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Matt Braly
Watching Lilo & Stitch on Disney channel and totally getting emotional it's one of my favorite movies of all time - HARDEST THING WEST COAST PREMIERE IN 6 MIN LETS GO @Radrappy's photo on West Coast
15 May, 02:54 AM UTC
Steve Schmidt
3/ @murphymike wasn’t done yet. He hung a GIANT portrait photo of him and @Schwarzenegger on the wall. It was the McCain play gone west coast, but Arnold didn’t play that game, at all. Zero tolerance. He was no McCain.
14 May, 08:50 PM UTC
Will Compton
Somebody sent me this video about In-N-Out burger and how great of an experience it is Do your best to watch and not comment about the accuracy of it The west coast has endured enough @_willcompton's photo on West Coast
15 May, 02:54 AM UTC
𐎡𐎤𐎫𐎤𐏂-𐎽𐎤𐎱𐎨 🦋
A fun fact: Operation PX was a planned Japanese military attack on US civilians. Planes would deliver weaponized bubonic plague to the West Coast. It was finalized in March 1945, but stopped last minute. Had the bombs not dropped, it would've been used. https://t.co/TkZOmgDID8
14 May, 07:55 PM UTC
Robert Mason
Dear Diawy A Chinese ship has sailed awong the west coast of Austrawia. I told Wichard not to invite our Chinese fwiends down until after the ewection. Wichard couldn't wait to see them again. He has become vewy cwose fwiends with them. Almost as cwose as what I am to them. Albo
15 May, 01:05 AM UTC
Dane Swan
Are we sure that west coast arent in a new remake of space jam and have had all their talent stolen by the monstars? For their sake I hope that’s the case cause holy shit are they horrific
15 May, 07:51 AM UTC
THFC Cøntatici ⚪🇨🇦
The struggle of being a West Coast Spurs fan 😬😴 #COYS https://t.co/3uGheX4obX
15 May, 05:09 AM UTC
Pippa Hackett
Please watch this short but stunning video outlining why our #Peatlands are so precious & why the Wild Atlantic Nature LIFE IP is so essential. Working with farmers & local communities to protect our bogs on Ireland’s west coast. ▶️ https://t.co/vxPXw7dktL #BiodiversityWeek2022 @pippa_hackett's photo on West Coast
14 May, 07:28 PM UTC
Folk on Foot
Seagulls join in as Peter Knight and Hannah Martin (@edgelarks) of @Gigspanner Big Band serenade @raynor_winn on the South West Coast Path in our new episode, out now. Listen here: https://t.co/IzOBrd7KCM https://t.co/L0YwEAPpZo
15 May, 09:21 AM UTC
Simon Calder
Rail: annual mid-May timetable change today. Your local station probably has the same/more trains than a week ago. But first 3 Avanti West Coast trains from Euston all cancelled due to staff shortage. And Labour says services around Sheffield have been cut https://t.co/IdbBrvPAt8
15 May, 07:32 AM UTC
Boycott China Hegemony
‘Aggressive act’: Chinese spy ship spotted off Australia’s west coast near a secretive naval base https://t.co/Lqzv1X6I75
15 May, 05:08 AM UTC
Mayday Mindy🌊🌻🇺🇦
Once generic charging stations start popping up all over the East and West Coast, Teslas are toast. Pissing off libs with money is the dumbest thing Elon Musk has ever done!
