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Meanwhile, at the Champions' Dinner... 🕺💃🏼 #Wimbledon Wimbledon's photo on #Wimbledon
15 Jul, 11:28 PM UTC
Welcome to the Champions’ Dinner, @DjokerNole and @AngeliqueKerber 🏆🏆 #Wimbledon https://t.co/G5TbwPfOgy
15 Jul, 09:43 PM UTC
Two magnificent singles champions. One fun evening. #Wimbledon @AngeliqueKerber @DjokerNole https://t.co/XWWa5ZGVaa
16 Jul, 10:30 AM UTC
Until 2019 👋 #Wimbledon Wimbledon's photo on #Wimbledon
15 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC
They came, they won, they danced. @AngeliqueKerber @DjokerNole 🕺💃 #Wimbledon Wimbledon's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 01:50 PM UTC
Héctor Bellerín
Green stripes. #Wimbledon Héctor Bellerín's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 01:28 PM UTC
"Winning here is forever" A unique look at the ladies' singles final, and @AngeliqueKerber's crowning glory... #TakeOnHistory #Wimbledon Wimbledon's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 12:23 PM UTC
ATP World Tour
☑️ New career-high ATP Ranking ☑️ First #Wimbledon final 🇿🇦 Kevin Anderson headlines Movers of the Week after a breakthrough run at SW19. Read More ▶️ https://t.co/w3FY2MzWyF ATP World Tour's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 09:08 AM UTC
Emma Watson at the #Wimbledon⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ Men’s Finals in London https://t.co/vdH17JOKxF
16 Jul, 11:54 AM UTC
Emma Watson looking stunning at both men and women's #Wimbledon finals. https://t.co/Xly06nmyWs
16 Jul, 12:25 PM UTC
We Are Tennis France
Novak #Djokovic is back ! ✊ 4ème #Wimbledon ✊ 13ème titre du Grand Chelem ✊ Retour dans le Top 10 We Are Tennis France's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 08:34 AM UTC
Warsaw Sports Group
Zwycięzcy trzymają się razem 😍🔥!#Wimbledon https://t.co/AOyxph1cn1
16 Jul, 08:13 AM UTC
Hasan Patel🌹
WTF. On 15 hour shifts and eating from bins, this is what #Wimbledon cleaning staff have to endure. At a minimum they should be paying a LIVING wage and not poverty pay. This is disgraceful. @Wimbledon shame on you. https://t.co/19VcisPbk3
16 Jul, 06:05 PM UTC
BBC Sport
Novak Djokovic doubted whether he'd get back to his best, but those dark times made his fourth #Wimbledon title even sweeter. Full story: https://t.co/D46t7EVmNW BBC Sport's photo on #Wimbledon
15 Jul, 10:10 PM UTC
Tom Holland Brasil
Dominic Holland via Instagram! #Wimbledon Tom Holland Brasil's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 03:19 PM UTC
The Root
Serena Williams soars from No. 181 to No. 28 in world rankings after strong #Wimbledon performance: https://t.co/wttzJiSNzD The Root's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 06:55 PM UTC
Lego Loki
Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely afternoon at #Wimbledon Even the appearance of #SpiderMan and #DoctorStrange could not ruin it for me! https://t.co/vAAElgSArX
16 Jul, 06:16 PM UTC
The Champions' Dinner becomes The Champions' Dance... @djokernole and @angie.kerber take the stage #wimbledon NovakDjokovicFanClub's photo on #Wimbledon
15 Jul, 11:29 PM UTC
The Morning Spew
Ron Perlman’s a bit of a bore, His mouth is as foul as a whore, He harasses our Trump, With his verbal dump, But, alas, his butt is still sore. @perlmutations #Wimbledon
15 Jul, 09:06 PM UTC
Marian Vajda on IG We made it 2018 🙏🏼🏆🎾🔥 #champion #wimbledon #comeback #teamwork #dinner #happy NovakDjokovicFanClub's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 01:00 AM UTC
Sky Sports Tennis 🎾
A look at how Novak #Djokovic became a 🏆13-time Grand Slam champion🏆following his fourth #Wimbledon triumph on Sunday 🎾 ☀🌱✍👉👉👉 https://t.co/ijRbJXoKiY Sky Sports Tennis 🎾's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 12:21 PM UTC
As he awaits Bob Bryan’s return, Mike Bryan 'staying sharp' by winning doubles title with Jack Sock at #Wimbledon | https://t.co/LH45o9ggXe TENNIS.com's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 06:50 PM UTC
Bobby Seagull
Recently the #WorldCup, #Wimbledon and even my beloved (sorry, not sorry) #LoveIsland have dominated @TwitterUK trends. But with the return of #UniversityChallenge from 8.30pm @BBCTwo , we are here to reclaim our throne! UC fans, let's take back that #Twitter trending crown! Bobby Seagull's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 07:21 PM UTC
MARCA Polideportivo
.@GarbiMuguruza cae a la séptima posición del ranking WTA tras su tropiezo en #Wimbledon https://t.co/kW6LQJtP5D 🎾🎾🎾 MARCA Polideportivo's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 10:03 AM UTC
