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Curtis Houck
@realDonaldTrump Lesley Stahl interviewed Nancy Pelosi last year and called her a "powerful," "giant slayer," and "patron saint of shade" -- she's not a journalist. She's a propagandist who doesn't care about the right! https://t.co/hA7sKuovgb
20 Oct, 10:18 PM UTC
Daniel Dale
Trump has taped an interview with Jason Whitlock.
21 Oct, 06:13 PM UTC
🇺🇸 SDBeachFan™
@ddale8 Like if you had to Google Jason Whitlock.
21 Oct, 06:17 PM UTC
Larry Schweikart
CBS's Mason Asks Voters About Hunter Biden Bombshell, Doesn’t Like Their Answers https://t.co/7kgMRhmAaK
21 Oct, 05:22 PM UTC
The GIF Guy
@ddale8 The only thing we should remember about Jason Whitlock is Lavar Ball punting his ass to the moon. https://t.co/X9Nh8IAB3I
21 Oct, 06:19 PM UTC
CBS host host Anthony Mason asked voters in Pennsylvania if they were concerned over Hunter Biden's conduct while Joe Biden was in charge of foreign policy. He very clearly didn't like the answers the voters gave. https://t.co/EU7Ykmq0gD
21 Oct, 07:55 PM UTC
D Villella ❄️
@ddale8 He's really stretching for validation of his fee fees after the Stahl disaster, but Whitlock? Really? https://t.co/VT4iGp3us9
21 Oct, 07:40 PM UTC
Kevin Scharlau
@HawleyMO Tweeting about Whitlock, the NBA, social media...never about Covid, rising unemployment. You’re worthless, Senator.
21 Oct, 07:48 PM UTC
NYCT Bus. Wear a Mask.
Expect longer waits for southbound Bx4, Bx4A, and Bx27 buses because of construction on Westchester Ave between Whitlock Ave and Longfellow Ave. Please allow additional travel time.
21 Oct, 05:11 PM UTC
Soi-disant Socially-distant Sean
@Granddad_Sr Whitlock is if the phrase Pull-Up-Your-Pants was sentient
21 Oct, 07:36 PM UTC
@ddale8 Wait what? Whitlock is a straight up clot chaser. That’s not going to help him in the black community I can assure you of that.
21 Oct, 07:51 PM UTC
Terrance Avery
@mattroweCA @ddale8 Jason Whitlock is the Candace Owens of sports journalism. He’s also fallen so far from relevancy that he writes for Clay Travis’ blog instead of doing hits in ESPN
21 Oct, 07:45 PM UTC
J Co. meyvn
@ClayLaSoul @TheReggieMathis The number of people in those replies who did not know who whitlock even is I wish I lived in that world 😂🤣
21 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
Ravenous 👽🙅✊
@not_carlisle Boo boo whitLock
21 Oct, 07:36 PM UTC
Dawg Days
@loumoore12 The Candy Man paid some dues though Whitlock seems like a straight sellout
21 Oct, 07:34 PM UTC
Donald Trump's Unused Mask🌊🌎🌈☮BLM
@ddale8 I know nothing about this Jason Whitlock person, so I'll be interested to hear how this interview turned out & why trump was on board with doing it.
21 Oct, 07:33 PM UTC
@upzonenj but when looking at some of the larger projects on historic sites (Whitlock cordage and the former YMCA building on Bergen) show that it can be done within the existing Zoning and without compromising historic integrity
21 Oct, 07:59 PM UTC
Kirsty Bain 🌊🌊🌊🌊
@ddale8 What will the toxic orange gas bag be talking about this time? Football? Wonder if @realDonaldTrump heard Whitlock’s take on the “train wreck of a debate that Biden won” before he agreed to the interview. Doubtful! 😂 https://t.co/KlZycsVdF1
21 Oct, 07:59 PM UTC
@ReignCoates @SteeleChaz I guess he was basically the same dude though. I went hunting some old 2008 Whitlock nonsense and found this, hahaha. https://t.co/nhok7CBUNM
21 Oct, 07:59 PM UTC
Crab Cakes&Football
@BSO if trump loses,whitlock and travis will play off their consumers white resentment/rage of “losing their country” all the way to the bank
21 Oct, 07:59 PM UTC
Donald Russo
I always enjoy Jason Whitlock's appearances on @TuckerCarlson https://t.co/Tvyyocg21L
21 Oct, 07:58 PM UTC
I understand he’s trying to peel off black men, but Whitlock ain’t the way to do it 🤣🤣🤣🤣. He’d be better off going on Kyrie’s podcast. https://t.co/JsZixonXAn
21 Oct, 07:58 PM UTC
This will be way better than the Portnoy-Trump interview. Whitlock wears a fedora all the time and is more oafish than most in sports media https://t.co/YY65tiuaQx
21 Oct, 07:58 PM UTC
Joe Mathieu
Wow, Whitlock made the big time. This will be good. https://t.co/nuJZ6zbYPA
21 Oct, 07:57 PM UTC
@HawleyMO You, Clay Travis and Whitlock....the 3 fucking stooges.
21 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
Mr. Fields
@ddale8 @brianstelter Great. Whitlock is fantastic
21 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC
robyn lacy
@HawleyMO Jason Whitlock are you kidding?
21 Oct, 07:54 PM UTC

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