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Houston Dynamo
The Houston Dynamo have parted ways with head coach Wilmer Cabrera. 📰 https://t.co/QMMExIc1Ta @HoustonDynamo's photo on Wilmer Cabrera
13 Aug, 11:37 PM UTC
Victor Araiza
BREAKING: A source has revealed to @DEPORTETOTALUSA that the @HoustonDynamo has parted ways with Wilmer Cabrera. #ForeverOrange https://t.co/1LpXwHZNQn
13 Aug, 10:07 PM UTC
Major League Soccer
News: @HoustonDynamo have parted ways with head coach Wilmer Cabrera: https://t.co/Ij6QfiPxL9 @MLS's photo on Wilmer Cabrera
13 Aug, 11:53 PM UTC
Deporte Total USA
#MLS | ULTIMA HORA: Wilmer Cabrera ya no es el técnico del Houston Dynamo https://t.co/dbVoSeabur https://t.co/jjZMKR4Pc4
13 Aug, 10:05 PM UTC
Glenn Davis
Reports surrounding Wilmer Cabrera being relieved of coaching duty. We will get to the bottom of this on Soccer Matters @espn975 tonight. #SoccerMatters
13 Aug, 11:16 PM UTC
Sam Stejskal
Can confirm that Wilmer Cabrera is out as Dynamo head coach. Assistant Davy Armand will take over on an interim basis for Houston, who have struggled mightily since their hot start. https://t.co/YxxoJjfwQ9
13 Aug, 11:30 PM UTC
Mark Berman
.@HoustonDynamo majority owner Gabriel Brener on team parting ways w/ Coach Wilmer Cabrera:"It's mutually agreed that we need to go different ways.That's pretty much the best way for me to put it..I like Wilmer & I respect Wilmer & I admire Wilmer. Very,very difficult (decision)"
13 Aug, 11:23 PM UTC
Joe Tansey
This is an odd coincidence. Wilmer Cabrera is now the 3rd MLS manager to be fired within a week of losing to the Union this season. Koch and Friedel coached their second-to-last games vs. Philly in May.
13 Aug, 11:44 PM UTC
Adam Wexler
Breaking: The @HoustonDynamo have parted ways with head coach Wilmer Cabrera. Team started season 4-0-1, have since gone 5-13-2. @KPRC2
13 Aug, 11:28 PM UTC
John E. Rojas
OFICIAL ... #Colombiano Wilmer Cabrera deja de ser el DT de #Dynamo en #MLS ... llegar a postemporada tras años sin conseguirlo y el primer título de #USOC Copa Abierta en la historia del equipo. Aún con la plantilla más barata de la liga, no alcanzó... https://t.co/3vu0oUyUMC
13 Aug, 11:41 PM UTC
KPRC 2 Houston
#BREAKING: @HoustonDynamo part ways with head coach Wilmer Cabrera https://t.co/sOpGD0jO3H #kprc2 #HouNews #MLS #Soccer #Houston #Dynamo
13 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC
Claudel Jean-Pierre
@MLS @HoustonDynamo so unfair to Wilmer Cabrera who despite cheap owners won US Open Cup, competed well in CCL, lost many players to Gold Cup, forced to compete in Leagues Cup
13 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC
Wilmer Cabrera ha dejado de ser el DT de @HoustonDynamo así lo oficializó el club en la tarde del día de hoy, quedará encargado uno de sus asistentes técnicos. https://t.co/BJRfAgS0rT
13 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC
Jonathan Tannenwald
Wilmer Cabrera won a trophy by beating the Union in last year’s U.S. Open Cup final. Last Sunday, he lost a league game to the Union. Today, he was fired. https://t.co/x00CQpe362
14 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
Wilmer Cabrera dejó de ser DT del Houston Dynamo, como me gustaría verlo en el Rojo, además sabe trabajar con juveniles y puede potenciar algunos. @SCHA_1927 @Juanjorinconm @HumoEscarlata2
13 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
The Foxtrot
Release: Houston Dynamo part ways with Wilmer Cabrera. Davy Arnaud will take over as interim head coach until the end of the season. #ForeverOrange https://t.co/Tf0ZK0iiuQ
13 Aug, 11:52 PM UTC
Mark Berman
.@HoustonDynamo assistant Davy Arnaud will be the interim coach with the team parting ways with Wilmer Cabrera.
