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We really appreciate your work Horikoshi. Please dont quit #WeSupportYouHorikoshi @RANGOWW's photo on #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 11:06 AM UTC
#WeSupportYouHorikoshi Y'all dont deserve this series @johndoflaming0's photo on #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 11:17 AM UTC
Alejandro Saab of the #AshenWolves 🐺
Yo if MHA really ends abruptly over some birthday none sense... the internet is trash. Keep killing it Horikoshi!! #WeSupportYouHorikoshi @KaggyFilms's photo on #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 01:36 PM UTC
『 Daitomodachi』
#WeSupportYouHorikoshi MHA "fans" need to chill. Your oversensitivity was funny at first, but now it's getting annoying. The man might quit because y'all got upset over a character sharing a birthday with a dictator? Then I guess you need to cancel these characters too. https://t.co/ZySrQkI3CW
13 Feb, 10:47 AM UTC
People seriously need to grow tf up #WeSupportYouHorikoshi @LoliHype's photo on #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 08:26 AM UTC
To the MHA "fans" #WeSupportYouHorikoshi @Phuckeury's photo on #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 10:52 AM UTC
Chibi Reviews
What a good way to start a morning! Keep it up everyone! #WeSupportYouHorikoshi @ChibiReviews's photo on #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 01:09 PM UTC
As much as I love MHA I seriously dislike this fandom so much... I really hope Kohei Horikoshi doesn't quit his job... #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/OuqLSCrNZy
13 Feb, 12:05 PM UTC
🇭🇰RoonKolos🏳️‍🌈 ‽ 2 For 1 Sale
The fact #WeSupportYouHorikoshi is a thing shows how ungrateful a community can be. How utterly insane it can be. How far it can go and this is not just with MHA If you're the kind to harass an artist to the point they actually may quit, you genuinely are a garbage person
13 Feb, 12:01 PM UTC
Mr. Lutbarg
Woke up, login on twitter to see what's happening. I see #WeSupportYouHorikoshi ( Which I do) But check in to see why that's trending so early. And it's because there's people that are mad over Bakugo's revealed birthday apparently... The level of ridiculousness is outstanding https://t.co/aME56YEIVr
13 Feb, 12:11 PM UTC
"Why arent there black characters in My Hero Academia?" Rock Lock: "am I a joke to you?" #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/OK78VVEBO1
13 Feb, 11:21 AM UTC
i swear if the Interrnet becomes the reason why Horikoshi gives up on MHA, i’ll never forgive y’all. #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/N9E5iTc5oz
13 Feb, 03:53 PM UTC
If you absolute sacks of shite get Yaoyorozu taken away from me all because Horikoshi committed "wrong birthday" I swear to god you will see nothing but furry porn from me for the rest of your lives #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/2Kr8IWpvU5
13 Feb, 06:14 PM UTC
Giovanni Brooks
Just to let you know, there are some fans out there that appreciate & support your work. We know you’re a good person at heart, & you don’t deserve this type of harassment from no one. Keep doing what you do best, I love MHA & my friends & family do too. #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/OSAdblkgGg
13 Feb, 11:07 AM UTC
Hey Horikoshi you created a Phenomenal series thats an excellent successor to the OGs we grew up with, be proud of that. Its the internet People just love to WHINE LOUDLY & then get distracted by somethin else & start whining at a new thing. Keep Killin it! #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/B6bXxd1ysp
13 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Tinkle Dinkle
#WeSupportYouHorikoshi there should never be hate to a creator because of a fictional birthday. There should never be hate to a creator over a fictional name. People lose their minds over the most insignificant and unimportant things it really makes me sad. don’t quit, sensei! https://t.co/tXAJz0vSsx
