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Katy Kinsey 🧢7️⃣
#YangGang help me trend #WomenForYang today & let's support our women with a special women edition donation💁‍♀️💰💕Comment your donations below & pass it on 💪 We stand strongly together 💕@AndrewYang https://t.co/lbjvZWzQHS
05 Dec, 03:22 PM UTC
🧢Anna Hadahiilį́ Yázhí☂️
I #EndorseAndrewYang because I’m a survivor of domestic violence. For years I supported my abuser financially. Once he had control, he chipped away at my autonomy and prevented me from working. I was nearly driven to suicide,thinking it was the only escape.#UBI now. #WomenForYang
05 Dec, 05:53 PM UTC
Paget Kagy🧢
The growing number of #WomenForYang is reflecting the MANY reasons @AndrewYang’s policies will benefit women in ALL situations. Pretending there is a one-policy fits all approach is a pretty myth. Unless that one policy is giving people personal choice to decide for themselves. https://t.co/Xk0KJ8CEBy
05 Dec, 09:53 PM UTC
Paget Kagy🧢
❤️ Let's get #WomenforYang trending!! ❤️And no, you don't need to be a woman to talk about your appreciation for #womenforyang or how Yang's policies will benefit women. Share how this can help women in your lives #YangGang!!
05 Dec, 10:01 PM UTC
Humanity For Yang 🧢
We stand with #WomenForYang ✊🏻#YangGang https://t.co/3d38kxM766
05 Dec, 06:36 AM UTC
Katy Kinsey 🧢7️⃣
As a woman, how would you use your $1,000 a month 💁‍♀️? Share with us 💕#WomenForYang #YangGang @AndrewYang https://t.co/b3vKpdE9PE
05 Dec, 04:26 PM UTC
James Treakle
And this is why optics matter. Because people are watching. The press serves a gatekeeping function – it is in their monetary and institutional best interest to pursue negative stories. We cannot give them ammunition. Put some respect on the #WomenForYang. https://t.co/TFGIs2M0cD
05 Dec, 09:56 PM UTC
Nana Thompson🧢☯️
This is one reason why #WomenForYang! Only #AndrewYang's policies DIRECTLY EMPOWER WOMEN and show them REAL RESPECT!! https://t.co/z1TGAhglJ6
05 Dec, 09:40 PM UTC
Mandy Stadtmiller 🧢
#WomenforYang are women who support women and women who support men and women who support families and women who support America being the best it can be. I love these women. They are #rideordie leaders and innovators and champions of #humanityfirst! So much #YangGangLove 💕 @mandystadt's photo on #WomenForYang
05 Dec, 04:39 PM UTC
Andy "Andrew Yang" Dike 🧢 ♿💰🦅
Stay at home mom have just as hard enough jobs as their husbands do when they go to work. Caring for kids 24/7, doing the necessary work to keep the household running. They really are the backbone of the family. They deserve $1k every month #WomenForYang
05 Dec, 08:11 PM UTC
@Livyer @davidaxelrod @AndrewYang @UChiPolitics I'm counting 20+ in only one side of this picture #WomenForYang are strong! https://t.co/7IkVdZWVJ9
05 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
Katy Kinsey 🧢7️⃣
🚨 #YangGang & #WomenForYang 🚨Do you want to find more women who fight for equality at home & in the workplace?Join @ladiesgetpaid . They are an organization of over 25,000 career women who support each other & work towards economic equality. Go to their site & join their slack
05 Dec, 10:24 PM UTC
JRL 🧢 7️⃣
@PagetKagy My #WomenForYang example would be the amazing change my mother will experience via the #FreedomDividend. She lives off $667/mo (and the financial help we, the kids, provide) and UBI would change her life and stress level instantly.
