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West Ham United
West Ham United FC have uploaded a new video... #WelcomeFornals @WestHamUtd's photo on West Ham
14 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
Sky Sports News
BREAKING: West Ham have signed Spain international midfielder Pablo Fornals from Villarreal on a five-year deal
14 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
West Ham United
We are delighted to announce the signing of highly sought-after Spain international attacking midfielder Pablo Fornals #WelcomeFornals https://t.co/syMfrNv9Gs
14 Jun, 11:06 AM UTC
Squawka Football
West Ham's three most expensive signings ever have all been made under Manuel Pellegrini: 🇧🇷 Felipe Anderson (£36m) 🇪🇸 Pablo Fornals (£24m) 🇫🇷 Issa Diop (£22m) They're really backing him. @Squawka's photo on West Ham
14 Jun, 01:21 PM UTC
Villarreal CF
Mucha suerte y gracias por todo, @pablofornals 💛. Info en https://t.co/v3azI1zPj8 @VillarrealCF's photo on West Ham
14 Jun, 11:11 AM UTC
Albert Ortega
Qué noticia más triste para la Liga que un equipo de media tabla como el West Ham se lleve de un equipo de Europa League -el Villarreal- a un futbolista del talento de Pablo Fornals.
14 Jun, 11:27 AM UTC
Pablo Fornals: Only two players created more chances in last season's Europa League than Fornals (26) The Spaniard has joined West Ham on a five-year deal from Villarreal @WhoScored's photo on West Ham
14 Jun, 11:12 AM UTC
Can’t say that West Ham’s Mario Husillos isn’t killing the game. Hammers have gone from signing Jordan Hugill £10m Andre Ayew £21m Andy Carroll £15m To Felipe Anderson £34 Diop £22m Fornals £25m We need to find someone else to beat up on 🤔
14 Jun, 12:31 PM UTC
The pass and finish against West Ham ALVARO NEGREDOOO!! 🔥 #MCFC https://t.co/k3lDk6Pvb6
14 Jun, 06:22 AM UTC
Transfer Posts
West Ham have confirmed the signing of Pablo Fornals from Villarreal on a five-year contract. https://t.co/9rLhVrlnJ5
14 Jun, 11:17 AM UTC
Spire London East Hospital
As the official @WestHamUtd private healthcare provider, we were so pleased to assist with the signing of Pablo Fornals, and wish him a successful transfer and career at the club:https://t.co/Iov2UNPTZ0 #WelcomeFornals #WestHam https://t.co/KcHyr5bNLR
14 Jun, 02:12 PM UTC
Gally ™
Pablo Fornals is such a good signing for West Ham. Absolute bargain, will do bits in the league next season.
14 Jun, 12:14 PM UTC
Alex Dunne
United about to spend the same amount of money West Ham spent on PABLO FUCKING FORNALS on the North-East McTominay https://t.co/kfw6u1QaFY
14 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
AC Milan 🇮🇹
→ Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham y Atlético están interesados en Suso. → Torreira es el sueño para el medio pero serían necesarios 35M€ como mínimo. → El agente de Muriel lo ha propuesto al Milan [@AntoVitiello] https://t.co/5x4nhsdKWw
14 Jun, 09:11 AM UTC
FC Barcelone
📰 | SPORT : DE LIGT, AU DÉCOUVERT ➡️ Le Barça donne pour quasi perdu le défenseur Néerlandais, parce qu’il a des offres qui doublent le salaire qu’ils sont prêts à payer. ➡️ Cillessen, a un pas de la PL. Il négocie avec Everton et West Ham et le Barça recrutera un remplaçant. https://t.co/5GkTbQLMzR
14 Jun, 08:46 AM UTC
Pepenberg Shelby Teller
Muchos criticáis a Fornals diciendo que se va al West Ham por dinero, pero igual tiene un tío abuelo en Londres y se echó varios colegas de allí cuando salía por Puerto Marina y se va allí para estar cerca de los suyos.
14 Jun, 11:57 AM UTC
West Ham Fan Zone
West Ham are now seriously focused on moving out five fringe players as Manuel Pellegrini and Mario Husillos look to bring in two or three more players. (via C&H) https://t.co/HYPdbDWmbI
14 Jun, 03:57 PM UTC
Stephen Perry
Wtf has happened to West Ham in the last 12 months? Their scouting and talent identification has been 10x better than previously, from signing Wilshire, chicarito etc, to signing Anderson, Diop, Fornals and being linked Maxi Gomez
14 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
West Ham Gossip
West Ham are still trying to pull off a cut-price deal for Celta Vigo striker Maxi Gomez, who has a £44m release clause. But they are also looking for cover at centre back and will be scouting players at the Copa America in Brazil. Source: @Daily_Star https://t.co/zk4Z16j0vL
14 Jun, 04:03 PM UTC
Real Talk Manchester City ⚽️
Examples: Digne from Barca to Everton. Anderson from Lazio to West Ham. Gomes from Barcelona to Everton. Meyer from Schalke to Crystal Palace. Yarmalenko from Dortmund to West Ham. I’ve probably forgotten to mention a few here, but hopefully you see the point
14 Jun, 04:13 PM UTC
Unpopular opinion: West Ham have a team with equal if not better quality than Arsenal https://t.co/sydJPZnJtC
14 Jun, 04:20 PM UTC
@Abdul_Herphyz @Gunnersc0m @WillyLanister I tell you unreal baller.... I don’t even understand Arsenal’s problem again clubs like west ham pulling off deals like that and we’re being linked to some praet
14 Jun, 04:21 PM UTC
Julen Vileya López
🖼️ Gerhard Leibholz, Representación E Identidad 🔗 80M Venezuela del 19 al 21 West Ham Charlyn Corral #SiGanaColombiaYo https://t.co/B7kUwqvcAt
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Kirstie H
@granty__no1 @JohnFromLeague1 And shout out to Joey Beauchamp. Million pound plus signing. Not sure he even completed a week’s training at West Ham. https://t.co/226OSfbFII
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
Castellón Diario
Pablo Fornals jugará en el West Ham United FC https://t.co/8VJwm9Qynx Castellón Diario
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Football News papers
West Ham confirm Pablo Fornals transfer as first major summer signing https://t.co/tdCF5xvZts https://t.co/B8xvHC0wtS
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
@mediocentr0 Why did West Ham finish where they did and Arsenal finish top 5 then?
