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Stu Meech
Misty Derwent Water at sunrise last Monday, while on my way up to Glasgow for work. #WexMondays #Sharemondayshttps://t.co/pGJe2C0W5P
13 Nov, 07:36 AM UTC
Birds of Prey
RT @bickertonjones: Female Sparrowhawk skulking in the garden today, great to see. #wildlife #RSPB #WexMondays https://t.co/UR1KIiWQDE
13 Nov, 08:50 AM UTC
Serena Stewart
Blue sky and a windy day resulted in wonderful colours and moving shadows on the gravestones of Falmouth's old ceme… https://t.co/42ja0bgaOl
13 Nov, 08:23 AM UTC
Stephen Darlington
Getting in early for a change for #WexMondays. Flying past the Palace. Canadian geese flying past #HamptonCourt Pa… https://t.co/TuGfdK1YJD
13 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
Brian Kerr
A misty morning wander along the River Eden at #Lazonby in the Eden Valley #Cumbria #fsprintmonday #WexMondayshttps://t.co/Z0U7DIp4do
13 Nov, 08:35 AM UTC
Darren Rose
This weeks #wexmondays and #sharemondays entry. Good luck y'all #APPicoftheweek
13 Nov, 06:41 AM UTC
David Eccles
Going with a repost of Monday's misty, frosty sunrise at Castle Howard #WexMondays #sharemondays Good luck everyo… https://t.co/LObphO8jBH
13 Nov, 08:41 AM UTC
Greg Sheard
Glacier from above in Iceland taken with DJI Mavic Pro drone #WexMondays #fsprintmonday #sharemondays
13 Nov, 07:41 AM UTC
valerie dalling
A frosty Peak District scene from my walk early last week for #WexMondays
13 Nov, 08:54 AM UTC
Paula Cooper
For #WexMondays frosty flowers in the garden
13 Nov, 08:32 AM UTC
Johanna Round
Brumrise The sunrise from last Wednesday morning across Birmingham #ShareMondays #WexMondays @BhamUpdateshttps://t.co/9fDtJIDuXr
13 Nov, 08:27 AM UTC
Planet Heslington #WexMondays 46 shot pano sphere mode from the #DJISpark
13 Nov, 08:53 AM UTC
simon wilson
Morning. My #WexMondays this week is Sid behind the curtain.
13 Nov, 09:13 AM UTC
Tracy Marsden
That moment when the buzzard realised I was in the woods underneath it North Lincolnshire #wexmondayshttps://t.co/pqIgVppV4P
13 Nov, 08:48 AM UTC
Bird Sightings
RT @bickertonjones: Female Sparrowhawk skulking in the garden today, great to see. #wildlife #RSPB #WexMondays https://t.co/YcoHbaxxY4
13 Nov, 09:00 AM UTC
Saltdragon Art
It’s a single exposure but the layers of reflections and a film of fuel create a complex pattern. From Penzance har… https://t.co/XUojgsXRxN
13 Nov, 09:48 AM UTC
"Redux" Just after dawn at Shingle Street, when the gloomy skies cleared. #WexMondays #APPicoftheweekhttps://t.co/chjPDRkxpw
13 Nov, 08:45 AM UTC
Mike Arreff
A Kestrel wondering if I am edible or not for #sharemondays #fsprintmonday #WexMondays this week.
