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More than 2,800 dogs are vying for Best in Show at the Westminster dog show in New York, including these 4 cuties: 🐶 Donald, a Bichon Frise breed 🐶 Pip, a Yorkshire Terrier breed 🐶 Tracer, a Beagle breed 🐶 Oona, a Boston Terrier breed https://t.co/yP9ynFM1Ez
11 Feb, 07:27 PM UTC
Alison McGovern
Westminster tube just now. Busker playing Bob Marley. Whole school class of visiting kids stops to dance and sing along. Not everything in life is so bad.
11 Feb, 01:28 PM UTC
Amy B Wang
A row of Old English sheepdogs at Westminster... #WKCDogShow Amy B Wang's photo on westminster
11 Feb, 05:17 PM UTC
Steve Bray #FBPE #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
Good morning Westminster! We don't do lie-ins at #Sodem. Up and at them to #StopBrexit. Come and join us!! Now or never to make a stand against Brexit. #CakeNotHate event on Thursday 14 ♡ @RemainingKind @ChrisHa33342711 Steve Bray #FBPE #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 07:11 AM UTC
ElNacional .cat
El portaveu sobre Catalunya a Westminster: "Els presos s'enfronten a jutges hostils" https://t.co/Lodr2ZPyDC
12 Feb, 05:58 AM UTC
Bryan Weir #BBCBiasIsFact
Name me one thing - just one - that the Westminster government is doing better than the Scottish Government.
11 Feb, 04:55 PM UTC
Steve Bray #FBPE #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote
Are you coming to protest outside parliament this week at #Sodem? Let´s make sure that the media & local MPs know that we are not in the Westminster bubble. Tweet & tell us and them where you are coming from using the #WeAreSodem from (wherever) Tag in your MPs & local paper Steve Bray #FBPE #StopBrexit #PeoplesVote's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 08:03 AM UTC
Missing People
We're appealing to #findDaisyHoungan, 14, missing from #Westminster #London since 9/2. Can you RT and help? #FindEveryChild https://t.co/ZOCa6FdQ3B Missing People's photo on westminster
11 Feb, 02:30 PM UTC
Irony. The PM accuses the opposition of trashing the westminster system whose tradition dictates that the PM of a govt that loses a vote on the floor of the house has to resign but he is opting to trash that tradition. #auspol
12 Feb, 09:23 AM UTC
Tarry Breeks 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
I'm sure this is just a coincidence and Ken Macintosh didn't betray the Scottish people and parliament by referring our continuity bill to the 'Supreme Court' so Westminster's Brexit bill could undermine ours. No; Macintosh isn't another Labour sellout it's a just coincidence. https://t.co/5kQIToxJSq
12 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC
September Rising 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@willie_rennie Just imagine if the Libdems weren’t hypocrites & asking for another EU ref but denying Scotland a people’s vote on Independence, preferring Scotland to be shackled to Westminster with all the hardship this brings.
11 Feb, 10:38 PM UTC
Zoe Adams Green 🇪🇺
"Shadow #Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer has said that Westminster will be forced to step in to prevent Theresa May from running down the clock before the Brexit date." - I'd like to see some action now, @Keir_Starmer, rather than more words. https://t.co/5jhA9zdJUf
12 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Martin MacDonald
Aren't the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage reserved powers? This is Westminster only. https://t.co/7Ea8eZqN81
11 Feb, 08:55 PM UTC
Bob (Boswell) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🌎🇧🇷
"Name me one thing - just one - that the Westminster government is doing better than the Scottish Government". Ironically. It's breaking up the UK. 😎 https://t.co/k6ano6nFRU
12 Feb, 12:17 AM UTC
Andrew Das
The dog show photo essay you need in your life right now. Don’t say @NYTSports never did anything for you. https://t.co/x8TX6wntG6
11 Feb, 11:58 PM UTC
Meanwhile: Coco Chanel was a Nazi collaborator. Codename was Westminster. Agent reference: F 7124. Her lover was Hugo Boss wearing #Walter_Schellenberg. A Nazi intelligence office and former manager of Berlin's #Salon_KItty brothel operation. https://t.co/wtmbi2uoE9
11 Feb, 11:34 PM UTC
Susan M Coles
And we also welcome a presentation at the #APPG for Art Craft Design Education by the National Association for Fine Art Education. A very packed and a very important agenda. Tuesday in Westminster @NSEAD1 promoting and defending art and Design education for 131 years. Susan M Coles's photo on westminster
11 Feb, 07:08 PM UTC
University of Westminster
“We overuse antibiotics not only for humans in clinical medicine but also in food” Hear what Dr Manal Mohammed, Lecturer in Microbiology is talking about in the BBC News Victoria Derbyshire Podcast on BBC iPlayer. See more: https://t.co/XOI3uIcnKS University of Westminster's photo on westminster
11 Feb, 04:10 PM UTC
ale deluttis
Ian Blackford the plump, failing SNP leader at Westminster has gone big on hyperbole. He makes a moral equivalence between moving 19 call centre slots from Ft William to Glasgow and the 170,000 souls displaced in the Highland Clearances. @cultfree54 @2351onthelist @JohnLeoNo1087 https://t.co/51ZDDTyZDo
12 Feb, 02:07 AM UTC
Scientists for EU
"Westminster is trapped in what psychologists call ‘learnt helplessness’ over Brexit..." https://t.co/1NfJihod0L
12 Feb, 09:58 AM UTC
Rob Stott
Christopher Pyne, who shut down the Parliament last year to avoid losing a vote, now banging on about "Westminster traditions" is a bit rich.
