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— wilbur soot updates! 🎗
Wilbur is mentioned in quackity’s priv tweet! https://t.co/63n0WEKoe7
25 Nov, 07:04 PM UTC
Sickos Committee
SPARKY VS WILBUR IN A SIDELINE BOXING MATCH!! (From another angle) https://t.co/DdeYvFqGos
25 Nov, 10:27 PM UTC
christmas 🌟
pls if you’re going to type wilbur soots name shortened in my replies spell it with TWO L’s. dni ‘wil’ spellers 😕🤞
25 Nov, 12:23 AM UTC
Nick Borgia
This might be the craziest sequence I’ve ever recorded. Gio Sanders TD puts the Sun Devils back on top. ASU leads 21-17 with 7:08. Who won the fight? #sparky or #wilbur? @DevilsDigest https://t.co/ZffW3UyC5p
25 Nov, 10:21 PM UTC
Wasp • NEW FIC 📌 • wc 13,427/33,800
An au where Tommy is learning to drive with Wilbur and on his first day he hits this stupid guy with pink hair in the middle of the road and thinks he kills. They hide the body and all is well and fine until next week Tommy hits the SAME FUCKING GUY (1/3)
25 Nov, 04:39 PM UTC
— wilbur soot updates! 🎗
Wilbur tweeted on priv! https://t.co/e87S3eaYns
25 Nov, 09:37 PM UTC
Jomboy Media
Sparky landed a five piece combo and put Wilbur’s head in a blender @JomboyMedia's photo on Wilbur
25 Nov, 11:34 PM UTC
Sports Illustrated
🚨 MASCOT FIGHT 🚨 Looks like Sparky the Sun Devil pieced up Wilbur 😬 (🎥: @Matt_Venezia) @SInow's photo on Wilbur
25 Nov, 11:00 PM UTC
Wilbur & Protégé Maynard
Wilbur here with another Protégé Maynard update! I am training him to play chase. He hasn’t quite grasped it yet but I have high hopes. https://t.co/GezXp8b6NA
25 Nov, 12:43 PM UTC
I think we should bring back the fact that for quite a while, wilbur thought george and dream were dating because george kept talking about what “dnf was”
25 Nov, 11:09 PM UTC
💭| Wilbur Updates Spanish
¡! Wilbur fue mencionado en el tweet priv de quackity “YO Y WILBUR APOSTAMOS 100 SUBS EN EL PARTIDO DE UK VS US EL ES UK Y YO SOY USA” https://t.co/c3vbe0OOzF
25 Nov, 07:29 PM UTC
: Yulán 🇦🇷🥂🇦🇷🥂🇦🇷
Lo primero que sucede al entrar a la priv de Wilbur es el armando una historia con emojis, lo quiero mucho https://t.co/wi4RNPPfNq
25 Nov, 03:54 PM UTC
Puede que ustedes tengan la priv de Wilbur, pero yo tengo el 5/5 https://t.co/v5b5lRgBUb
25 Nov, 04:18 PM UTC
ALEX🌠 goth kids arc
“Kyle would listen to Wilbur soot” “Kyle would listen to classical music” HE LIKES THE CURE!!!!!!! https://t.co/TsjbG9P3sc
25 Nov, 08:43 PM UTC
The biggest misconception with br!crimeboys is that Tommy blamed Wilbur for leaving. I see many people explaining the gist of their conflict that way while in actuality, Tommy had never blamed Wilbur for running away.
25 Nov, 03:13 PM UTC
The Sun Devil hit Wilbur with a two piece combo @Pickswise's photo on Wilbur
25 Nov, 10:59 PM UTC
Action Network
ANOTHER ANGLE OF SPARKY VS WILBUR @ActionNetworkHQ's photo on Wilbur
25 Nov, 10:58 PM UTC
Kat ☎️🚦|| TMA brainrot
I’m going through a Sherlock Holmes phase again so now I’m thinking about is a crimeboys SH au where Wilbur finds this scrappy kid at a murder scene who manages to deduce what happened and when Wilbur asks him how he did that he just sniffs like “it’s obvious, ain’t it?” 1/2
25 Nov, 08:20 PM UTC
CJ Vogel
Wilbur’s head spinnin’ like a top lol https://t.co/0KYGVUAWOb
25 Nov, 10:59 PM UTC
Wilbur and sparky get into a real fight during rivalry game #BearDownU Credit @Nick_Borgia https://t.co/NXXob9FAYJ
25 Nov, 10:48 PM UTC
MASCOT FIGHT ALERT.🚨 Who ya got: Sparky or Wilbur? (🎥: @DevilsDigest / Nick_Borgia) @TSN_Sports's photo on Wilbur
25 Nov, 11:48 PM UTC
THIS ENTIRE CLIP mans Said “sure thing, sister.” on his First day speaking to wilbur 💀 https://t.co/BUAK23BNyY
25 Nov, 10:04 PM UTC
Empire State Takeover
Baldwinsville 56 CBA 46 Final A big run to start the 2nd half flipped the script, and @bville_wbb kept their visitors at arm’s length late to pick up a season-opening W. Kyrah Wilbur 19, @__CarlieYoung 15 for the Bees. @chiannawilliam1 led balanced CBA w 11. Friday ✔️ https://t.co/rNs8dap9Du
25 Nov, 09:27 PM UTC
Taylor Ashton
Brutal game for the Sun Devils, but if you want one bright side, Sparky dominated Wilbur… #ASU #UOFA https://t.co/ltVVGNozLP
25 Nov, 11:56 PM UTC
@Rainey17_ @timbarroww Wilbur gotta learn to move his head. Sun devil good base consistent punches Wilbur looks like a punching bag. TKO
25 Nov, 10:59 PM UTC
Peekaboo🐀 \ Fan account
@maisiephase tmnt, ratsmp, the middle, wilbur soot, piso, georgenotfound, tommyinnit, lovejoy, fantastic mr fox, jack manifold
25 Nov, 11:58 PM UTC
Dan Vasta
@sportsjunkie94 I bet Sparky said something about Wilma...Wilbur was not having it @SickosCommittee
25 Nov, 11:57 PM UTC
LISSY -weewoo-
@stair_case_ prob wilbur soot, cut (i forgot the autho)
25 Nov, 11:57 PM UTC
@azgrl23 Technically, Wilbur got his bell rung from Sparky…but I’ll let you have the Devils got forked. https://t.co/lr0uQ5BBTB
25 Nov, 11:57 PM UTC
Wilnir Louis
Wilbur was getting his noggin knocked and as someone who gets called that that sometimes I feel disrespected https://t.co/LvrVL4NgCk
25 Nov, 11:56 PM UTC