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Evan McMullin
I’m deeply disappointed by my friend and former colleague Will Hurd’s statements today. He knows that Trump’s pursuit of illegal foreign backing is a threat to the Republic, not merely “misguided foreign policy” as he claims. His service will be rightly judged by his words today. https://t.co/Oq6AQJc5zo
21 Nov, 10:25 PM UTC
Keith Boykin
Will Hurd had a chance to be a leader. He picked a different side. History will remember his choice.
21 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
Matt Lewis
Will Hurd now takes his place beside Nikki Haley, and other "thoughtful" Republicans, who--despite not having a re-election to worry about--still can't muster the courage to do the right thing. https://t.co/wwHYGEuCPQ
21 Nov, 08:29 PM UTC
Andrew Prokop
Will Hurd exemplifies what a moderate Republican is in 2019: makes some mild criticisms of Trump, but ultimately comes around to defend him, says what he did wasn't so bad, and blasts the Democrats.
21 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
Matt Rogers 🎙
Will Hurd is a perfect example of how foolish it is to expect "moderate" Republicans to save us.
21 Nov, 08:13 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Will Hurd is what passes for a "moderate" Republican these days, yet he's as full of shit as the rest of them. He's just not as loud about it. It's a reminder that these days, the only good Republican is a defeated Republican.
21 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
Matt Lewis
If what Trump did isn't impeachable, then nothing is impeachable. If Will Hurd is not now persuaded to vote to impeach Trump, there is no amount of evidence that would persuade him to impeach Trump. https://t.co/h6fDYyW800
21 Nov, 08:26 PM UTC
Matt Lewis
And if this week wasn’t enough to get Will Hurd, then Will Hurd was never gettable. https://t.co/FRooE05yvL
21 Nov, 09:42 PM UTC
Ryan Fournier
Will Hurd, an anti-Trump Republican said today that he sees no evidence of bribery or corruption, If you can’t convince him, you’re not going to get 20 GOP Senators to vote in favor of impeachment. Who agrees that it’s time to end this shame!?
22 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
Brian Beutler
Haha to all the people who insisted for years against mounting evidence that Will Hurd had a deep well of integrity.
21 Nov, 08:12 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
Will Hurd is a Republican and, being a Republican, he has dedicated himself to being complicit in the raging symptoms of the prion disease that now has eaten away all of the party’s higher functions. https://t.co/K4vdyeGQp1
21 Nov, 09:54 PM UTC
Adam Best
Will Hurd is Exhibit A in the ”Actually, There are No Good Republicans” case.
21 Nov, 09:41 PM UTC
Daily Caller
Will Hurd @HurdOnTheHill: "An impeachable offense should be compelling, overwhelmingly clear, and unambiguous... I have not heard evidence proving the President committed bribery or extortion." @DailyCaller's photo on Will Hurd
21 Nov, 08:33 PM UTC
Brad Simpson
Will Hurd has decided to go mostly, but not full Trump: saying Giuliani, Hunter Biden and whistleblower should testify, but not Pompeo, Mulvaney, Trump, Bolton. He could have taken a genuinely principled stance. Instead he revealed himself to be a political coward.
21 Nov, 08:09 PM UTC
Nell Scovell
If you are in Elise Stefanik's or WIll Hurd's districts, please call their offices and let them know that you are watching and see them lying. Stefanik: (518) 743-0964 Hurd: (210) 921-3130.
21 Nov, 08:26 PM UTC
Brit Hume
If the Dems can’t convince lame duck former CIA man Will Hurd, no Trump admirer, what chance do they have with Senate Republicans? https://t.co/cuAWQ2Vxx8
22 Nov, 12:53 AM UTC
Kaitlan Collins
Rep. Will Hurd, a former CIA officer, says, “I have not heard evidence proving the president committed bribery or extortion."
21 Nov, 08:31 PM UTC
Manu Raju
Will Hurd breaks from his colleagues and says proceedings have shown how actions of administration “undermined” national security - and says he “disagreed” with comments from some of his colleagues that undermined Ukraine. He then says they should have deposed whistleblower
21 Nov, 08:10 PM UTC
Pé Resists
@HurdOnTheHill Guys, Will Hurd was in New Hampshire over the weekend pandering for support with an eye towards 2024, in case you're wondering why he has zero principles.
21 Nov, 11:49 PM UTC
Will Hurd defamed all the witnesses who testified in this inquiry by calling it a highly partisan inquiry. The only witnesses who expressed a partisan affiliation were REpublicans.
22 Nov, 12:46 AM UTC
The Washington Times
Will Hurd, anti-Trump Republican, says he sees no evidence of bribery, extortion https://t.co/dTIYtPg0LN #Ukraine #impeachmenthearings
21 Nov, 08:48 PM UTC
Will Hurd's Sparkle Pony Approach to the Solemn Duty of Upholding the Constitution https://t.co/sHPvxyYSuu
22 Nov, 12:29 AM UTC
Tim Young
Name-calling is all you have in the face of logic and facts. Will Hurd doesn't like Trump and has nothing to lose because he's not seeking re-election. https://t.co/fNZMRBEr5z
21 Nov, 09:40 PM UTC
Wanderer 🆘
Will Hurd reminds me of #SusanCollins , playing both sides and then showboating as he licks tRumps boots. #CorruptGOP #VoteThemAllOut
22 Nov, 01:00 AM UTC
Mama T
@ChetPowell @HurdOnTheHill Very disappointed in you Will Hurd. I thought you were one of the good guys.
22 Nov, 01:00 AM UTC
Hearing Will Hurd’s words on the evidence presented during the hearings was hella disheartening
22 Nov, 01:01 AM UTC

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