13 Feb, 01:24 PM UTC
今アメリカ🇺🇸にいるんだけど、 アメリカ国内でこのハッシュタグ 『 #WeSupportYouHorikoshi 』(我々は堀越さん、あなたの味方です) が トレンド入りしてる! 『僕のヒーローアカデミア』の作者さんで、 新キャラの名前が良くなかった?らしい。 世界中のヒロアカファンから応援メッセージが💡 https://t.co/4L4xNKaooV
13 Feb, 12:07 PM UTC
I watched the first season of boku no hero academia when it came out and I loved it. But for obvious reasons I avoid talking about it and their fans like a plague But still I love the anime and its creator #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/2dOQ3D40yN
13 Feb, 08:17 PM UTC
Sukoshi Kaze
#WeSupportYouHorikoshi I don't talk about MHA too much, but I can tell you it's a really cool & creative series with a lot of heart from a man with a passionate dream to make his own superhero story. Love it or hate it, y'all really wanna cancel him for a birthday?! Screw that!!! https://t.co/rQsuK1XpLb
13 Feb, 03:22 PM UTC
marv 💚⚡️
You are a beloved human being and deserve all the support and praise in the world. #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/t1zW8rWdhE
13 Feb, 02:36 PM UTC
Endeavor SZN🔥
Will forever be one of my favorite series, will forever be my favorite Mangaka. Regardless of these so called “fans” #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/ve4PxwDkyv
13 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC
Man i would hate to be the author of My Hero Academia Kohei Horikoshi Right now dudes suffering from success with these entitled fans he being attacked on every front possible Though the fans are united with #WeSupportYouHorikoshi Trending so i guess there is that https://t.co/uwvxJVJF2a
13 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Everyone tweeting #WeSupportYouHorikoshi Vol 26 debuts March 4... please buy the volume or start preordering it. I’m sure with all this recent news manga sales will spike with how much international support Horikoshi is getting https://t.co/72NKdduwde https://t.co/X5eMX3ujUf
13 Feb, 08:39 PM UTC
Jeiku Anime Review
#WeSupportYouHorikoshi because imagine manufacturing outrage over a fictional characters birthday date... https://t.co/TvKkuQ41ep
13 Feb, 08:46 PM UTC
Koden X
Horikoshi didn't become a mangaka to be threatened by pussies on the internet who claim to be "Fans". Horikoshi wants to be like idol, Stan Lee, and create a world of heroes people around the world can enjoy. He deserves better than this. #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/DWXfi1Wm0Z
13 Feb, 04:20 PM UTC
I always admire Horikoshi's art style and his vibrant characters designs which admitly influence my own art. I also enjoy the world he created and the emotionally honest characters with it. Hope this man keeps up a good work. #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/50iHNQUmsn
13 Feb, 03:09 PM UTC
Toranomon Tribe
現在 #WeSupportYouHorikoshi がアメリカでトレンド入り。 「ヒロアカ」のキャラクターの誕生日にまで難癖をつけるクレーマーの行き過ぎた行為に、ファンの怒りが頂点に達した模様です。 同時に、作者・作品への愛情や励ましもたくさん😊 #MyHeroAcademia #WeSupportYouHorikoshi
13 Feb, 06:27 PM UTC
MY HERO ACADEMIA AUTHOR KOHEI HORIKOSHI ATTACKED At this point Horikoshi is being HUNTED like an animal for literally ANYTHING HE DOES he is ALSO BEING ATTACKED for the NEW NAME he changed!! #WeSupportYouHorikoshi is trending we hope he gets the message! https://t.co/dY6EZJjde2
13 Feb, 07:52 PM UTC
Just Some Guy
The nonsense going on with MHA is why I said we need to start gatekeeping, cuz these crazy people are ruining fandom. They're complaining about a fake person's birthday being the same as Hitler's. Coincidence much? #WeSupportYouHorikoshi https://t.co/kHtoPXsTLH
13 Feb, 09:18 PM UTC
🇭🇰 🏳️‍🌈 Justice for Johnny Depp #Women4Vic
Just woke up & saw #WeSupportYouHorikoshi and why it's trending....now I wanna punch people in the throat. Bothering that man over a fuckin birthday...really? Y'all overly sensitive ppl need to be banned from the internet....& punched in the throat. 🤦🏽‍♀️
13 Feb, 11:19 AM UTC