14 Jun, 04:30 PM UTC
Fornals cambia el Villarreal por el West Ham https://t.co/JFXIx9JBEc
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
David 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@whu333 @CraigTa90961607 @CallumWHU__ you would know a thing about being irrelevant. i actually cant recall a time where i've thought west ham was anything other than a mid to lower table prem side, u can correct me. not like you've never been in the championship tho right?
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
How have West Ham even pulled that off without anyone else getting in on it. Their transfer policy usually fails but when it works it doesn’t half pay off.
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
Radio Football
With these 4 on the pitch. West Ham have power, guile, flair & an abundance of footballing talent. If they can all stay fit & firing. Then West Ham could well be in for a fantastic season #WHUFC #COYI ⚒ https://t.co/tjedxwCmGT
14 Jun, 04:29 PM UTC
@WestHamUtd @pablofornals Welcome to West Ham United family Pablo 🎉⚒
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC

@CallumWHU__ i just sent back no problem and i hope to see leroy west ham away wonder what she will say
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Think west ham will get Mitrovic.
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Jamie Drewery
@HaydenSinclair8 Gomes wanted by Everton and West Ham, Neves wanted by Juve, City, Liverpool🤣🤣 levels
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
@WestHamUtd Swagger West Ham United🔨🔨🔨
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Unai Out Now
@mulletrider Leicester are the one team that could do it: West Ham have gotten kinda smart recently but still have a lot of guys I think are bad.
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Ibrahim Shettima
@shettima___ West ham dey sign fornals. You want make we buy longstaff???? Longstaff kee you there
14 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
@Gerrardology Arsenal west ham and wolves
14 Jun, 04:27 PM UTC
📰 West Ham and Spurs are both interested in AC Milan winger Suso(CalcioMercarto) Reported £35m release clause
14 Jun, 04:27 PM UTC
Julen Vileya López
📹 LCTV (26/11/2018) La cuestión nacional en la carta otorgada de 1978 🌏 8WW Toronto Raptors West Ham Jorge Luis Borges Paolo Maldini https://t.co/OTXmZxnx3a
14 Jun, 04:26 PM UTC
JDF Sports
West Ham signs Villarreal MF Pablo Fornals on a $30M deal https://t.co/EUg1gagHdF
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
West Ham need a striker and a fast winger
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
@WillyLanister @Gunnersc0m He's a proper midfielder. Could flop at West ham but he did well in Spain.
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
not bad at all, a third consecutive European final while Frank Lampard's Chelsea fights for a top eight spot with West Ham and Wolves https://t.co/z9DlchkHym
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
Report: West Ham battle Premier League club for international, will cost at least £17.8m https://t.co/xQEAdslHAY https://t.co/2aW5dwsntE
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
‘Here we go again’ – These West Ham fans ‘cannot see’ transfer for ‘perfect’ player happening https://t.co/nw526YooUQ https://t.co/x3uGmmSrun
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
West Ham’s worst trait comes home to roost in unsurprising transfer update – opinion https://t.co/ZyNgbcxzaL https://t.co/YsxjCH1bbM
14 Jun, 04:25 PM UTC
Futball Select
West Ham have announced the signing of Spain international Pablo Fornals from Villarreal. Fornals, who has become the second most-expensive signing in West Ham’s history behind Felipe Anderson, has signed a five-year contract, with the option of a further 12 months. https://t.co/HFC0pP1jd2
14 Jun, 04:24 PM UTC
Matt Carline
@TheKarKeys Easy 12 points there, only one I'm not sure about is west ham 😜
14 Jun, 04:23 PM UTC
West Ham just signed a baller !!!
14 Jun, 04:23 PM UTC
Ibrahim Shettima
Even west ham dey sign better midfielder @ManUtd your mad https://t.co/FDvmn0HJUK
14 Jun, 04:23 PM UTC
Istiaq Partho
@Matt_Law_DT Wanna know why Moses and Cahill were kicked out? Because they are fucking shit. Alonso should be kicked out cause he's horse shit. Imagine sacking manager because of players like Moses Cahill Alonso who wouldn't get into starting 11 of Bournemouth eveton or west ham.
14 Jun, 04:23 PM UTC