12 Feb, 06:49 AM UTC
BasedAmy ❤️(#SpeakersCorner aka #BaconLady)
'This Friday, 15th February, Amy's ATTACKER has his trial. Tommy R put up £1000 reward for the naming of the man who assaulted her in Soho in September. Amy would be MOST grateful to anyone who is able to join her this Friday @ 1.15pm at Westminster Magistrates' Court, London’.
12 Feb, 03:24 AM UTC
The Guardian
2019 Westminster Kennel Club dog show – in pictures https://t.co/hvoIWqXXFp
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Beasiswa Indonesia
https://t.co/7XmdRG9YWU Beasiswa FULL + Biaya Hidup, Akomodasi & Tiket PP di University of Westminster, LONDON - INGGRIS #Feb12 Beasiswa Indonesia's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Mal W
Is a little common sense coming out of Westminster? There is serious talk of scrapping HS2. The vast expense of this pointless project is mind blowing. Cancelling it would give us an extra £100billion to spend on our schools, police and other Public Services. Just do it!
12 Feb, 09:28 AM UTC
‘Camden and City of London’ (£35bn) and ‘Westminster’ (£25bn) contributed almost a quarter (24%) of total Great Britain service exports in 2016 https://t.co/2KlBmOeIRz
12 Feb, 09:31 AM UTC
Leeds Key To The North
Today a delegation from #Leeds will travel to Westminster to emphasise to transport ministers and MPs that investment in #LeedsStation, including developing #HS2 and #northernpowerhouserail in tandem, will benefit the #North and unlock growth across the UK https://t.co/f3GLoDXu3s
12 Feb, 08:46 AM UTC
Chris Taylor
@OwenJones84 First Past The Post will always leave us without real democratic representation in Westminster, @OwenJones84, and the Tories unjustly empowered. Do you want democracy for the many or party before country? Time you spoke up for #PR #MVM @MakeVotesMatter
11 Feb, 10:58 PM UTC
2-3 Degrees
Next week we kick off our Mastering My Future Programme for all young people in Westminster at Churchill Gardens Youth Club on Monday 18th Feb at 6.30pm Register here: https://t.co/Y2mlkAJikw Come join us for a fun & inspiring workshop on how to MASTER YOUR FUTURE 2-3 Degrees's photo on westminster
11 Feb, 08:05 PM UTC
Colin Izod
When parliament sent Theresa May back to Brussels to renegotiate, the Dutch paper Trouw described it thus: “It’s a bit like the crew of the Titanic deciding, by majority vote, that the iceberg really must get out of the way.” Yup! Nice work Westminster! https://t.co/PH2S9UoI9V
12 Feb, 09:52 AM UTC
Guardian US
Pooch pizzas and pet psychics: life as a dog concierge at the Westminster Show https://t.co/lXDtXM5oGS
12 Feb, 09:59 AM UTC
Mike Ross
@FuctupMike The way Hillary looks who blames him she is a real dog this week is westminster enter her. Hope before I die get the low down on all the people who died connected with the Clinton
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Colm Dore
Such intransigence from the EU, not accepting Westminster entitlement to unilaterally break agreed commitments. Why won't they accept British exceptionalism? https://t.co/t6DmRjQ22t
12 Feb, 09:58 AM UTC
@LabourRichard You have had 312 years for that and the only redistribution of anything was finances to London and people to Canada, US and Australia To ‘redistribute power’ you would need to move it away from Westminster to Edinburgh but you and Jeremy seem to be a touch against that
12 Feb, 09:59 AM UTC
Hannah Clipston
So many things that can be done to encourage female participation in sport. Great to hear more about the different ways the sport sector is encouraging this at the Westminster Insight Achieving Gender Equality for Women in Sport today @WMinsightUK #womeninsport https://t.co/lxpxmNR57u
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Chrissy B 🏖️
My favorite two days every February is the Westminster. And a Dachshund won the hound group! ❤️❤️❤️ https://t.co/yPYao59ML2
12 Feb, 09:56 AM UTC
Respect Existence or Expect Resistance
@HumzaYousaf Support of the BBC when the people of your nation are boycotting this Westminster funded pro Brit Nat propaganda outlet.
