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Rachel Bitecofer 📈🔭🇺🇲🇺🇦
The media needs to cover CPAC factually. It's the first fascist rally ever hosted by a major American political party in history.
06 Aug, 11:32 PM UTC
tamara k. nopper
Audre Lorde said, "Every day of your lives is practice in becoming the person you want to be. No instantaneous miracle is suddenly going to occur and make you brave...and true." And Ruth Wilson Gilmore said, "Understand that practice makes different." We talking about practice.
06 Aug, 04:17 PM UTC
Newcastle United FC
Heeeeeeey CALLUM WILSON! 🔊 @NUFC's photo on Wilson
06 Aug, 03:42 PM UTC
Hussein Mohamed, MBS.
The final dash… from Nyayo to Wilson and now Kirigiti, Kiambu County. Freedom is coming! https://t.co/AefvmoHNeh
06 Aug, 03:26 PM UTC
Newcastle United FC
06 Aug, 03:37 PM UTC
Connor Hughes
Zach Wilson looks good #Jets
06 Aug, 11:53 PM UTC
Ahsan Iqbal
“The term demagogue is conventionally defined as a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises & using arguments based on prejudice & emotion rather than reason.” (Demagogues in history:Wilson) Can you guess who fulfils this criteria in Pakistan?
06 Aug, 02:58 PM UTC
James Merilatt
Do I think Drew Lock is a great QB? No. Do I think the Broncos did a terrible job at developing him, hindering him with a bad HC and OC. Yes. Yes I do. I’d much rather have Russell Wilson. Obviously. But I’m rooting for Lock in Seattle.
06 Aug, 11:21 PM UTC
Michael B Lehrhoff
@mikepompeo "force their deeply twisted ideas about morality" - says the party which literally performs plays about the awful treatment of violent insurrectionists, but laughs at parents whose children were murdered. Every Republican accusation is a confession, especially fascist Mike Pompeo
06 Aug, 05:04 PM UTC
Francisco Ribeiro
"Highland Flower Patch" Gordon Wilson https://t.co/g8dPytlxLL
06 Aug, 08:51 PM UTC
TV47 Kenya
"The Last Dash" for William Ruto: UDA Presidential candidate runs to board a chopper at Wilson Airport ahead of his final rally in Kirigiti, Kiambu #KenyaDecides https://t.co/V0nQn79gIy
06 Aug, 04:01 PM UTC
Witness Citizen
The Wilson Davis Documents mention Crashed UFOs and Bodies. This clip is from a longer segment I put together where I read from new (but old) documents from 52’ and 53’ discussing the same thing. :) https://t.co/Ot3J1VEP1V
06 Aug, 08:30 PM UTC
Zac Stevens
Russell Wilson doing the unthinkable: Handing it off AND completing a pass on the same play. https://t.co/hp1okkvxSD
06 Aug, 04:44 PM UTC
#喜乐安康-新冠疫苗是否有保护作用-04 Wilson医生为战友介绍幽门螺旋杆菌的四联治疗方案和相关药物特性,以及幽门螺旋杆菌的预防和注意事项! https://t.co/PsrhHNhG40
06 Aug, 11:06 AM UTC
Rich Cimini
#Jets takeaways on scrimmage: * TE Tyler Conklin continued strong camp. 4 catches w/ Wilson at QB. Developing rapport. Saleh on TC: "He's awesome." * RB Breece Hall showed nice burst, with runs of 10 + 16 yds. Split workload w/ M Carter.
07 Aug, 01:55 AM UTC
Hot Boys Love
Cody Wilson,Jack Philips - Find more in - https://t.co/9uatl2zr6V https://t.co/A3OK04zBci
07 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
GCU Baseball
From the Cape to North Carolina to the Netherlands, it's been a busy summer for @jacobwilsonn22. But the GCU junior emerged from the challenging competition as one of college baseball's biggest names. https://t.co/Z3jvFjaS2v
06 Aug, 06:40 PM UTC
Siddharth Khurana
The last time four candidates won a county in the same state was 1912, in Kansas. Wilson won the state (his best county was German Catholic Ellis County), with Roosevelt coming in second and Taft in third. Debs only got 7% but won Crawford County (Pittsburg). https://t.co/LdTTPpcv1z
06 Aug, 07:20 PM UTC
Toronto Police Operations
MISSING: Shylah Garcia-Smallwood, 22 - Last seen on Tues, Aug 2, in the Jane St + Wilson Av area - 5'4", 110lbs, slim build, straight shoulder length red/brown hair, hazel eyes, tattoo on forearm "Teasha" - No clothing description provided #GO1509526 ^lb @TPSOperations's photo on Wilson
06 Aug, 11:42 PM UTC
Siddharth Khurana
Most recent times a Democrat lost their home state: 2000: Al Gore (Tennessee) 1972: George McGovern (South Dakota) 1952/1956: Adlai Stevenson (Illinois) 1928: Al Smith (New York) 1924: John Davis (West Virginia) 1920: James Cox (Ohio) 1916: Woodrow Wilson (New Jersey)
06 Aug, 05:04 PM UTC
A.J. Wilson, M.Ed.
For my kids, Jacoby, Brinley, & Briley… “Have a vision. Be demanding.” —Colin Powell Anthony James Wilson Masters of Educational Leadership https://t.co/G91du6Md37
07 Aug, 02:52 AM UTC
🇨🇱Arturo Torres 🇨🇱 #Rechazo🇨🇱
Ósea, siguen fomentando la violencia. Bueno, perdonarla, ella hace tiempo que no sabe lo que hace. La ideología les tiene la mente capturada. Ojalá conocieras de verdad al Pueblo Mapuche, quienes no están ni ahí con Merluzo y la NC. #RechazoPorChile https://t.co/ghg72iyDwn
06 Aug, 09:12 PM UTC
Eric Hampford
Some Saturday Standouts From @madehoops South HSA Camp 🗒️ '24 Bobby Cannon (📸) '24 Isaiah Evans '24 Derrion Reid '25 Jackson Keith '26 Elton James '25 Max McNeill '25 Kaleb Evans '25 Zion Collins '24 Juke Harris '24 Carter McDole '26 Cole Cloer '25 Sadiq White '25 Caleb Wilson https://t.co/cMrHm7ypTz
06 Aug, 11:52 PM UTC
Jean C. Hernández
#MLB | Poder venezolano de ayer 05/08 en las Grandes Ligas Salvador Pérez (16HR) Wilson Contreras (16HR) William Contreras (14HR)
06 Aug, 03:02 PM UTC
Jets Videos
.@JeaneCoakley and @Connor_J_Hughes discuss the Jets' Green & White game, Zach Wilson's performance, and Carl Lawson's return from injury: ➡️ @GEICO @snyjets's photo on Wilson
07 Aug, 04:36 AM UTC
Lisa Frieze 🇺🇦🙏
She did it!!! COCO WON!!!! COCO WON! CONGRATULATIONS to @bergenstables Tony Wilson & Manny Jimenez! 🎉🏇👏💙💙 https://t.co/0lWQvGpudz
06 Aug, 07:04 PM UTC
Jamaicans.com 🇯🇲
A bridge in Serbia was lit up today in BLACK GREEN and GOLD to honor Jamaica 60th independence. JAMAICA 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Thank you Serbia 🇷🇸 🎥 https://t.co/ciUwA6RfeJ #jamaica60 https://t.co/mUHBQRrtiF
07 Aug, 04:09 AM UTC
Locations completed: Glenn Dale Hospital Hell House Altar Letchworth Village Edinburgh Manor Villisca Ax murder house Kings Park Asylum Cresson Sanatorium Wildwood Sanatarium Hinsdale House Ohio State Reformatory WV Penitentiary Wilson Castle Greene County Forest Haven https://t.co/ErSViQPddq
07 Aug, 04:38 AM UTC
The Gormogons
Rx The same goes for evidence in a news story...yeah the typeface looks like Times New-Roman, but hey, it's aged and speckled. Totes fine. #rathergate https://t.co/MzqvZAhIBT
07 Aug, 04:36 AM UTC
CJ Murrumbeena
@PrometheanFire7 @eithne52 The irony is nearly 60 years since Donald Horne wrote it, the quote nearly perfectly described Scott Morrison and his government, in that they "lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise." See: Tim Wilson's response election night.
07 Aug, 03:29 AM UTC