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"Eu era, no mínimo, 18 vezes melhor que o Werner. Acho esse número ainda modesto. É até doloroso assisti-lo. Dá para ver que ele não tem nenhuma confiança jogando, não é suficientemente bom para o futebol de ponta." - Marco van Basten. https://t.co/en6uSgX67g
14 Sep, 02:33 PM UTC
Actu Foot
Ruud Gullit : « C’est presque touchant à voir. Vous voyez qu'il n'a pas confiance en lui. » Marco van Busten : « Il n’est tout simplement pas assez bon pour le haut niveau. » Le tacle des deux légendes hollandaise à l’encontre de Timo Werner. 😬 (Ziggo Sport) @ActuFoot_'s photo on werner
14 Sep, 09:45 AM UTC
Manchester United fans mocked Havertz, Werner and Ziyech throughout last season but are now telling us Jadon Sancho needs time, lmao the game is the game and we don’t make the rules…
14 Sep, 06:55 PM UTC
3 - Romelu Lukaku and Marcos Alonso have the same amount of goals for Chelsea as Timo Werner, since Thomas Tuchel arrived #CFC
14 Sep, 06:03 PM UTC
Frank Khalid
Need to bring on Timo Werner and Kai Havertz!!! #CHEZEN
14 Sep, 08:15 PM UTC
George Benson
Ziyech IMO; is always a player who is the focal point of what we do, or non existent. This game is one of the latter. I’d bring on Chilwell, Havertz and Werner for Alonso, Mount and Ziyech.
14 Sep, 07:56 PM UTC
4 goals in 4 games, Lukaku is not your mate.. Up Chelsea🔵 Werner Mount Ziyech Tuchel #CHEZEN @iampizzibeats's photo on werner
14 Sep, 08:33 PM UTC
CE ✍️
When Werner plays poorly he still presses excellently and makes good runs. When Ziyech is playing poorly he actually offers nothing, it’s like having a 14 yeard old skinny kid on the pitch. So frustrating
14 Sep, 07:30 PM UTC
Awards galore at the Bridge today! 👏 ⁣ ⁣ 🏆 Edouard Mendy - UEFA GK of the Year⁣ 🏆 Thomas Tuchel - UEFA Manager of the Year⁣ 🏆 Jorginho - UEFA Player of the Year⁣ 🏆 N’Golo Kanté - UEFA Midfielder of the Year #CHEZEN Werner Havertz Timo Chilwell #Lukaku https://t.co/rbQZSJZDRW
14 Sep, 09:02 PM UTC
Na última Premier League, Timo Werner teve média de 1 gol a cada 13 finalizações (6 gols em 79 chutes). Nos últimos 2 jogos do Chelsea, Lukaku finalizou 4 vezes e marcou 3 gols. Outro patamar. https://t.co/5Hkf3o8XDv
15 Sep, 01:33 AM UTC
Nacho González
Cuarto partido seguido de Werner fuera del XI titular del Chelsea. La última vez que estuvo en el once fue la primera jornada de Premier, cuando aún no había llegado Lukaku. Por ahora no parece que le cuadre en el 3-4-2-1 a Tuchel: no encaja detrás del punta y arriba está Lukaku.