13 Aug, 11:26 PM UTC
Glenn Davis
Call 713-780-3776 to talk Soccer Matters @espn975 and the removal of Wilmer Cabrera. What are your thoughts @HoustonDynamo fans? Tell us.
14 Aug, 12:20 AM UTC
Houston Dynamo parts ways with coach Wilmer Cabrera https://t.co/P6mXEC7aIi https://t.co/4ATAQzvZH9
13 Aug, 11:33 PM UTC
#ELVBARCaracol El colombiano Wilmer Cabrera no es más el entrenador del Houston Dynamo de la MLS. https://t.co/UwojeGAUtP
14 Aug, 12:21 AM UTC
ESPN 97.5 Houston
LIVE NOW on @SoccerMattersGD, @HoustonDynamo GM Matt Jordan joins @GlennDavisSoc to give his first interview after parting ways with Manager Wilmer Cabrera. WATCH: https://t.co/4xzPcQjs6q LISTEN LIVE: https://t.co/FqJsUrcBbt
14 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
Houston Dynamo France 🇫🇷
🚨Ok c’est désormais officiel, Wilmer Cabrera n’est plus l’entraîneur de Houston. Davy Arnaud assurera l’intérim. Personnellement j’adorais Wilmer, humainement mais cette décision était courue d’avance. Le club a besoin de renouveau et ça passe par ça. @MLS_FRA #ForeverOrange https://t.co/dzyW7h7bDk
14 Aug, 12:29 AM UTC
Eduardo solano
@jcnfutbol1 le cuento que Elis, Quioto, Maynor y el capitán Boniek tienen nuevo entrenador, el Dynamo y Wilmer Cabrera concluyeron su relación contractual
14 Aug, 12:25 AM UTC
Pedro Rondon H de Sá
Wilmer Cabrera é o quinto treinador a ser demitido na #MLS nesta temporada. #Rapids96 Anthony Hudson (1 de maio) #FCCincy Alan Koch (7 de maio) #NERevs Brad Friedel (9 de maio) #RSL Mike Petke (10 de agosto) #ForeverOrange Wilmer Cabrera (13 de agosto) https://t.co/3qLNGKunP4
14 Aug, 12:05 AM UTC
Deportes TVC
#HoustonDynamo despide a su director técnico Wilmer Cabrera. Aquí los motivos ► https://t.co/wVz18jzuSC @DeportesTVC's photo on Wilmer Cabrera
14 Aug, 12:40 AM UTC
Guillermo Arango
Wilmer Cabrera no es más el técnico de @HoustonDynamo https://t.co/O7ae21rvMq
13 Aug, 11:50 PM UTC
Felipe Valenzuela
@HoustonDynamo remueve de la posición de DT al colombiano Wilmer Cabrera, le dan las gracias y ahora están en busca de un nuevo técnico. #HoustonDynamo
14 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
That's So MLS P⚽️dcast
Houston Dynamo part ways with head coach Wilmer Cabrera #MLS https://t.co/t46PnWToua
14 Aug, 12:16 AM UTC
Glenn Crooks
Is this homogenized enough for you, after Wilmer Cabrera is sacked: “At this time, we as a club believe the team will benefit from a fresh perspective as we enter the final third of our season & make a push to qualify for the playoffs.” - GM Matt Jordan #ForeverOrange #MLS
14 Aug, 12:07 AM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Dynamo #part ways with coach Wilmer Cabrera - Houston Chronicle #HoustonDynamo 🇺🇸 #MLS Pls RT https://t.co/dPky3dHjnD
14 Aug, 12:42 AM UTC