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Banky Wellington
My baby had our baby and he's everything we prayed for... Hazaiah Olusegun "Champ" Wellington God is good. Thank you Jesus. The End. #Zaiah #Zaza #PapaZ #MamaZ #MeetTheWellingtons https://t.co/MApZ2VXpJ7
16 Sep, 03:30 PM UTC
Nível superior, ele disse.. 🥸 https://t.co/4Pr0jTZuCp
16 Sep, 04:25 PM UTC
🇨🇱 Alejandro #RechazoXAmorAChile
Nadie eligió a Irina Karamanos para que represente a Chile en actividades de la asamblea general de la ONU. Es un verdadero agravio a nuestro país que el gobierno la lleve oficiando actividades el nombre de nuestro país ante otros estados
16 Sep, 08:57 PM UTC
Se informa a todas las Naciones del Mundo y las que hoy están presente en la ONU que las opiniones, decisiones y comentarios del Presidente de Chile GABRIEL BORIC son de exclusiva responsabilidad de su Autor y NO Son compartidas ni respaldadas por el 63% de los Chilenos
16 Sep, 04:16 PM UTC
Gene F. Llerena
Marxismo caviar, cuanta "disnidahhh" en la foto, y los idiotas les creen sus cuentos https://t.co/4P1YEijI3j
17 Sep, 01:44 PM UTC
外交部 Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan) 🇹🇼
The 77th @UN🇺🇳 General Assembly opened Sept. 13. #Taiwan🇹🇼 remains shut out despite its contributions to the world's shared goals. It's time to set aside political gamesmanship & work as one for the global good. Join the call to give Taiwan the voice it deserves in #UNGA77. https://t.co/BwtJP8D0Wv
17 Sep, 09:00 AM UTC
Un recuerdo del Merluzo Mamarracho 😣 https://t.co/OWMop89AVV
17 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
A chile le sobra la plata$$$( al menos en la moneda) https://t.co/geRDCIzOSI
17 Sep, 01:31 PM UTC
Kids buying lemonade with #bitcoin at the Wellington, NZ bitcoin meetup ❤️ https://t.co/LK22KVhhOl
17 Sep, 09:09 AM UTC
Wellington Regional Council Candidate: “I will also be a voice for indicating SmokeFree policy is a contributing factor in rise in crimes. Expensive cigarettes are drawing criminal activities and substitute harder drugs are creating semi-permanently intoxicated persons.” https://t.co/UsEzquqHx0
17 Sep, 03:11 AM UTC
Ed Achorn
"A man's rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box." -- Frederick Douglass, 1867. https://t.co/9Sxfe31wI9
17 Sep, 01:45 PM UTC
@vbspurs “Lord Wellington…” “Major Thompson, your battalion was the stuff of legend, and we are now chasing old Boney south. Now look to those who are left and…My dear sir. Look to yourself. I fear you are wounded.”
17 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC
🔥Samira Su☠🪓🔨⛏🗡
17 Sep, 02:16 PM UTC
Wellington AFC
25 - What a strike! Sam Towler finds Joe Wragg with a great ball, receives the return and sends a blistering shot into the top corner. 2-0. https://t.co/WGhC1N32TB
17 Sep, 02:28 PM UTC
I saw the Wellington's son and told myself again; God forbid I go after inner beauty, that physical features must always be there. A fine man pls!!
17 Sep, 02:16 PM UTC
Wellington Lagos Cam
@DignidadFabiola Es broma?? La misma que mandó a quemar todo?? Lero lero no me lees... lero lero no me ves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
17 Sep, 02:16 PM UTC
Try: Wellington, Kitto, extras Davey: 12:3
17 Sep, 02:22 PM UTC
Make It Home YGK
🚔🚒🚑 MVC at Wellington and Brock.
17 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
Ken Everett (Ken's Blogspot)
#FACTCHECK Viral Posts Spin Falsehood Out of Denmark’s COVID-19 Booster Drive https://t.co/ZPXk5cEtgN #ODDITIES The Significance Of London's Wellington Arch Explained https://t.co/DlTnTHpCFR
17 Sep, 02:13 PM UTC
@vbspurs Wellington let go his reedy laugh. “Indeed Major Thompson. Indeed. Carry on good sir.” And Major Johnny Thompson did carry on. He saw to his men, that they were provisioned and rested. He saw to his officers and made sure they knew their duty.
17 Sep, 02:31 PM UTC
Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore
How would you survive these historical events? Find out how a child survived the Wellington snow slide of 1910 in the newest “I Survived” book, and be sure to check out the rest of the collection! https://t.co/Adx0PYz01t
17 Sep, 02:30 PM UTC
❤️JustAnotherDad 🏀🏎🌈⛳️🏌🏼🏒🥅⚾️☮️
@sarahmas @mattlindner Diversey & Wellington? I know I haven’t lived in Lincoln Park for several years, but aren’t those both E-W streets several blocks apart?
17 Sep, 02:30 PM UTC
Wellington AFC
28 - Keeper parries a Wragg shot and Towler scoops the rebound over the bar.
17 Sep, 02:30 PM UTC
ダニエルウェリントン 腕時計 Daniel Wellington 時計 クラシック 40mm メンズ レディース 男性 女性 人気 ブランド 華奢 彼氏 彼女 恋人 夫婦 おすすめ プレゼント メッシュベルト おしゃれ シンプル ギフト かわいい おしゃれ 記念日 限定 お揃い コーデ … [楽天] https://t.co/cQtyFu1RSZ #rakuafl https://t.co/7s3wVctTsf
17 Sep, 02:29 PM UTC
@betosalesrio Eu ficaria puto demais de ser reserva do reserva do Wellington.
17 Sep, 02:29 PM UTC
Wellington AFC
26 - Keeper gets down well to deny Wragg.
17 Sep, 02:29 PM UTC
Chris Abshire
If the first edition is any indication, the Timnath-Wellington rivalry is going to be fun and fierce. Timnath had the program's first win in their grasp on Homecoming, but Wellington and Cash Altschwager snatched away the trophy @PSD_ATHLETICS #copreps https://t.co/BuyLf3r1RY
17 Sep, 02:29 PM UTC
Welton Rovers 🇳🇬
25’ @Wellington_AFC double their lead through a lovely strike from Towler. The ball is played into his feet 20+ yards out and he unleashes with the outside of his right boot into the top left corner of the Welton goal. 0-2 🇳🇬
17 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC