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Alex Cole
Almost 100K people dead and we are focusing on what Joe Biden said about black people. 1: Black people are not going to vote for Trump 2: Black people know exactly what Biden is trying to say 3: Black people are not going to vote for Trump
22 May, 05:51 PM UTC
Trump is super racist. His campaign & his appeal is built on the perpetuation of white supremacy & white privilege. He stokes white fragility. When a Black person supports him I question their relationship to their Blackness and the community. This is what Biden was alluding to.
22 May, 03:30 PM UTC
Ari Fleischer
There's not much difference between what Biden said this mornining about blacks who support Trump "aint black" and what Hillary said about deplorables. In both cases, they're saying if you don't support me, there's something wrong with you. Both statements are awful. https://t.co/E89jYx9yCS
22 May, 02:54 PM UTC
Alex Cole
There aren't enough black Trump supporters (or black Republicans for that matter) to make what Biden said a "controversy". Wake me when Biden has to go to federal court over not renting to black people, then I might consider what he said to be racist
22 May, 04:32 PM UTC
You know what Biden didn’t do? He didn’t kill people and cause a depression due to negligence and corruption. I don’t recall any of this.
22 May, 04:08 PM UTC
If you're all concerned about what Biden SAID, let's talk about what trump DID: He and his KKKlan Dad prevented Blacks from renting from their properties. He's still the same racist asshole who harassed our FIRST Black President with the Birther lie, and NEVER apologized. @mmpadellan's photo on What Biden
22 May, 06:50 PM UTC
David Silverstone🌹🌅✡️✍🏼🕑
What Biden means when he says #YouAintBlack: a guide. “Shut up and vote blue no matter who!” @DavidAgStone's photo on What Biden
22 May, 07:04 PM UTC
Raise your hand is you think what Biden said is racist. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ #JoeBidenIsARacist
22 May, 06:05 PM UTC
Ragnarok Lobster
So, in order to properly freak out about what Biden said to Charlemagne, you have to be someone who missed all the Black Twitter users asking who are these 3% of Black people in the Quinnipiac poll who said they plan to vote for Trump.
22 May, 01:42 PM UTC
Thia is with ...😏✌️💋🔥
Biden praised Strom Thurmond Biden praised John Stennis Biden praised James Eastlands Biden praised Fritz Holland Biden confronted: Apologize for what? Biden 5/22/20: If you have a prob figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black Joe Biden is a fn racist
22 May, 01:59 PM UTC
Philip Schuyler
.@CNN What Biden said yesterday was far more racist than anything President Trump has ever said. Yet you've painted Trump as the bigot. Why? Never mind. Everyone knows why. You are a leftist pol campaign, so you invert every truth. You accuse the innocent & protect the guilty.
22 May, 05:41 PM UTC
pixelatedboat aka “mr tweets”
Actual Joe Biden is a much weaker candidate than Vague Memory Of What Biden Was Like 8 Years Ago which is why they should hide him till the election and just release a blurry 3 second video once a month as a proof of life
22 May, 09:48 PM UTC
President Raprock Obiden Bama
What Biden said about Obama in 2007. #JoeBidenIsARacist #YouAintBlack https://t.co/X9IRKsvmHr
22 May, 06:45 PM UTC
Miss Aja
To all the super woke people on the left just itching to tell me what Biden said was wrong...don’t. He said what l say on a regular basis. 🤷🏾‍♀️IDC he said it. 45* is polling at 3% with AAs. If y’all want to tweet about something...tweet about AAs being hunted down like animals.
22 May, 10:22 PM UTC
Joe E. Collins III For Congress CA-43
Don’t let people forget what Biden said last year! #youaintblack @joecollins43rd's photo on What Biden
22 May, 04:19 PM UTC
Joe Lockhart
My head is going to explode if someone can't explain to me how this is less of a story than what Biden said today.Have we given up on being against anti-semitism? Are we so numb to Trump he can say anything and get a collective shrug. Level the playing field..same rules for both https://t.co/dlANaidyIw
22 May, 10:02 PM UTC
President Raprock Obiden Bama
Joe Biden worked closely with segregationists on anti-busing legislation, but if you don’t vote for him then #YouAintBlack? What Biden has said and what Biden has done should be disqualifying. #JoeBidenIsARacist https://t.co/CJnT1RCvHC
22 May, 06:33 PM UTC
Alex Cole
Trump's campaign is actually selling these shirts. The fact that they would do this is actually worse than what Biden said in the first place. https://t.co/xrXmGA3CZh
22 May, 10:29 PM UTC
Steve Guest
"The comments made at the end of the Breakfast Club interview were in jest" Unbelievable. This is what Biden said, "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't Black" Watch for yourself. It wasn't made in jest. https://t.co/BKMm0SMD7K@SteveGuest's photo on What Biden
22 May, 03:20 PM UTC
Kathy Soltani - Text TRUMP to 88022
What Biden said, is what he feels he has a RIGHT to say. He is an unfiltered racist. Those defending him are SLAVECATCHERS. Period. He is UNFIT TO SERVE. https://t.co/1XYC50dmld
22 May, 06:22 PM UTC
What Biden did when first elected to the Senate was truly remarkable. He said that he wouldn't own any stocks or bonds that might make his decisions conflicted. We'd be such a better country if every Senator could live up to that challenge.
22 May, 07:13 PM UTC
David E. Lentz
I'm not too worried about what Biden says now because he will change his mind a thousand times before November to suck up to all the special interests. POTUS, on the other hand will just triple down on everything promoting God and Country that pisses off the Libs and Pet Media.😁
22 May, 10:08 PM UTC
That's exactly what Biden said and #SymoneSanders lame excuse thinking black folks too stupid to decipher what Biden said has compounded what Biden said. #AintBlackBiden #AintBlack https://t.co/7qmQZVX7ye
22 May, 10:25 PM UTC
End Left vs Right it's time for workers to unite
I'm going to put this into perspective. What Biden said on the Breakfast Club is nowhere close to the most racist thing he has said or done. I'm more outraged that he got away with non stop lying again as he gave his description of the crime bill and his role in it.
22 May, 10:17 PM UTC
"iTs NoT wHat BiDeN SaId, It WuZ hOw He SaId It" https://t.co/fnq8dIGEtw
22 May, 09:42 PM UTC
Krystle Baker
I cannot even imagine what would happen to a Republican, let alone if Trump had said what Biden said. They and anyone connected to them in any way would be skewered.
22 May, 09:13 PM UTC
Don’t really care what Biden said. As long as THESE FOLKS are on one side, I know I need to be on the other. https://t.co/vPjkCxeFAL
22 May, 10:48 PM UTC
🇺🇸 SwampDrainer TEXT TRUMP TO 88022 🇺🇸
What Biden said is no gaffe it's racist pure and simple. What if Trump said this?? The lefts heads would explode! https://t.co/4madgIQnTf
22 May, 09:50 PM UTC
Mary J. Newton
What Biden said about Obama in 2007. #JoeBidenIsARacist #YouAintBlack https://t.co/YXTwmsHVmV
22 May, 10:51 PM UTC
What Biden said. His superior-white-liberal attitudes are showing. https://t.co/l8G1sslemI
22 May, 10:53 PM UTC