15 May, 11:52 AM UTC
Silver RavenWolf
Lunar Eclipse will begin at 10:27 EDT/7:27 PM PDT tonight. For East Coasters, the moon will be entirely in Earth’s shadow from 11:29 PM tonight to 12:53 AM on the 16th. West Coast folks? 8:29 PM tonight to 9:53 PM. This eclipse carries the vibes of significant change, exciting
15 May, 11:54 AM UTC
🌿 Erin Medina 🌿 SF + FMTY
Nothing like a good post-travel soak… 🫧😌✨ Finally back in the Bay and looking forward to reconnecting with my West Coast gentlemen! https://t.co/VwEtI5jsWU https://t.co/AN5k4yxwvt
14 May, 01:55 PM UTC
Last Waltz17
今晩は、本日の夜の1枚は 「West Coast Jazz」 Stan Getz 1955 好きな音楽は基本黒人音楽第一主義ですが、COOLとかWest Coastとか好きなんです。C. CandoliやS. Manne等の西組とクール代表が組んだ逸品。L. Levyも良い、チュニジアやサマータイムあり、やはりスタン・ゲッツ聴かないと始まりません。 https://t.co/RxqBW8ZKiG
15 May, 11:52 AM UTC
Rail Riders Official
Some of our club members had a tour around @westcoastrail Carnforth depot today, which raised £600 for one of West Coasts charities. We thank the WCRC team for allowing our visit. Photo taken with permission from the West Coast Railway's General Manager. https://t.co/1x7anRDR9G
15 May, 11:12 AM UTC
Craft Republic
The perfect Sunday afternoon beer. West Coast Pale from the brilliant @greytreesbrewer is freshly pouring on tap 8. Sessionable (4.2%), crisp, floral & local(ish)! We’re open noon - 10pm today if you fancy it? #SundayClub https://t.co/skTh64HYTZ
15 May, 11:45 AM UTC
Just Kinda Josh
I know I make fun of West Coast invalid time zone a lot but I gotta take a second to look at AUSTRALIA holy shit. What tf happened are your clocks lagging??? Why the fuck are you 10 WHOLE HOURS BEHIND NORMAL TIME???
14 May, 02:15 PM UTC
@Goingtaka @00aiaiai000 west coast IPAもお好きならハーモニックドリームスもおすすめです🍻
15 May, 11:58 AM UTC
Mold Alehouse
Sundays keg beers from 3pm to 9pm - She’s Fruity Berry and Lime Sour - @Lost_Industry Pieces of glow IPA with grape - @pollysbrewco ‘Simply the west’ West Coast IPA - @Overtonebrewing Get Innocuous IPA - @pollysbrewco Lukas Helles Lager - @thornbridge https://t.co/XoMbNrSqju
15 May, 11:32 AM UTC
lauren 🌚
still stand by me finally seeing fob live after a billion years and holding pete wentz’s hand while he was wearing a west coast jumper was so powerful it was the pipeline to what helped win us the premiership https://t.co/QThjr8sSo6
15 May, 11:31 AM UTC
SuperFooty (AFL)
It didn’t happen like many expected, with the Eagles putting up a fight, but Melbourne has kept its unbeaten start to the season alive. And rivals should be even more worried. #AFLEaglesDees https://t.co/l68MMsMWly
15 May, 11:30 AM UTC
WASS 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇳🇿🇮🇪🇨🇦🇺🇸
It comes to pass. Using sectarianism to further their aims was a fatal error for SNP. What seemed like a good idea at the time to take control of west coast, will end in tears. https://t.co/UG43hHkFt3
15 May, 11:28 AM UTC
This flower is so frikkin' cool. It's how I imagine the flowers in the Morgul Vale. No idea what it's called, but it's a wild flower that grows in shallow lakes and ponds on the Swedish west coast (maybe other places too). https://t.co/7HlLpscNH3
15 May, 12:13 PM UTC
Network Rail Scotland
Busy today? We are! Our teams are carrying out essential maintenance on the West Coast Mainline as well as renewing track at Slateford in Edinburgh. This'll affect cross-border journeys via Carlisle and also @ScotRail trains between Edinburgh & Glasgow Central via Shotts. https://t.co/ZjJCvpZ2Pw
15 May, 12:09 PM UTC
Phillies are thriving on this west coast trip.
15 May, 12:10 PM UTC
Dr Robert Bohan Artist
We know from Scotland (where the Gaelic Irish gave the country its name & colonised the West Coast) that there were foods associated with the feast. Such records are rare in Ireland, as a result of an Ocras Mór (1845-9) when 1-1.5m people died in the Great Famine. https://t.co/CDxNBAUq2U
15 May, 12:08 PM UTC
Lachlan 🇦🇺🏇
@JayminFenton Lol watching north and west coast games are the highlight of the weekend
15 May, 12:04 PM UTC
Ollie 🇮🇪 🇺🇦
@jordanbpeterson Come to Ireland's west coast #galway #skyroad Jordan and get lost in it. https://t.co/dpC0z8c2X6
15 May, 11:48 AM UTC
K. Spellman
@2Joespano @nj_mishy LOL! Nah....you just post some great shots....clearly not West Coast Fl (Where I am) ...always curious where the shots come from
15 May, 11:43 AM UTC