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David O'Brien
Braves win the pennant, Braves win the pennant! Will Smith strikes out two in a perfect 9th inning to close 4-2 win in Game 6 at sold-out Truist Park. They beat the Dodgers four games to two in the NLCS and Atlanta is going to the World Series for the first time since 1999.
24 Oct, 03:45 AM UTC
Jeff Passan
There are a ton of great stories with Atlanta. Freddie Freeman. Eddie Rosario. Brian Snitker. Ozzie Albies. Will Smith not trending once yet this postseason. And especially Alex Anthopoulos and the sneaky-best deadline in a really long time. Awfully interesting series ahead.
24 Oct, 03:44 AM UTC
x: "vegetta viste el trailer de uncharted" vegetta: "si si si lo vi de tom holland y sale ruben doblas que es lo que le faltaba, ahora va a decir "conozco a will smith y también a tom holland" si es que ya lo estoy viendo...es broma, que nunca dice eso que solo estoy bromeando+
23 Oct, 03:49 PM UTC
Bally Sports South
Seven shutout innings for Will Smith this postseason. @Kelly_Crull talks with the @Braves closer. @BallySportsSO's photo on Will Smith
24 Oct, 04:37 AM UTC
Steve Stone
I’ve heard a lot about banning the shift these last couple of years. Watching the Braves and Dodgers I just saw Will Smith and Cody Bellinger shorten their swing and hit it the opposite way. Situational hitting will defeat the shift. Refreshing to see some smart hitters
24 Oct, 01:34 AM UTC
Will Smith says, "I was happy when Beyoncé called." @ggisellebey's photo on Will Smith
23 Oct, 12:35 PM UTC
Kevin McAlpin
Truist Park erupts after AJ Minter punches out Will Smith to end the top of the sixth. Minter has retired all six batters faced over two scoreless with four strikeouts. #Braves @KevinMcAlpin's photo on Will Smith
24 Oct, 02:13 AM UTC
🎃 Martha ♡'s Rubegetta 🎃
“X: ¿Vegetta viste el trailer de Uncharted? V: Si si si lo vi, si lo vi, de Tom Holland y sale Rubén Doblas… que es que es lo que le faltaba, ahora nos va a decir ‘Conozco a Will Smith y también a Tom Holland, si es que ya lo estoy viendo.” YO MANIFESTÉ ESTO https://t.co/PUYyURVErJ
23 Oct, 02:49 PM UTC
#KingRichard is such a good movie. Definitely one of Will Smith’s best performances. And “Be Alive” at the end??? Beyoncé killed that. Definitely deserves to sweep during awards season. Blown away. @KingRichardFilm https://t.co/JUAhk8to8N
24 Oct, 02:21 AM UTC
Sons of Johnnie LeMaster ⚾️
Will Smith #ForeverGiant #Sfgiants https://t.co/LiklNs2s7I
24 Oct, 03:46 AM UTC
💀 Haunter 🎃 Hell-man 👻
King Richard: I fucking *hate* falling for the charms of biopics, but this one really hit me in my gut. Probably the first time in 20 years I’ve seen Will Smith completely disappear into a role. Also that Beyoncé song slapped. https://t.co/49pLmfu0YF
24 Oct, 03:21 AM UTC
Garrett Spain
Mookie Betts .174/.296/.217 Trea Turner .240/.296/.240 Corey Seager .167/.259/.458 Will Smith .217/.333/.348 The story of the series. The Braves all but shut down the top of their lineup and a group of guys that have given them nightmares in years past
24 Oct, 06:25 AM UTC
Kelly Dickey
With the Braves’ 4-2 win vs. the Dodgers, Adam Duvall is poised to become the second former Louisville player to play in a World Series. Will Smith was the first, playing for the World Series Champion Dodgers last year. Duvall led the National League with 113 RBIs this season.
