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Dr. Lawrence Sellin
The conceptual basis for #COVID19's furin cleavage site (FCS) was in place before the #CCPVirus was created. Whittaker's analysis, Shibo Jiang's artificial FCS insertion & PLA Guangwen Lu & George F. Gao's eagerness for doing so. Proline was added for stability & enzyme access. @LawrenceSellin's photo on Whittaker
01 May, 11:32 AM UTC
#COVID19弗林蛋白酶的裂解位点的概念基础(FCS)在ccp病毒创建前。惠特克(Whittaker)的分析,蒋世博(Shibo Jiang)的人工FCS插入以及解放军广光路(Fuang Guanglu Lu)和乔治·高(George F. Gao)的渴望。添加脯氨酸可提高稳定性和酶的利用率。 https://t.co/EMuYzXSCL8
01 May, 11:37 AM UTC
Interviewer: Will your heart be with Derby next week? Whittaker: You can see from my celebration where my heart is. Just build the statue now. https://t.co/2DfafIbWGJ
01 May, 04:12 PM UTC
Morgan Whittaker hates the rams. https://t.co/jX2SdYL7dI
01 May, 04:15 PM UTC
BBC Sport Wales
FT! Swansea 2-1 Derby County ⚽ Tom Lawrence opened for the Rams early in the second-half with Swansea replying by scoring two in three minutes with goals from Morgan Whittaker and Connor Roberts to get the win. @BBCSportWales's photo on Whittaker
01 May, 03:53 PM UTC
whittaker is trending so i will once again feign ignorance and pretend it's about jodie whittaker. anyway, i love jodie whittaker. thank you for listening. https://t.co/NCmd2OUJmY
01 May, 03:09 PM UTC
Josep Lluís Alay 🎗
Dues joies per qui vulgui entrar en el món d’asteques i maies per mitjà de les seves fantàstiques escriptures. Vint anys després del sublim Reading the Maya Glyphs de Coe i Stone (2001), apareix Deciphering Aztec Hieroglyphs de Whittaker (2021). https://t.co/B8MKXmgMnZ
01 May, 04:42 PM UTC
Interviewer: Will your heart be with Derby next week? Whittaker: You can see from my celebration where my heart is. The celebration: https://t.co/xar9pMFmx5
01 May, 04:18 PM UTC
Great organization in WV takes military veterans hunting & fishing. Founder of https://t.co/VTI8YpBnQH Dave Whittaker allowed me to come along last week on a boar hunt. He gave @bradhowe07 @HoppyKercheval a narrative on 3 Guys Before The Game. Full show https://t.co/heu0ZWMUD6
30 Apr, 09:14 PM UTC
party hat
@healthymax7 you are a fraudulent fan of robert whittaker
01 May, 04:31 PM UTC
Morgan Whittaker has the entire #dcfc fan base on strings "and there is nothing you can do about it" https://t.co/pCidxi67Mo
01 May, 04:28 PM UTC
George NFFC 🔴⚪️
Morgan Whittaker that’s the tweet what a guy scoring against his former club 😂😂😂😂 #NFFC #dcfcfans https://t.co/ksFckLflGg
01 May, 04:23 PM UTC
James Stevens
Someone changed the wiki for Morgan Whittaker #dcfc #nffc #scfc #LeagueOne https://t.co/FPKfrCUMRQ
01 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Ben W
I bet Morgan Whittaker felt so low when Rooney double subbed him before he left the club. Bet he’s on top of the word right now. Can’t blame him. https://t.co/0iwyTWbKWJ
01 May, 05:08 PM UTC
Chwaraeon Radio Cymru
⚽ Abertawe 2-1 Derby ⚽ Canlyniad pwysig i'r Elyrch. Morgan Whittaker a Connor Roberts yn sgorio i gipio'r tri phwynt. Abertawe yn codi i'r pedwerydd safle. 🏆 Y Bencampwriaeth #chwaraeonradiocymru https://t.co/fyLninvZMu
01 May, 03:56 PM UTC
Jake Roberts
Morgan Whittaker was terrible at Derby can celebrate all he likes
01 May, 04:39 PM UTC
Robin Blamires
Braving a 1971 episode of the London Weekend series "Whittaker's World Of Music". Where host Roger Whittaker has the tenacity to indulge in his own rendition of "Both Sides Now".
01 May, 04:36 PM UTC
That Whittaker goal and celebration must have felt so good for him considering some weird fans decided to make him a scapegoat. #DCFC
01 May, 05:00 PM UTC
Morgan Whittaker putting his fingers in his ears after scoring against his former club is fucking amazing
01 May, 04:53 PM UTC
Roland Radio
Join in! At 19:00 we play the David Whittaker Only-Show at https://t.co/hV9iIqNTX2 #davidwhittaker #Amstrad #CPC #chiptune
01 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Rachel McLemore
@BadWolfArchives I would LOVE for RTD to write for Whittaker! A girl can dream.
01 May, 04:42 PM UTC
Penso 🇨🇦🦃🍗 (Sir/Mr./Docter/Your Highness/King)
@golf_whittaker @seedgolfco @YouTube The reality is that all the top balls and many DTC balls are indistinguishable for the weekend golfer. Paying $5 for a ProV is nothing more than golf virtue signalling for most of us.
01 May, 04:42 PM UTC
With Jodie Whittaker leaving #DoctorWho I wouldn’t cast another new Doctor... I’d actually get Christopher Eccleston back for a season and then introduce a new (preferably Welsh) Doctor at the tail end of his season.
01 May, 04:42 PM UTC
Screeching Jack 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ⚽🥊
The jury is out on Whittaker...Out muscled and too timid for me....but time will tell🏐 #Swans
01 May, 04:40 PM UTC
Patrick Bogan
@gem_ste @Broilster And I much preferred Tennant, Smith and Capaldi. Whittaker was ruined because they abandoned any sort of edge to the character, and that was down to the change of writers not her acting.
01 May, 04:29 PM UTC
Red Corner MMA🚂
@JanBlachowicz Who do you think would win if Izzy moved up to fight Whittaker?
01 May, 05:15 PM UTC
Whittaker Walt
@Super70sSports Impressive. Two observations: 1. A horse can be a GOAT? 😉 2. I hope Shecky Greene owned the horse w/ that name. Otherwise that would be like naming a horse now Gilbert Gottfried.
01 May, 05:14 PM UTC
Dont really care either way about Whittaker Regardless of the goal he is an average championshop player IMO - may do well as he has some technical ability no doubt Fans didn't treat him well as there was a lot expected of him in a poor team
01 May, 05:14 PM UTC
So Wayne Rooney & Mel Morris decided Morgan Whittaker (@morganwhit10) wasn't good enough for Derby County. He proved today he has the quality & heart we need & lack. Best of luck to him in the playoffs. #DCFCFans
01 May, 05:13 PM UTC
Alex Whittaker
@RA_Dall how’s life in BC?
01 May, 05:11 PM UTC