13 Nov, 06:58 AM UTC
S Hadleigh-Sparks
Here's my #WexMondays tweet @wextweets - Syon Park's Enchanted Woodland by Simon & His Camera
13 Nov, 08:23 AM UTC
Lee Penton
An image taken at Nun’s Cross Farm on #Dartmoor is my entry for this week’s #WexMondays
13 Nov, 08:30 AM UTC
Naomi Stolow
Wishing you all a good week! Here's a black swan in Dawlish yesterday :) #WexMondays @wextweets #MondayMotivationhttps://t.co/GEBnTI2GAk
13 Nov, 09:17 AM UTC
Kevin Brown
Murmuration in the shape of Australia for this weeks #WexMondays #sharemondays #fsprintmonday #Autumnwatch
13 Nov, 10:37 AM UTC
James Biggs
Never done this before, but then never had a picture that I’ve been so pleased with before! Let’s see how it goes… https://t.co/TY449YRZ2g
13 Nov, 10:18 AM UTC
Cameron Reaves
Here is my submission for #WexMondays Something completely different for me and fairly high key 😱#fujifilm
13 Nov, 08:18 AM UTC
Reckless Photography
Love mondays!! This is a new vista for the Oxford Skyline - taken especially for.... #WexMondays #sharemondayshttps://t.co/DA8aLm04Tx
13 Nov, 09:48 AM UTC
Joe Lenton
New pic - #sunset at Southwold Pier in #Suffolk taken Fri evening #landscapephotography #WexMondays
13 Nov, 09:16 AM UTC
Dale Kelly
Lochan na h-Achlaise and the Black Mount on a cold November weekend. The snow has returned. #WexMondays #ScotSpirithttps://t.co/wof0uHXtiX
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
'A slice of pizza' First time shooting around Camden and enjoyable except for the tripod security gestapo… https://t.co/ycWqsg8Uq8
13 Nov, 09:14 AM UTC
James Markham
My ‘light of the pulpit’ long exposure is my entry for: #WexMondays #fsprintmonday #Sharemondays
13 Nov, 08:52 AM UTC
Chris Gilbert
Fair Brook in the #peakdistrict looking lovely for #wexmondays - #landscape #photography
13 Nov, 10:32 AM UTC
Simon Carter
Commissioned #cosplay shoot with Frankie for #WexMondays this week
13 Nov, 10:24 AM UTC
Gary Flakes
North Yorkshire deer. Point and shoot. #GX80 #WexMondays
13 Nov, 09:41 AM UTC
Michael Beecham
Out in the fields this morning with the dog, and spent far too much time over this little fella. My (very happy) su… https://t.co/2RsE8QghWy
13 Nov, 09:40 AM UTC
Carla Sears
#WexMondays The Tunnel In Autumn Willian Hertfordshire UK
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
David Rippin 🏔 📷
Autumn in #Amsterdam for my #WexMondays #sharemondays #fsprintmonday entry this week. A short but lovely couple of… https://t.co/NBgBBGj0Wy
13 Nov, 09:19 AM UTC
Claire Halas
Houses of Parliament - iconic landmark #WexMondays #london @LEEFilters @CanonUKandIE
13 Nov, 09:09 AM UTC
Matt Parry Photo
Going for this shot from Shakerley Mere at sunrise last week for #WexMondays
13 Nov, 09:08 AM UTC
Richard Auty
#WexMondays taken at Sandsend near Whitby
13 Nov, 08:53 AM UTC
Modern Parlance Pics
'Old Soldier'. #WexMondays
13 Nov, 08:43 AM UTC
@wextweets here is my #WexMondays entry of "black hole' at #craster #Northumberland I took it with @UKNikon as part… https://t.co/wyI8Rdg9jk
13 Nov, 08:32 AM UTC
Textures. Textures.
Moon and sun aligned. Tower Hill, Brum. #fsprintmonday #WexMondays #ShotOfTheDay
13 Nov, 10:39 AM UTC
Rich Lister
Doxey Pool at The Roaches in The Peak District. Caught this image just before the sun was lost behind the rocks.… https://t.co/KcEwKzCENo
13 Nov, 10:39 AM UTC
My effort for #WexMondays in my local park. Still lots of colour! Best of luck to all.
13 Nov, 10:05 AM UTC
Oliver Richards
Its been a little while so heres my #Wexmondays entry all the way from western Australia! #photography #Australiahttps://t.co/nRgsthAEZ4
13 Nov, 09:56 AM UTC
Steve Hall
Wentworth Church autumnal evening. #WexMondays
13 Nov, 09:41 AM UTC
Carl Salisbury
#WexMondays loving a winters rainy walk across London Bridge ☔️
13 Nov, 09:03 AM UTC
Early morning mist in Christ Church Meadow Oxford #WexMondays
13 Nov, 08:46 AM UTC
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