Eurosport IT
Viaggio all'inferno e ritorno: a #Wimbledon la rinascita di Novak #Djokovic 💪🎾🇷🇸 https://t.co/h9VmWkDcTL
16 Jul, 07:35 PM UTC
Marie LeSt-Aن ❌
Dommage que l’hystérique ⚽️ ait fait de l’ombre à la 4ème victoire de N. #Djokovic à #Wimbledon , Serbe, fervent orthodoxe, qui reverse à l’église de son pays 1 partie de ses gains. Peut être joie cachée de voir lefrère ennemi vaincu à Moscou. Modeste revanche de l’histoire
16 Jul, 09:42 AM UTC
No Game No Luck
On a oublié la finale de #Wimbledon entre Djokovic et Macron ! #PoseTonMacron No Game No Luck's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 07:31 PM UTC
@AngeliqueKerber - #Wimbledon Champion ! Hierzu ein lesenswerter Artikel von @Almighurt und die Stimmen von Steffi Graf @TheBorisBecker @BarbaraRittner ! Eine Sternstunde für das Tennis in #GER! #TeamAngie #Kerber - via @StN_News Rebel73's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 03:48 PM UTC
Lego Loki
It is indeed beautiful RT @WestEndFi Lego Loki very much appreciated the effort #Wimbledon had gone to in order to coordinate with his outfit @Loki_Lego Lego Loki's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Meghans Mirror
Did you miss any of the #DuchessOfSussex's style details from Meghan & Kate's day out at #Wimbledon? https://t.co/gRM61NS7oj Meghans Mirror's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
Paul VanWagoner
NOW on @ESPNBlacksburg 4pm @mzemek 4:30 @snason2013 5pm @Campusautos plus @tinainvirginia with traffic at 5:20 #Hokies #Awards #StateInspection #Wimbledon #WorldCupFinal Plus Your Calls and Texts at 866-961-1430 #ListenLocal Paul VanWagoner's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Elena - fan of Nole,CR7 & Real Madrid
These two 😍😍😍 Two persons who are the most "guilty" for @DjokerNole 's incredible comeback. THANK YOU @JelenaRisticNDF & @VajdaMarian ❤❤❤ #TeamDjokovic #Support #Love #Wimbledon Elena - fan of Nole,CR7 & Real Madrid's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
Sebastián Torok
Después de alcanzar la 3a ronda de #Wimbledon y subir 10 posiciones en el ranking, @guido_pella (72° de ATP) debutó en #Umag (@CroatiaOpenUmag; sobre polvo de ladrillo) y derrotó al japonés Taro Daniel (89°) por 1-6, 6-3 y 6-3.
16 Jul, 07:57 PM UTC
Humans4Help Corporate
#Wimbledon is finished and as Russia's #WorldCup, the 2018 edition has been marked by its use of technologies. #AI, #chatbots, #Big Data : discover how #innovation helped serve up a winning experience. 🏆 https://t.co/mvSIrmtv8t Humans4Help Corporate's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
TennisPal App
@JRBlake this year's #wimbledon was a classic, what upcoming tournaments are you looking forward to?
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Follow me Nd I'mma follow bck #PutinTrump #WorldCup #MandelaDay #slikouronlife #Wimbledon #TheQueenMzansi #MorningLive #WorldCupFinal
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Roberto Chávez
Amigos!!! Los esperamos el señor @mondragol10 y un servidor en @r13_deportivo por @Radio13MX a las 4pm. Hablaremos sobre la final de #Rusia2018, el #CampeónDeCampeones, #SupercopaMX2018, #Wimbledon y más!!! Aquí les dejo el link!!! https://t.co/KaIy8E9cNM
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
🏅 El vigente campeón de #Wimbledon, @DjokerNole, asciende once puestos y ya es número 10 del mundo. 👉 ¿Qué te parece? ☑ Si no tienes una cuenta #BETCRIS todavía, REGÍSTRATE aquí: https://t.co/qxJ4fiyC1R 👍 BETCRIS... THE PLACE TO BET! BETCRISHispano's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 08:00 PM UTC
Leighton V_Williams
#Wimbledon #Kipling Leighton V_Williams's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
The Spey
Well that’s Wimbledon 🎾 over for another year. Pimms 🍹😃 strawberries 🍓 and cream 🍶 😋😋and watching some of the most amazing sports athletes. Respect #wimbledon #beinittowinit 🛏 & 🍳 is 😎 https://t.co/Re7eelj3ij
16 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
#Wimbledon and the #WorldCup weren’t the only high-stakes sporting events in July. #Client #TheFirstPlayoffs https://t.co/Ne4Nbb20V7
16 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
Rafael Grullón
#KateMiddleton-La duquesa de Cambridge recibió un regalo de empuje del príncipe Guillermo en #Wimbledon https://t.co/Aveya5nWeY Rafael Grullón's photo on #Wimbledon
16 Jul, 07:56 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from Germany.

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