05 Dec, 10:05 PM UTC
Katy Kinsey 🧢7️⃣
Thank you to every single #YangGang that donated publicly today to support #WomenForYang . This is not going unnoticed and there is still time to donate before midnight to show your support for our women 💕💪🏻
05 Dec, 11:30 PM UTC
Andrew Yang Fan Page🧢
Great #WomenForYang video! #YangGang Like and Retweet so more people see this! Let’s make it go viral and spread the word of why @AndrewYang is the best candidate for women! @AndrewYangFanP1's media on #WomenForYang">https://t.co/GnFoSH2qx2
05 Dec, 06:30 PM UTC
BiBi Naive 🍑
I have met so many incredible #WomenForYang both online and in real life. They are all incredible, fearless, brave, lovely, intelligence, caring, and beautiful. https://t.co/BOyR4MzqDK
05 Dec, 10:27 PM UTC
Caligirl 🧢 ☂️
@Kinsey_ka @AndrewYang Just donated $19.20 in honor of the year Women were allowed to vote! #WomenForYang https://t.co/vJuLC8ludX
05 Dec, 10:03 PM UTC
Yang Warrior🧢
Time to get #WomenForYang trending. You don't need to be a woman to share how @AndrewYang is the best candidate for women. everyone can post something about either themselves, a friend or family member how they befit as well. #IShareYang https://t.co/1Q673EgyvD
05 Dec, 11:35 PM UTC
40% of babies are born to single mothers in US and @AndrewYang is looking out for them! 💗UBI $1000/Month 💗mandatory family/maternity leave 💗tax breaks for childcare 💗Medicare For All 💗universal pre-K 💗free financial counseling #WomenForYang https://t.co/GrecpjQUEa
05 Dec, 11:44 PM UTC
Gerald Yang 🧢
#WomenForYang keep this trending https://t.co/51HpCIBRs8
05 Dec, 11:05 PM UTC
Maren 🍝🧢
💜🤍💚I am non-binary and I support #WomenForYang. Yang’s policies will help people of all genders.
05 Dec, 11:08 PM UTC
I am a Latina who supports yang #WomenForYang learning about him after the Joe Rogan podcast made me excited for a president like him. I have been learning and doing more research that I can say I'm a little obsessed but it's made me think more about my future and my potential. https://t.co/EjodorQ3VQ
05 Dec, 10:34 PM UTC
Lindsay Yang 🧢☂️🌺🔮
@PagetKagy @MichaelSatoshi Currently most Venture Capitalists are men and they invest in men entrepreneurs. The whole country would prosper from more women entrepreneurs feeling like they can take a risk to bring their innovative ideas to the market! 👩‍💼💡 #WomenForYang https://t.co/aXs3o08fAr
05 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
Sunny Payne🌻🧢
Administrative and clerical work (mostly done by women) is already being automated away (-7% last year according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)... #WomenForYang recognize we need a safety net for our sisters, this sector is at risk for complete job loss due to automation. https://t.co/BLDDvuphtL
05 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC
Kristina L
@AndrewYang 's policies will do so much for the women of America! We need him in the White House! #WomenForYang #YangGang #Yang2020 https://t.co/G1ToAkR9nw
05 Dec, 11:50 PM UTC
Andy "Andrew Yang" Dike 🧢 ♿💰🦅
Just like the black vote is important the women vote is also important. Let's not disrespect our own in the YangGang community. We love each other like family. #HumanityFirst #WomenForYang
05 Dec, 11:47 PM UTC
Rakesh B Mistry
@PagetKagy Women can walk away anytime from abusive relationship with no worries as #FreedomDividend will go with her wherever she goes. This will give real power to the women. #WomenForYang #YangGang
05 Dec, 11:17 PM UTC
Sylvia Longchamps
@PagetKagy The Freedom Dividend would help with tuition and enable my dream to become an occupational therapist assistant #WomenForYang
05 Dec, 11:15 PM UTC
Christina Lee Shane 🧢☂️🇺🇸
My momma #womenforYang https://t.co/370aFW0h3l
05 Dec, 11:48 PM UTC
J Lui 🧢
@PagetKagy @KWatlor @AndrewYang’s policies would be a game changer (life-changer!) for stay-at-home moms, single moms, and women in abusive relationships!! #WomenForYang
05 Dec, 10:21 PM UTC

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