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Me trying to see what doja cat did now #dojacatisoverparty @ZIUSBUZZ's photo on What Doja
22 May, 09:33 PM UTC
Swish 🌹
This is what Doja Cat’s chat room looked like ..... https://t.co/gEjn4sRXW5
22 May, 10:23 PM UTC
e m
why do i have to be a fucking detective to find out what doja cat did? i though that was what twitter was for
22 May, 10:21 PM UTC
Ok. Whore.
me finding out what doja cat did literally 5 minutes after bumpin hot pink.. 💔 https://t.co/PoxiMHsLno
22 May, 08:42 PM UTC
megan thee activist
Lana stans digging up old shit from doja cat past just so they can ruin her career just like what doja cat stans did to lana: https://t.co/ABQfiKgJfJ
22 May, 09:28 PM UTC
Tia and Tamera after reading what Doja did https://t.co/oRAgcr50yh
22 May, 09:15 PM UTC
𝕚𝕘𝕟𝕒𝕔𝕚𝕠 ✨
The fact that I still don’t know what Doja cat did but i know for a fact that it’s gonna be better than being a confessed pedophile, the standards these days https://t.co/xOmacFKEgI
22 May, 09:56 PM UTC
wait what Doja do chile???? i leave twitter for 3 minutes #dojacatisoverparty is happening???? https://t.co/lIPQLakMYW
22 May, 10:18 PM UTC
Val's Daughter
So I went down the Twitter rabbit hole to find out what Doja Cat did and all I found was gossip and bullshit is this what social media has come to. I just... https://t.co/olIS6lRK5C
22 May, 10:29 PM UTC
Frozen Water 🏁
I don’t know what Doja Cat did to have y’all slandering her like this but fuck y’all.
22 May, 09:16 PM UTC
i dunno what Doja Cat done did now.. but i bet it was musty.. cause all she do is musty shit🤮🚮
22 May, 10:16 PM UTC
ya, in quarantine
you can’t convince me y’all didn’t know what doja cat was up to when she openly wore her wigs like That
22 May, 09:37 PM UTC
what doja said was awful, and i don't wanna see anyone defending her on the tl. and what's worse is that everyone will probably forget abt this in a few days and go back to streaming say so 24/7. this sh*t is bad and we shouldn't be supporting her #DojaCatIsOverParty https://t.co/y3vKmFKRxY
22 May, 10:19 PM UTC
what doja cat day now
22 May, 10:42 PM UTC
ese maje
can someone explain to me what doja did
22 May, 10:44 PM UTC
Kanye Stan Account
You know what, doja cat actually sucks for that ngl.
22 May, 10:44 PM UTC
What Doja Cat do?
22 May, 10:44 PM UTC
This is what Doja cat did some of it. https://t.co/VZMoZTdlKR
22 May, 10:44 PM UTC
Damn it what Doja done did ?
22 May, 10:42 PM UTC
ɖıąɱơŋɖ 💎✨#𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐁𝐲𝐊𝐮𝐚𝐧𝐥𝐢𝐧
omfg what doja do dkkdjdjd please don’t tell me i have to cancel my baby 😭
22 May, 10:42 PM UTC
Rachel ✨
What Doja Cat did?
22 May, 10:42 PM UTC
What doja cat did? Lol
22 May, 10:41 PM UTC
@Xhiahhh Well it’s not as bad as what Doja did but she did say some problematic stuff
22 May, 10:41 PM UTC