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B/R Walk-Off
🚨 MVP Power Rankings NL 1. Ronald Acuña Jr. 2. Kris Bryant 3. Jesse Winker 4. Buster Posey 5. Brandon Woodruff AL 1. Mike Trout 2. Byron Buxton 3. J.D. Martinez 4. Shohei Ohtani 5. José Ramírez More, via @zachrymer: 👉
11 May, 01:49 PM UTC
Jeremy Frank
Highest value added against fastballs this year: +12.9 runs - Jesse Winker +11.5 runs - Mike Trout +10.1 runs - Nick Solak +9.6 runs - Vladimir Guerrero Jr +9.1 runs - Giancarlo Stanton +8.8 runs - Shohei Ohtani +8.7 runs - Evan Longoria +8.6 runs - Byron Buxton
11 May, 04:55 PM UTC
Starting 9
JESSE WINKER INTO THE DAMN RIVER @Starting9's photo on Winker
11 May, 11:24 PM UTC
Jeremy Frank
Value added on swings, 2021: +11.3 runs JD Martinez +9.7 runs Byron Buxton +9.3 runs Jared Walsh +8.7 runs Mike Trout +7.8 runs Jesse Winker ... -13.7 runs Jurickson Profar -13.9 runs Alec Bohm -14.4 runs Eugenio Suarez -14.9 runs Francisco Lindor -17.5 runs Elvis Andrus
11 May, 08:23 PM UTC
Chad Dotson
Winker and Senzel are the only offense and they've both given away free outs on the bases. So 🤷🏻‍♂️
12 May, 01:10 AM UTC
Optimistic Reds
I am glad Winker drove in a run I am angry that Winker got thrown out
12 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Dejan Kovacevic
Well, if you thought Jesse Winker trying to catch a fly ball barehanded would be the dumbest thing he’d do here tonight, he just made Cincinnati’s first out of the eighth inning at third base. With the Reds down two. #DKPS #Pirates #LetsGoBucs  #CINvsPIT
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
Redleg Nation
Jesse Winker drives in Nick Senzel to make it 4-2, but he's thrown out trying to reach third base.
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
Cincy Reds Zone
Jesse Winker makes first out of the inning at third base. One of the best hitters on the planet but brutal on the basepaths.
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
Who winker thinks he is after David Bell hypes up his speed
12 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Our base running is gonna cost us this game. Caught steeling on a 3-0 pitch and Winker HRs the next pitch. Winker makes a terrible decision to go to 3B with 0 outs in the 9th. Count be 4-3 with the tying run on 2B with 0 outs
12 May, 01:11 AM UTC
Winker doesn’t go 3 and senzel doesn’t steal we win this game
12 May, 01:19 AM UTC
Derek Terry
That said, Jesse Winker is an elite baseball hitter and I hope he spends all of his career in Cincinnati.
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
Pirates of the Allegheny
I’d like to personally thank Jesse Winker for running into that out
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
With that double, Jesse Winker now leads all of baseball with a .374 batting average. #Reds
12 May, 01:15 AM UTC
Obscure Former Reds
Winker TOOTBLAN. Can't give away free baserunners, even vs the Pirates
12 May, 01:10 AM UTC
John Fischesser
Good lord Winker. I mean that’s like one of the baseball Ten Commandments. #Reds #Baserunning
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
Pirates Talk
What an unbelievable blunder by Winker. That’s massive
12 May, 01:09 AM UTC
winker for mvp burner
Dumb mistake Winker dumb mistake that one might cost us this game
12 May, 01:17 AM UTC
Reds in 4
Senzel putting his head down and running through a stop sign from House (and scoring) a few innings after House sent him stealing on 3-0 pitch with Winker at the plate feels... significant.
12 May, 01:15 AM UTC
12 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Dwight Kelley
@RedsFan_Brandon Winker in risk taking mode tonight. Gamer. Worked for him on that double, but not this time. Love him, but sometimes I wonder if he didn’t put on his thinking cap.
12 May, 01:18 AM UTC
White Mamba
I love Jesse Winker to death but man does he kill this team running the bases. No base running skills whatsoever. SMH
12 May, 01:13 AM UTC
Michael Seitz
Not really sure why the Pirates broadcasters are tearing apart Senzel for blowing through the stop sign. He scored. It’s Winker’s fault for trying to advance to third #LetsGoBucs #ATOBTTR
12 May, 01:13 AM UTC
White Mamba
I guess it's David Bell's fault that Winker got thrown out at 3rd base there.
12 May, 01:10 AM UTC
Travis Rauch
@LanceMcAlister Winker is safe if the play at the plate is attempted rather than the catcher just catching and tossing it down to third.
12 May, 01:10 AM UTC
Reds in 4
What an incredible piece of hitting and horrible piece of baserunning by Jesse Winker
12 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Kevin Smith
Rally hat at work except for Winker at 3rd. It’s a mistake but I always support aggressive base running 🏃‍♂️ ⚾️
12 May, 01:08 AM UTC
Corky Miller Stan
@Nati_Sports I’ve always been on the Senzel train. Knew hed eventually come around. But back to that 3rd inning. Why, in the fuck, are you trying to steal a base when there is zero outs w/ 2021 Jesse Winker facing a Pirates RHP in a 3-0 count. Also leading the league in CS
12 May, 01:20 AM UTC
AT&T SportsNet™ PIT
Winker doubles home a run to cut the Bucs lead to 4-2 in the 8th butter is thrown out trying to make it a triple! -RI
12 May, 01:07 AM UTC