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B (Fan Account) 🏹
Twitter Swifties trying to trend a new hashtag everyday so Taylor spends less time on Tumblr and more time with us #WeWantLoverTracklist skskksks https://t.co/GaFTdQpA1D
13 Aug, 11:23 AM UTC
Taylor Swift Facts
It's August 13, 2019. We all know Taylor loves 13. So it's time to release the "Lover" tracklist. #WeWantLoverTracklist https://t.co/VxMCkzjU6O
13 Aug, 11:57 AM UTC
swifties: #WeWantLoverTracklist Taylor Swift: https://t.co/NiRC3DAXk6
13 Aug, 11:38 AM UTC
B (Fan Account) 🏹
Are we trying to get #WeWantLoverTracklist trending now? well aight then, let’s do it. https://t.co/skcrwEZqA6
13 Aug, 11:20 AM UTC
Nils Sjöberg (fan acc.)
Instead of Taylor Swift is Loved we needed to trend #WeWantLoverTracklist yes
13 Aug, 10:34 AM UTC
not to be a clown or anything but since we have a stamp on August 13th can taylor give us the original tracklist please #WeWantLoverTracklist @taylorswift13 https://t.co/tg9lzF9uoM
13 Aug, 11:08 AM UTC
fady🏹(fan account)
It’s the 13th and #WeWantLoverTracklist https://t.co/HMwBAkDXOT
13 Aug, 12:41 PM UTC
Nils Sjöberg (fan acc.)
If you see this tweet, you are obligated to respond with #WeWantLoverTracklist or else.
13 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC
B (Fan Account) 🏹
Everyone tweet using the hashtag #WeWantLoverTracklist and I’ll give you ice cream ⬇️ (Yes we’re doing this a 3rd time) https://t.co/hg8RIousgB
13 Aug, 11:27 AM UTC
retweet this and reply with #WeWantLoverTracklist or you’ll never hear Lover! https://t.co/dv5qopjgpm
13 Aug, 11:14 AM UTC
Nils Sjöberg (fan acc.)
This is the last 13th without Lover. #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 12:48 PM UTC
Nils Sjöberg (fan acc.)
#WeWantLoverTracklist https://t.co/1C8g3ADVwC
13 Aug, 12:24 PM UTC
bea 🏹💗
reply to this with this hashtag and your crush will text you today #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 11:34 AM UTC
GO CLOWN OR GO HOME #WeWantLoverTracklist🤡
13 Aug, 11:03 AM UTC
HERE WE GO AGAIN, GO GO GO! #WeWantLoverTracklist 💘 https://t.co/mTPBb0HRPP
13 Aug, 12:07 PM UTC
SEAL Team 13
Well. What's the move? #WeWantLoverTracklist https://t.co/zSVLdPAMhd
13 Aug, 12:28 PM UTC
#WeWantLoverTracklist 1. We already have it 2. If yall dont want the actual songs to leak i suggest you stfu cause song titles are making the job 183384 times easier for hackers 3. Stream YNTCD https://t.co/3L9vYsVFlb
13 Aug, 01:01 PM UTC
tuana🏹 / 10 DAYS TO LOVER
@TS7Track3 #WeWantLoverTracklist tumblr swifties crying in their cribs https://t.co/Np3u2LZKXl
13 Aug, 11:26 AM UTC
natthy loves taylor
solta logo essa tracklist minha filha #WeWantLoverTracklist https://t.co/AF7dovo0ZF
13 Aug, 12:59 PM UTC
#WeWantLoverTracklist https://t.co/MfF9kDW8NS
13 Aug, 01:08 PM UTC
@TS7Track3 #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 12:58 PM UTC
@TS7Track3 as she sould #wewantlovertracklist
13 Aug, 11:24 AM UTC
@TS7Track3 #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 11:58 AM UTC
Nils Sjöberg (fan acc.)
@hissthesnake #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC
Love Music
@TS7Track3 #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC
BSwift (‘Lover’ / AUG 23)
@TS7Track3 #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 11:32 AM UTC
@TS7Track3 #WeWantLoverTracklist
13 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC