💻
What the average call excellent, the excellent call average. @Onyianyado777 #WednesdayWisdom #Entrepreneur … https://t.co/EyNvUCHkzz
22 Jun, 02:35 AM UTC
Joseph R Plazo
Ever wondered what your dog named you? It's most likely how the world sees you #WednesdayWisdom
21 Jun, 08:48 AM UTC
Chris VanCleave
Don’t count the days, make the days count. - Muhammad Ali #inspiration #WednesdayWisdom
22 Jun, 07:42 AM UTC
medical study
#wednesdaywisdom #GaonChartAwards Thailand Renal Disease According To Each Part Of The Glomerulus… https://t.co/BHZIEIPR8P
22 Jun, 07:46 AM UTC
🌺🌷 Tina 🌷🌺
@TP_Gift_Shop This would be lovely to #win of the grandchildren in your fab #giveaway #WednesdayWisdom
22 Jun, 07:42 AM UTC
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