12 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
Susan Gentile
Denver teacher strike, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: 5 things to know Tuesday https://t.co/qv9Ha6jwTx
12 Feb, 10:01 AM UTC
ABC 7 Chicago
Thousands of dogs compete for Westminster show title https://t.co/n02Qtx06T1 ABC 7 Chicago's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Reuters India
High-pedigree dogs vie for Best in Show at New York's #westminsterdogshow https://t.co/mcMJGq6AA0 Reuters India's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Chris Jones
@sevanslux @ThreeWomen_ @ottocrat I quite agree. But it is also in the EU's interest to keep it dramatic - playing the UK at it's own game (i.e. making sure blame is firmly on Westminster) but doing it better
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Of course you are upset.After all the cretinous westminster self servers currently making their pile courtesy of the taxpayer have been made fully aware of The People`s needs and wishes. SO HOW DO YOU FORCE THEM TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE? All workable suggestions are welcome!
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
South Bank Leeds
Today a delegation from #Leeds will travel to Westminster to emphasise to transport ministers and MPs that investment in #LeedsStation, including developing #HS2 and #northernpowerhouserail in tandem, will benefit the #North and unlock growth across the UK https://t.co/oCAlaD6Xaf
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Papa Mar Seck
Dachshund, schipperke among breeds to advance to final at Westminster Dog Show https://t.co/3eJYUbepO5
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Human Engagement
Last week Jenny went to an inspirational talk by Simon Sinek at Westminster Hall. He talked about the fundamental principles of Leadership in the 21st Century. Read Jenny's piece about the talk here: https://t.co/RS0qHD2roR #simonsinek #royall #humanfit #recruitment Human Engagement's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Solid Rock IT UK
Need #emailsupport in #Westminster and not sure where to get help? @solidrockits can solve your #email problems with services available for new account setup or fixing mail #configuration issues on Mac, Windows & smartphones, regardless of email platform https://t.co/B9nRgBxnDn. Solid Rock IT UK's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 10:00 AM UTC
Sally Jo
@Nunn39 @WelshGasDoc @daraobriain you no that only British citizens can vote for the parliament in Westminster? No? Not very knowledgeable about how our democracy works after all. We need to teach more basic politics in our schools.
12 Feb, 09:59 AM UTC
Allan Andrews (Andy)
@politicsHour One way of lessening the nasal impact of a pile of dung is to create an even bigger one. Courses are available in Westminster London, but he'll need to cross the pond.
12 Feb, 09:58 AM UTC
@HFT3102000 @John2Win She’s obsessed with freeing Scotland from Westminster tyranny ... others prefer Scotland to be poor, on its knees, no say in its future, and living off scraps ...
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Scholarships Tips
https://t.co/OYw3qH1TKp Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarship for Student from Developing Country, University of Westminster, UK #Feb12 Scholarships Tips's photo on westminster
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
Chris Walker
@StephenMangan @CompanyWestEnd Sounds like a good alternative to cycle of drama, farce and tragedy which is being served up daily in Westminster.
12 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
`BBCNEWS The cretins at westminster cut school funding.They have to raise billions to grease the globalist path with so called foreign "aid"
12 Feb, 09:56 AM UTC
Paresh Raja
Although the official #Brexit deadline is only weeks away, the UK #property market continues to show strong resilience. In the 12 months to January 2019, rents increased by 2.5% despite political deadlock in Westminster https://t.co/GpbTwlrIxV
12 Feb, 09:56 AM UTC
Matty 🇬🇧🇪🇺
Major poll predicts snap election result - with a slender surprise for Tories /#Westminster #Brexit #PeoplesVote https://t.co/2YMYLio1Ct
12 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
Shallow Mal #NoEUDeal #WTOBrexit 29-03-2019 🇬🇧💪
@CorbynistaEdith #Westminster @HouseofCommons #UK 🇬🇧 #ForeignAid is used to fund #terrorism against ourselves 😠😠😠 We should stop funding other countries or they'll never learn to stand on their own feet, or realise they should stop reproducing in unsustainable places in the 🌍
12 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
Westminster Police
Today's Winter Weather https://t.co/LhE2BJzAvQ via @Nextdoor
12 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
@dancludlow My solution would be: Ban parties (too much power) All MPs Independent representing their constituents Manifestos legally binding All bars & restaurants in Westminster to be run by J D Wetherspoon (make them feel less elite) 😎
12 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
Sgt. Jason Tamulen
Today's Winter Weather https://t.co/1z1UsEdftR via @Nextdoor
12 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC

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