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Stephen A. Smith Burner
Will Smith after he dropped the ball #WorldSeries @SASBurnerAcct's photo on Will Smith
25 Oct, 04:33 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Two stunning blunders on one play cost the Dodgers Game 4 ... and canceled one by Arozarena, who fell down after rounding third and was dead until Will Smith lost the ball trying what he didn't know was an unnecessary blind swipe tag.
25 Oct, 04:24 AM UTC
David Faitelson
Los Dodgers jugando a perder un juego de Serie Mundial: ¿El jardinero central? ¿El primera base Muncy? ¿El catcher? Para mi, los tres se equivocan en la jugada: Chris Taylor: fildeo Muncy: el tiro hacia fuera... Will Smith: gira antes de tener la pelota...
25 Oct, 04:40 AM UTC
Ramona Shelburne
Chris Taylor flubbed the transfer on that last play. But he recovered quickly and made a good throw to his cutoff man. Dodgers should have gotten an easy out at the plate, save for Will Smith missing the swipe tag. Both plays happened because Dodgers got ahead of themselves
25 Oct, 04:32 AM UTC
Not Bill Walton
Will Smith hasn't committed an error this bad since choosing to star in Wild Wild West instead of The Matrix
25 Oct, 04:26 AM UTC
1. CT3 drops the ball. 2. Muncy’s throw. 3. Will Smith can’t block the ball? BUT 4....WHY TF DOESNT KENLEY JANSEN COVER HOME! https://t.co/KF2VDJnPKe
25 Oct, 04:27 AM UTC
samuel 😆
Chris Taylor and Will Smith on the last play of the #Dodgers game: https://t.co/7sdoZeDPSg
25 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC
Errores en la jugada: 1.- Taylor falla al tomar la bola en el jardín. 2.- Will Smith no atrapa la pelota en el plato. 3.- Jansen no cubre al receptor https://t.co/d4UVD0EmJr
25 Oct, 04:34 AM UTC
This one goes out to Chris Taylor, Will Smith, Kenley Jansen and Dave Roberts https://t.co/Kjd5wTcUuK
25 Oct, 04:36 AM UTC
Justin Tucker = GOAT
@SportsCenter LA when they catch Will Smith in the locker room https://t.co/gzF8ymceF9
25 Oct, 04:31 AM UTC
Dylan Carlson/Bazelak/Springer SZN/ym
Footage of Chris Taylor and Will Smith in blafk and white https://t.co/a6L6yIMm3m
25 Oct, 04:28 AM UTC
@crayator Will Smith does that. But not Jason Momoa. He actually has fun with the husbands and pictures of him pushing back husbands are famous. At least... before the pandemic. Love seeing these popping up online. https://t.co/4v38wzX4go
24 Oct, 11:39 PM UTC
Codastic Shock #DodgersWtf?
@SportsCenter Roberts, Will Smith, Kensen, and fuck it even Chris Taylor after the game https://t.co/KjnEfaSJ3R
25 Oct, 04:49 AM UTC
Aiden limited (2-3)
Will Smith and Chris Taylor be like https://t.co/Zzv8axtXBh
25 Oct, 04:38 AM UTC
Shahan Ahmed
You really think Philips is touching Graterol throwing 100+ heat? I get it. Bobbled ball in the outfield & by Will Smith, but it should’ve never come to that. Graterol finishes the game. Simple... I’m sick. #WorldSeries #Dodgers
25 Oct, 04:24 AM UTC
Dodgers players when they see Chris Taylor and Will Smith: https://t.co/PRaW4jW7tz
25 Oct, 05:47 AM UTC
@BleacherReport Will Smith when he gets in his car to drive back to the hotel https://t.co/SSHWdVywBB
25 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
@MLB Brett Phillips watching Chris Taylor and Will Smith both miss the ball on the same play to win the game https://t.co/iffj544gQ0
25 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
Michael J. Duarte
Even the home plate umpire Chris Guccione did not expect Will Smith to drop that ball. He thought he was walking up to make an easy out call. https://t.co/tMziS0H8hP
25 Oct, 05:00 AM UTC
Stephen J. Nesbitt
@TheAthleticMLB @OMAStormChasers To be clear, everybody, that's the OTHER Will Smith.
25 Oct, 04:42 AM UTC
Beto Zapata
Un juegazo de Serie Mundial y un final típico de este 2020!! 2-2 PD: Will Smith un pecho frío. https://t.co/Km8sV93oki
25 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
Chris Taylor fumbling the ball & Will Smith missing the tag is equivalent to the Danny Green missed 3 and Kieff turnover
25 Oct, 04:26 AM UTC
6’ Chad Brett Phillips versus 5’ virgin Will Smith
25 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
StrikeOut BR
Erros e questões desse final: Pq não manter o Graterol? Jensen vem sofrendo, arriscou demais o Roberts. Mais uma na conta dele! Taylor errou. Will Smith errou GRAVE, estava pensando no tag antes de ter a bolinha. Colapso total!
25 Oct, 04:47 AM UTC
Martín Arias
1. Kenley Jansen no puede continuar como cerrador de los #Dodgers.👎🏼 2. Chris Taylor y Will Smith cometieron el error de sus carreras.❌ 3. Dave #Roberts siempre va a encontrar nuevas (e INCREÍBLES) maneras de perder.🤡 4. La gran actuación de #JulioUrias valió madres. 😪💔🇲🇽
25 Oct, 04:44 AM UTC
Polar Ginger
I don't believe... what I just saw!! 2 runs score on a bloop single to short RF. Chris Taylor misplays the ball, then the relay from Max Muncy gets away from Will Smith at the plate. Brett Phillips, a .196 hitter, is the hero. What an awesome ball game. #WorldSeries
25 Oct, 04:23 AM UTC
Jōichirō Yukihira
Ma playlist c’est n’importe quoi tu passe de Jul à Jacques Brel et de Jacques Brel à Will Smith
25 Oct, 08:29 AM UTC
Tim Carey Studio
Will Smith and Chris Taylor should’ve been Austin Barnes and Cody Bellinger.
25 Oct, 05:11 AM UTC
Tom Banyard
This is incredible. Kenley struggling (again!), a fielding error from Chris Taylor, a base running error from Randy Arozarena, a catching error from Will Smith... all on 2 outs in the 9th to walk off in a World Series game. Genuinely unbelievable. https://t.co/ccSgkdkY7X
25 Oct, 08:33 AM UTC

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