14 Sep, 07:13 PM UTC
"The absence of love is the most abject pain." Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) dir. Werner Herzog. https://t.co/pnpi3L3BoW
15 Sep, 12:10 AM UTC
BBC Sport
Bayern Munich are reportedly working to sign Chelsea's Timo Werner. That's according to the papers. The gossip ⤵ #bbcfootball
14 Sep, 06:00 AM UTC
Dr mjolo 💔🇿🇦😟
Chelsea • Lukaku • Werner • #OleOut • Please retweet this for awareness ❤️ https://t.co/JOowbCL9JV
14 Sep, 08:56 PM UTC
Mobolaji-sanni Seun🏆🏆
Here straight from Kick off against Real, Werner and Kai immediately go for the press, Kai is blocking the passing angles of Casimero to Kroos, forcing him wide, while Werner is trying to hunt for the ball. which forces the ball to Nacho as the only option, https://t.co/FHkVdssPN6
14 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
"Perhaps the greatest film, the film that I think means as much to the history of film as Shakespeare to the history of theater." - Rainer Werner Fassbinder The Damned (1969) Director: Luchino Visconti https://t.co/YGShpwfDsr
14 Sep, 05:55 PM UTC
Mobolaji-sanni Seun🏆🏆
Werner then assumes the covering position Kai was doing just seconds ago, on Casemiro, and then Havertz goes to press Nacho. This synchronized pressing shown in just the first minutes of the game v Real is the major way our forwards work together to press opposition teams https://t.co/hJiYe2yn4X
14 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
Sergio Tenaglia
Más victorias en TC Pilotos inscriptos en 2021 32 Guillermo Ortelli 26 Christian Ledesma 17 Mariano Werner 13 Emanuel Moriatis 12 Agustín Canapino 10 Norberto Fontana 8 Jonatan Castellano 8 Gabriel Ponce de León 8 Facundo Ardusso Foto ACTC https://t.co/Zz2k5aUWYe
14 Sep, 06:37 PM UTC
Classic X-Men
Uncanny X-Men #50 cover dated November 1968. While Iceman languishes in Mesmero's prison, Lorna is experimented on to awaken her full, horrible potential. By Arnold Drake & Werner Roth. https://t.co/dj1Puxn6Jr
15 Sep, 01:14 AM UTC
Willow Coyote-Maestas
Our Allstar line-up of Native American and Hawaiian faculty speakers! 🤩 @algoriphagus @science_punx @JudithSimcox @KeoluFox @IndigeNerd @Napaaqtuk and our emeritus elders Maggie Werner-Washburn and Clifton Poodry. We will have undergrad, grad, and postdoc speakers - tba soon
14 Sep, 07:33 PM UTC
EMGraphics Online
Check out Fighter! Luftwaffe Fighter Planes & Pilots HC Werner Held 1979 Prentice-Hall https://t.co/Dw7MkJ5VBD via @eBay https://t.co/r4fh64aFgg
14 Sep, 06:05 PM UTC
Tonight's #Columbo - Playback- staring Oskar Werner and Gena Rowlands.
15 Sep, 02:27 AM UTC
@LadimusPrime @CarefreeLewisG @ScottyPage132 @Will_1905_ @thewintersurfer He was not good. At some point you have to stop hyping his pressing and running and look at the player he is. Just as with Werner you can do all those things but there needs to be end product
15 Sep, 02:02 AM UTC
Is tuchel capable of getting high xg w/o Werner in his Chelsea stint?
15 Sep, 02:33 AM UTC
shout out to the guy scream-singing Unwritten in my apartment complex
15 Sep, 02:33 AM UTC
Lorenzo M. Donohoe
@RobertoFeletti @Lupo55 @CFKArgentina Georgieva y Werner, nuevo Jefe Dpto Hem. Occide. del FMI (ex pte del Bco. Cen. de Brasil con Temer tras derrocar a Dilma) hablarán con Guzmán, si no se les para de manos, el FMI logrará su objetivo 2019, el triunfo del macrismo, NYSE feliz, chau 2023 o chau Guzman, no hay otra.
15 Sep, 01:39 AM UTC
Nostradamus 🏆🏆 PRIME 😎
@jestersvengence @CarefreeLewisG @ScottyPage132 @Will_1905_ @thewintersurfer At least Werner had 27 Goal Contributions for a "flop" Mount is just Generational at nothing
15 Sep, 02:15 AM UTC
Napoli Magazine
BAYERN - A gennaio assalto a Timo Werner https://t.co/W90UBSI3HQ
15 Sep, 02:04 AM UTC
Renatismo ᶜʳᶠ
@futtmais 🇧🇷 Ribamar 🇦🇷 Máxi Biancuchi 🇵🇹 Beto 🇧🇪 Fellaine 🇮🇹 Abiatti 🇩🇪 Werner 🇪🇸 Juanfran 🇫🇷 Rabiot 🇳🇱 De jong 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Phil jones / lingard 🇺🇾 Álvaro Pereira
15 Sep, 02:21 AM UTC
Krisda H Chaiyachati
@MaxJordan_N @rm_werner @kevinbmahoney @PennMedicine @PennLDI …in the future! Really important topic. How can we recruit you back to Philadelphia?!
15 Sep, 02:21 AM UTC