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Dylan McDermott
It’s #LawAndOrder Thursday and that means one thing - more #Wheatley on your screens. So, ask me all things @nbclawandorder before tonight’s episode of #OrganizedCrime. See you at 10 and don’t be late. Or else. 😳 @nbc @DylanMcDermott's photo on Wheatley
21 Jan, 02:13 AM UTC
Bloody Disgusting
Ben Wheatley’s ‘The Meg’ Sequel Begins Filming in the UK This Month https://t.co/5Xs7OpOUzG
20 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
We don’t call Richard Wheatley chaotic for nothin’. #OrganizedCrime @lawandordertv's photo on Wheatley
21 Jan, 03:48 AM UTC
Dylan McDermott
Wheatley is a very sensitive man @lawandordertv
21 Jan, 03:36 AM UTC
Wolf Entertainment
Stabler and Wheatley's epic showdown was shot in two locations. Partly in a hallway with a working elevator, then the stunt work was done on our #OrganizedCrime stages with a specially built elevator constructed by our production design team! @WolfEnt's photo on Wheatley
21 Jan, 03:52 AM UTC
Many a year
Wheatley is definitely going after Liv omfg
21 Jan, 03:45 AM UTC
Environment Victoria
The politicians want you to think it is 'clean' ... But Australia's first shipment of #Hydrogen has come from brown coal in Loy Yang mine 👇 Doesn't look too clean to us? 🤔 #Auspol @EnviroVic's photo on Wheatley
21 Jan, 05:21 AM UTC
Dani (not Beck)
Hey guys friendly reminder that on Tuesday, it was all but confirmed that EO is endgame. Let Elliot get this Wheatley shit taken care of so he can get this out of his head and move along.
21 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
i am really of the mindset that elliot is protecting olivia and noah because he knows how dangerous wheatley is because look at that car accident
21 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
Mary ❤️🥾🐱🌸
you know, i’d like to say we’ll get EO this arc buuut…I kind of see the Wheatley arc as El fully grieving and getting justice for Kathy. So if Liv isn’t part of that I won’t be surprised. But if thats the case we better get HELLA EO in the 3rd arc
21 Jan, 05:44 AM UTC
But like why would Wheatley care THAT MUCH about taking Kathy out, or hurting Elliot???
21 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
Laura Navins
Elliot and Angela rubbing salt in the wounds of Richard Wheatley. @DylanMcDermott @Chris_Meloni @TamaraTaylor @lawandordertv #OrganizedCrime https://t.co/NErNNyGnuF
21 Jan, 05:03 AM UTC
Laura Navins
I don’t know how I’ll be able to wait until February 24th for more of Wheatley versus Stabler! This arc is getting so intense. I love for @DylanMcDermott and @Chris_Meloni battling it out. Guess I’ll be rewatching Season 1 and the last few episodes in the interim. #OrganizedCrime
21 Jan, 04:01 AM UTC
I mean tbh Elliot's kinda being gaslit. Wheatley has the money to pay off everyone, including the legal system, and then everyone acts like Elliot is crazy for losing his grip just trying to have the truth come out and be believed.
21 Jan, 06:04 AM UTC
Toni Lo ⚡️
EXACTLY. I don't want EO if it's Liv picking up pieces when he's in the middle of a melt down. I'm good with three more eps of him & Wheatley if it means Wheatley goes down & he has closure on Kathy right around when it's one year after her death. Much better conditions for EO. https://t.co/37JtxEywTy
21 Jan, 04:58 AM UTC
and ilene did say she would tear elliot apart to build him up again. sorry to say but it’s happening and this is just the beginning. he needs to get wheatley out of his system. after that we can breathe relieved, he’s gonna have his redemption.
21 Jan, 05:46 AM UTC
You know, the REAL trouble is that I don't give a shit about Richard Wheatley as a character, and Dylan McDermott is not a good actor and he's a disgusting person, AND no one cares about Kathy Stabler's Ghost.
21 Jan, 04:01 AM UTC
Amy L. Hull
@queercaseynovak Not only was she his wife, her death STOLE his children's mother from them. Not only did Wheatley kill Kathy, he HURT Elliot's CHILDREN by doing so. And hurt Elliot, yes, because he did love Kathy--she was his first love, his first partner...his FIRST--and it touches everything.
21 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Sarassie Lee
@DylanMcDermott @lawandordertv This was a great episode. I enjoy watching Richard Wheatley and Elliot Stabler going at it. You’re simply amazing!
21 Jan, 04:01 AM UTC
คอนเฟิร์ม! THE MEG 2 เตรียมเปิดกล้องถ่ายทำกัน 24 มกราคมนี้ หนังฉลามยักษ์ภาคใหม่ ยังได้ Jason Statham กลับมารับบทเดิม โดยจะเล่าเรื่องต่อภาคแรกหลังผ่านพ้นไป 4 ปี Ben Wheatley จาก Rebecca, High-Rise รับหน้าที่กำกับ รอชมกันปี 2023 #TheMeg2 https://t.co/4trx5nsLvw
21 Jan, 05:51 AM UTC
This is EOs year be patient my loves but first wheatley GOT TO GO
21 Jan, 05:45 AM UTC
This is ALSO a great point. Because not only is Elliot hurt for himself (regardless of splitting hairs about being "in love" with Kathy), but Wheatley broke his children's hearts by killing Kathy. He *wrecked* Eli, and then he tried to frame Eli for murder. Eli's still a *kid* https://t.co/b1hr0ES7wu
21 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
Maybe my problem with Richard Wheatley is that he is SO ONE DIMENSIONAL. In the first season we at least kind of got him being nicer to Dana and we had Richie as the soft Wheatley. But Richard has one note: cartoon villain and after the Albanians it leaves me cold
21 Jan, 06:10 AM UTC
ɴᴀᴛᴀʟɪᴇ 💙
Liv will be brought into this most likely when Wheatley brings her into it. Honestly if anything we should’ve gotten Elliot checking in on Liv post the sh00ting but if you’re looking at it from an OC perspective he’s trying not to lean on Liv.
21 Jan, 05:36 AM UTC
I’m thinking March 10th will be the next crossover bc that’s the week the Wheatley arc ends. So buckle up kiddos we got 49 long days ahead 😅
21 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Mary ❤️🥾🐱🌸
@letstormsrage Agreeeeeee. I don’t see him as obsessive or unhinged and I don’t think we’re supposed to, because HE’S RIGHT about the Wheatleys! And we as the audience know that. His instincts are sound, even if beating up wheatley in an elevator isn’t the best lol.
21 Jan, 06:14 AM UTC
Danielle Wallace
@DylanMcDermott @Chris_Meloni @lawandordertv That was the most epic line of the whole series so far. Richard Wheatley is such a badass.
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
@ayannasbraidout @SomewhereApart @seIinameyer I love this!!! The really did plant the seeds with OLIVIA agreeing that Wheatley targeted her and if she and El both know/believe Wheatley targeted Eli, nothing is to stop him from messing with Noah too. Elliot simply doesn't have space to be good for or to Liv rn
21 Jan, 06:00 AM UTC
🦹🏻‍♀️ K
@swiftbensons Wheatley is an existing representation of his old life, old universe. Until that's settled & worked through, he cant live in the new universe with & for Liv.
21 Jan, 05:49 AM UTC
I Am the Weirdo, Mister 🍷
@Tiffani85Chanel But that’s my whole problem - I don’t like this dick measuring contest he’s got going on with Wheatley. It’s not my thing
21 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC