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The Volatile Mermaid
Witches - cast spells Wirches - crast spells Trump - can’t spell
09 Oct, 12:21 PM UTC
Harmon Dash
The minute you see “Wirch Hunt” trending, you know it’s cuz @realDonaldTrump is acting like a whiny liddle birch! Wirches #Wirch #wirchhunt
09 Oct, 12:41 PM UTC
#MakeAHorrorFilmLessScary The Blair Wirch Project "Wirch Hunt" "Wirches" https://t.co/H4nOowdRuf
09 Oct, 11:59 AM UTC
Petey Steele
Wirch Hunt!!! If you see any wirches, grab ‘em by the purchy. #WirchHunt
09 Oct, 12:52 PM UTC
Bob Bennett
@realDonaldTrump Ssshhh, be vewwy vewwy quiet, I'm hunting wirches #wirchhunt #dumbass
09 Oct, 11:00 AM UTC
@realDonaldTrump "#WirchHunt! WirchHunt! Must stop the Do Nothing #Wirches!" https://t.co/4o1esjaXcz
09 Oct, 11:36 AM UTC
Wirch Mancino-Williams
[extremely Elmer Fudd voice] be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wirches https://t.co/d8Y8tJAfgr
09 Oct, 11:58 AM UTC
The Apostrophe Wrecks
‘Be vewy vewy qwiet, I’m hunting wirches...’ #wirchhunt https://t.co/6ULiR29P3P
09 Oct, 11:53 AM UTC
T-Shirt Insurance
Who wants to join my covfefe of wirches? #wirchhunt https://t.co/9GcDV6GCmJ
09 Oct, 11:55 AM UTC
RealTomChapman 🌹🏳️‍🌈
It’s tweeting about #Wirches going on a hunt. https://t.co/PPEtCkV7U4
09 Oct, 12:05 PM UTC
Angie Smith 🏳️‍🌈🌊🌈
@Nicoxw1 @Premunition Do all wirches like hamberders?🤔
09 Oct, 01:16 PM UTC
Suzuki Nathie
09 Oct, 01:36 PM UTC
Resting Cat Face, extra spooky
Be vewwy quiet, I'm hunting wirches. Huh huh huh huh ... #wirchhunt
09 Oct, 01:44 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Protect the Wirches at all costs!!!
09 Oct, 01:43 PM UTC
Thomas Vought
@realDonaldTrump Wirches, man. Wirches everywhere.
09 Oct, 01:42 PM UTC
Kathy K 🌊
@realDonaldTrump Ach! Those dadburn *Wirch Hunts*! Wirches everywhere! Wirches coming out of the woodwork to defend an ignorant POS like you. There oughtta be laws! Wait. There are. And you're breaking them all. #ComplyAndTestify https://t.co/3E45seOn1a
09 Oct, 01:42 PM UTC
John Barron
@realDonaldTrump Which wirch hunt has witches and not wirches which witches are wirches?
09 Oct, 01:41 PM UTC
Mike DeCillis
Wirches get stirches and end up in dirches. #wirchhunt
09 Oct, 01:41 PM UTC
MartiniDude wants to #ImpeachTrump & #MoscowMitch
@realDonaldTrump #Wirches in their habitat #WirchHunt #ImpeachTrump https://t.co/oZz40CfdRd
09 Oct, 01:41 PM UTC
Mike Sarzo (Text VOTE to 954-954)
So @realDonaldTrump continues with his tired narrative about this so-called #wirchhunt. Not only can he not even spell the words "witch hunt," he's lying as always. For a #wirchhunt, Bob Mueller found an awful lot of wirches.
09 Oct, 01:39 PM UTC
(indistinct chatter) 📚🎞🌏
and just like that, a whole bunch of people have decided to go as Wirches for Halloween this year. #wirchhunt
09 Oct, 01:37 PM UTC
Annette L Griffin
@ChatByCC @realDonaldTrump Now I'm confused. Are we hunting witches or wirches?
09 Oct, 01:36 PM UTC

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