24 Oct, 03:44 AM UTC
Dayton from Nebraska
Will Smith this postseason: 7 innings 4 hits 2 walks 7 K 0 runs 2 wins 4 saves On behalf of myself and all of Braves twitter... we're sorry, Will. https://t.co/qEUwO7xWDT
24 Oct, 11:36 AM UTC
"Esta parte de mi vida, este pequeño momento de mi vida lo llamo: Felicidad". — Will Smith, "En busca de la felicidad" (2006) #Masfrases #BuenosDias https://t.co/DWysY1McaP
24 Oct, 03:58 AM UTC
🄲🅁🄰🅉🅈 | 𝕄ℝ. ℝ𝕖𝕚𝕕🌠
will smith James Reid Sunday Domination #JamesReidUltimatePopMentor https://t.co/GFLybI8waE
24 Oct, 11:11 AM UTC
Tommy Poe
The top of the Dodgers' lineup: Mookie Betts 4-23, 2B, .514 OPS Corey Seager 4-24, 2B, 2 HR, .718 OPS Trea Turner 6-25, .536 OPS Will Smith 5-23, HR, .681 OPS The trio of Bellinger, Taylor, and Pollock hit the hell out of the ball, but beating the Dodgers started with the top.
24 Oct, 11:58 AM UTC
Knockahoma Nation
15. He trusts Will Smith, who was much maligned and had calls to replace him in the regular season, to go out and win the ninth. And he does. 16. He gets a champagne bath. Reminder, if they had lost & gone to game 7 he’s facing Price or Scherzer, & had no starters or bullpen.
24 Oct, 11:41 AM UTC
@CassMac_21 Woooooooooo im glad for snitker Will Smith and You Best recap in the mlb
24 Oct, 04:23 AM UTC
Oggi rimarrò tutto il giorno a letto guardando film con Will Smith bevendo orzo e accarezzandomi i baffetti da decespugliare perché lo trovo molto rilassante.
24 Oct, 12:03 PM UTC
Toni Garcia
@SeveroMenoto @Ojalasupierata1 Por supuesto. Es como Will Smith. Leyenda.
24 Oct, 11:46 AM UTC
@kkkpivara Mas pelo menos estão parecendo mais “felizes e saudáveis” do que os do Will Smith… 😂😂😂
24 Oct, 11:32 AM UTC
Maxim Greenberg
@AntoineZalc 😂😂😂 I don't know man, Will Smith isn't so bad! https://t.co/bJnNnazCy1
24 Oct, 11:15 AM UTC
Men's Health UK
The star will collab with YouTube to document his journey from flab to swole. https://t.co/Bx5ctKJZGc
24 Oct, 11:12 AM UTC
Tia Ummu Fathin
Hah, aktor Hollywood Will Smith dan istrinya mendeklarasikan "Open Marriage"? Itu loh, yang kalau udah menikah masih boleh berhubungan sama cewek atau cowok lain, tau ngga? Iih, makin aneh-aneh aja ya dunia. Emangnya boleh dalam Islam? Yuk, simak selengkapnya di channel MMC! https://t.co/eoolXJfflO
24 Oct, 12:13 PM UTC
Quarter Quotes
“Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” — Will Smith #quotes #DailyQuotes #Motivation #InspirationalQuotes
24 Oct, 12:10 PM UTC
David Walker
Seeing Will Smith & Travis d’Arnaud celebrate like John Smoltz & Greg Olson did 30 years ago when the Atlanta Braves won their first pennant… https://t.co/GTkMeL4KKd https://t.co/2APX3nQnZh
24 Oct, 12:10 PM UTC
@namjincollab i laughed so hard that i let my head fall back i think i cracked my neck cuz of will smith
24 Oct, 12:09 PM UTC
Connor Sabori-Lopez
Imma lose my shit when Will Smith is gone 😐😮‍💨
24 Oct, 12:08 PM UTC
Film news: Could Robin Hood be Will Smith’s next great role? https://t.co/iTygXtmG7I
24 Oct, 12:07 PM UTC