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people dont stuff themselves in the back of an 18 wheeler when the border is open you fucking animal. https://t.co/e9noWldoC1
28 Jun, 10:54 PM UTC
Nick Adams
I am saddened to hear about the 46 illegal migrants found dead in San Antonio inside an 18-wheeler. This is why we need to secure the border. It will save lives.
28 Jun, 02:52 AM UTC
GTA Senator Poso
46 bodies found in truck carrying migrants in San Antonio crash - human trafficking operation https://t.co/gukUVVni9w
28 Jun, 12:25 PM UTC
Tommy Richards
@Liz_Wheeler Are we talking about back then? https://t.co/Soqp8kIVi6
28 Jun, 12:37 PM UTC
Rabih Alameddine
Did you figure it out, Nancy? https://t.co/SVLXpFf4X6
28 Jun, 09:14 PM UTC
Playible - NFT Fantasy Sports
Playible $100 #MLB Giveaway (6/28) Zack Wheeler o6.5 Ks Texas Rangers ML San Francisco Giants ML If this parlay hits, we'll give away $100 to someone who retweets & likes this post! Must be following! #GamblingTwitter #BettingTwitter #SportsBetting https://t.co/1y7y7CGnYB
28 Jun, 02:56 PM UTC
@Liz_Wheeler This is what a face of "anger, resentment, grievance" looks like. https://t.co/bAJ6E2mOF0
28 Jun, 01:20 PM UTC
eddie munson quote bot
You, Nancy Wheeler, have guns, plural, in your bedroom?
28 Jun, 10:47 PM UTC
Ahlam Chemlali
This week +30 died at Spain-Morroco border and now 46 found dead in a truck at US-Mex border. These border deaths are preventable. They are not caused by smugglers but by restrictive border policies. Migration is not a crime. Seeking protection is a right https://t.co/CTYJ7Rukg1
28 Jun, 06:39 AM UTC
The Pick Specialists
6/28 #MLB K Props ⬇️ ⚾️R. Ray O6.5 Ks ⚾️J. Cueto O4.5 Ks ⚾️T. Skubal O5.5 Ks ⚾️S. Manea O5.5 Ks ⚾️Z. Wheeler O6.5 Ks ⚾️R. Stripling U3.5 Ks ⚾️B. Woodruff O5.5 Ks 53-34 (61%) on the year. Let’s break this slump. Stats from @pine_ai_sports #gamblingtwitter https://t.co/OV4RDFO8z2
28 Jun, 08:19 PM UTC
NBC Sports Philadelphia
Not the best start, but Wheeler's been dealin' lately 💪
29 Jun, 12:53 AM UTC
Shimmy’s Picks
6/28 1.5u (+306) Wheeler 6Ks/Phillies Win + Kershaw 4Ks Dodgers Win 1u (+807) Padres ML, Manaea Over 5.5 Ks, Gallen over 5.5 Ks, Under 8.5 1u (-110) Reds/Cubs Under 9 1u (+168) Rays ML + Dodgers ML 1u (+590) Odubel Herrera Home Run
28 Jun, 10:52 PM UTC
Zack Wheeler O original K line✅
29 Jun, 12:58 AM UTC
Brodes Media
After a rough start Zack Wheeler had a solid outing! https://t.co/mxo8Twq1Wp
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Mike wheeler is fighting demons and those demons are bisexuality
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Eephus Tosser
Zack Wheeler at 97. 7th inning would be a great time for Mark Appel to make his major league debut.
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
hrm1g 🦄
And that’s 8 :) LETS GO WHEELER ✅🔥
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Tyler Posey
Wheeler Over Original line ✅
29 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
Zack Wheeler O/7.0K✅✅ #PrizePicks #MLB #DFS https://t.co/ZL05Zrqzy2
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Wheeler has settled in nicely since the first. He (and I) would really appreciate it if you would please kindly give him some run support, Phillies!
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Erik 🛸💨
@ken_wheeler 💯 couldn't agree more man. I did the math. all I need is 3.5m and I can live off the interest earned on $VOO at the same lifestyle I have now and I'd be happy AF.
29 Jun, 12:58 AM UTC
Above Average Prop Guy
Wheeler with 8 K’s through 6 but almost to 100 pitches… dear lord please give us another inning
29 Jun, 12:58 AM UTC
@buhler118 Did Snit lose a bet? I understand the options are getting thin with Acuña out, but Ford vs Wheeler is not happening
29 Jun, 01:00 AM UTC
The Don Picks
ZACH WHEELER OVER 5.5k’s OVER 7K’s ✅💰✅💰✅💰 EZ MONEY 👨🏻‍⚖️👨🏻‍⚖️ #prizepicksmlb https://t.co/oUBJZWWz8E
29 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Broken Minnesota Fan
Wheeler hits the taco✅🌮 #mlb #prizepicks #mlbprizepicks
29 Jun, 12:40 AM UTC
Angel Ibo Castillo - FreKuencia Deportiva
Credito a Zack Wheeler. Hizo 52 pitcheos en los 1ros 2 innings, acaba de completar 6 innings de 8 ponches y mantiene a los #Phillies en juego. Bravos van al frente 3-1.
29 Jun, 01:01 AM UTC
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29 Jun, 01:01 AM UTC
Jack Newsom
2.0 Stunned King Tuck Truth Social Ghislaine Maxwell WHO IS YOUR OPPONENT USSS Mar-a-Lago Ornato Suburban Cheney Testify Gym Jordan Watergate Epstein UNDER OATH Medieval Times Charlie Morton Pardi John Barron Harmony Tan the ss TRIPLE PLAY Freddie Wheeler Finland Mick https://t.co/A68Jmu7Cdo
29 Jun, 01:01 AM UTC
@TrumpKetchup @JDCocchiarella Biden has blood on his hands for the murders of 51 illegal aliens found dead in 18 wheeler in Texas!
29 Jun, 01:01 AM UTC