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March for Science NYC
Today is @WomenScienceDay. Which female scientist do you find the most inspiring? #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay #WomeninSTEM March for Science NYC's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 04:21 PM UTC
Dr. Lia Li
#IamAPhysicist I'm Lia 👩🏻‍🔧 I create sensors w/ lasers & glass spheres, kinda like a tiny @LIGO. I'm a bit of an engineer & business woman too; completed field-testing outdoors & my dream is getting my sensors into autonomous cars & drones 🚘🚀⚡️ #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay Dr. Lia Li's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 01:15 PM UTC
Lütfiye Selva Çam 🇹🇷
Ülkemizi uluslararası bir çok bilimsel platformda temsil eden tüm kadın akademisyen ve bilim insanlarımız ile geleceği aydınlatma çabasındaki kız çocuklarımızın 11 Şubat Uluslararası Bilimde Kadın ve Kız Çocukları Gününü kutluyoruz. #womenscienceday Lütfiye Selva Çam 🇹🇷's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 08:25 PM UTC
Microsoft Women
Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Today we celebrate the incredible contributions to science from women and girls all over the world – and those who inspire them: https://t.co/EARlv5uI7a. #WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience Microsoft Women's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Hoy celebramos el día de las mujeres y las niñas en ciencia e investigación! Mujeres referentes hoy despiertan la vocación por el conocimiento en miles de niñas en Chile y el mundo. 💪💪 #DíaMujeryNiñaEnCiencia #11F2019 #WomenScienceDay @ONUMujeres @min_ciencia @MinMujeryEG RedDeInvestigadoras's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 03:06 AM UTC
Àngels Chacón
En el Dia Internacional de la Dona i la Nena a la Ciència fem visible el talent femení. La ciència és per a tothom, gràcies per les teves paraules Caterina Biscari, directora del @ALBAsynchrotron #DiaDonesiCiència #DonesCientífiques11F #WomenScienceDay #womeninscience @recercat Àngels Chacón's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 06:49 PM UTC
Raychelle Burks
#BLACKandSTEM women, it's a new week and #WomenScienceDay! May your time not be wasted and may you get paid. May your week be free of the Trifling Trifecta™ (gaslighting, whitesplaining, and mansplaining) and full of support for you! Raychelle Burks's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 12:28 PM UTC
UN News
Today is #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience, a time to think about how to get more women and girls into tech-related jobs, still dominated by men, and why this is crucial to achieving the #GlobalGoals #WomenScienceDay #GirlsInSTEM #WomenInSTEM UN News's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 02:51 PM UTC
📸 Mother (Maria Skłodowska-Curie) and daughter (Irène Joliot-Curie) together in the Radium Institute (now Curie Institute), Paris 1923. 👩‍🔬👩‍🔬 #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay Poland.pl's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 02:07 PM UTC
March for Science NYC
Representing @500wsNYC and @nycsciencemarch at the United Nations headquarters for #WomenScienceDay. Show us your #WomaninScience pics! March for Science NYC's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 05:57 PM UTC
University of Oregon
On #WomenScienceDay, we'd like to thank all of the hardworking women scientists we are fortunate to have on campus. We'd also like to give a shout out to three groups that are helping make a difference in this area:
11 Feb, 11:04 PM UTC
Women in Canada
Today’s funding announcement is helping to build a more diverse & inclusive research community in Canada. By removing the barriers facing women & researchers from underrepresented groups, we can drive innovation & strengthen the economy. #WomenScienceDay #UOIT @NSERC_CRSNG https://t.co/mPj12Lu1Ya
11 Feb, 07:00 PM UTC
Los Alamos Lab
The #HIV mosaic #vaccine was originally designed at Los Alamos using a #MachineLearning algorithm designed by Bette Korber and her team | #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay Los Alamos Lab's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
El País del Abeyeiro
Hoy en el día #MujeryCiencia queremos hacerle un homenaje a Eva Crane, matemática cuántica que luchó para lograr la colaboración internacional para el estudio y la investigación científica de la #apicultura #díamujeryniñaenciencia #MujeryCiencia #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay El País del Abeyeiro's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:26 PM UTC
Today, the world🌎 is celebrating #WomenAndGirlsInScience. And soon Mars will too!🚀 We’re thrilled to hear that this rover will boast the namesake of such a historically important #scientist 🎉 #WomenInScience #sciencematters #WomenScienceDay #WomenInSTEM https://t.co/lRuklrI6sH
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
السفارة في القاهرة
د. ملاك الثقفي... طبيبة وعالمة وباحثة في علم الأمراض الإكلينيكية والتشريحية والعصبية والجينية الجزيئية. #WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience #هنا_المملكة #هنا_علماء_المملكة #فخر_المملكة @MalakAbed https://t.co/Usex6tZjUw
11 Feb, 08:10 PM UTC
Happy Monday, world 🌍! It's a great day to recognize the contributions of and societal benefits to having #WomenInScience! (a thread) #WomenInSTEM #WomenScienceDay Technovation's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC
Wilderness Watch
Happy #WomenInScience Day! Margaret Murie was a naturalist, author and conservationist who worked tirelessly to help pass the Wilderness Act of 1964, and was instrumental in creating America's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. #ShePersisted #ScienceRocks #WomenScienceDay Wilderness Watch's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 10:46 PM UTC
Meredith Garofalo
The cool thing about my job? Not only do I get to geek out about science but get to interview & work with other brilliant and fantastic scientists as well! #WomenInSTEM #WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience https://t.co/Jm7aCihMpT
11 Feb, 11:35 PM UTC
Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Join us in celebrating all the women @thenosm—learners, faculty, staff, and more—working to improve the health of people and communities across Northern Ontario and beyond #WomenScienceDay #WomenInSTEM 👩‍⚕️👩‍💼👩‍💻👩‍🎓👩‍🔬 NOSM | EMNO's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
Safiya Alpheus
I seldom find myself being the only woman in the room now & for that I am grateful! Today and everyday I recognise the badass lady scientists that keep me pushing in the field, lab and meeting room & motivate me to return the favour! #Representation #WomenScienceDay #WomenInSTEM https://t.co/wAhWQzId8y
11 Feb, 11:33 PM UTC
Natalie Osborne
Where there's a WILL, there's a way. THRILLED to be part of @CanadianPain's new program to promote & support #WomenInScience led by all-star team @kren27 @DrFCampbell @MelanieNoel & @painandpoppies. Our inaugural event is in TO at #CanadianPain19! #LancetWomen #womenscienceday https://t.co/JX8kT0YZCb
11 Feb, 05:45 PM UTC
Ajuntament de Reus
Avui posem el focus en #DonesiCiència, 👩🏻‍🔬 i en les investigadores del projecte #Nutrisalt: com la Núria Canela, d'@Eurecat, que treballa en el desenvolupament de nous sistema per detectar el frau alimentari. #FonsEu #WomenScienceDay #WomeninScience Ajuntament de Reus's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 02:24 PM UTC
There are no double standards, only the highest standards at RebelBio. Proud to back outstanding founders, 39 of which happen to be female 😎 #WomenInScience #MondayMotivation #WomenInSTEM #WomenScienceDay #GenderEquality #Science #biotech #Entrepreneur @SOSVvc @liaonet RebelBio's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 05:28 PM UTC
Susana Carvalho
Today is International Day of Women in Science #WomenScienceDay & I happen to supervise, mentor & work with the most AMAZING female scientists! Keep an eye on their work & in our lab- they are ALL rising stars! @oxford_anthro @primobevolab @KatarinaWarren @LydieL23 @lucybaehren Susana Carvalho's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:23 PM UTC
UW-Madison Engr
In addition to teaching, conducting research in applied electromagnetics, and serving in #UWMadEngr leadership positions, prof. Susan Hagness is dedicated to mentoring women faculty. https://t.co/sZsY9C2MhH #WomenInSTEM #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay UW-Madison Engr's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:15 PM UTC
Angie Hallman
To celebrate #WomenScienceDay, I want to recognize a local New Dundee Women in Stem, Karen Kokklink. Karen is passionate about women in #STEM. She is a community builder and leads local kids including several young ladies in a @ND_Optimists - Optibotics Club. Thank you, Karen! Angie Hallman's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:29 PM UTC
Wonder Women Tech
February 11 - International Day of Women and Girls in Science! 👩🏾‍🔬 😍 . . Who is your favorite female in science? . #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM #WomenScienceDay #WomenInScienceDay #WomenAndGirlsInScience #IDWGS #WWT2019 #WeAreFuture Wonder Women Tech's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 05:32 PM UTC
Welsh Biography
Florence Gwendolen Rees (1906-1994), Professor of Zoology and helminthologist https://t.co/7odOH24KHk #WomenScienceDay Welsh Biography's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 02:15 PM UTC
Marie-Louise Hannan
Marking #WomenScienceDay 2019 by listening to insights of @GGJuliePayette and @ChiefSciCan, two women whose careers have been dedicated to advancing science engagement within Canada and internationally. Marie-Louise Hannan's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 03:50 PM UTC
Samantha Zarate
I built my own desktop a few months ago wearing shiny earrings and short shorts. That same day, my first preprint (a tool to identify genomic structural variations) was published on @biorxivpreprint. #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #InternationalDayOfWomenInScience #WomenScienceDay https://t.co/rQtsixs2Lg
11 Feb, 10:58 PM UTC
In this podcast episode, we interviewed @BioBeef, a geneticist at @UCDavisResearch, to learn about how #CRISPR is used in sustainable beef production and animal welfare projects: https://t.co/u1os4uzrbl #WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM Synthego's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 11:27 PM UTC
UW Public Health
Dr. @amyhagopian has estimated mortality in war zones, taught about the role of health professionals in preventing war & advocated against nuclear weapons. Now she is helping to shape the emerging field of war and health. https://t.co/MhZRDC6CZV #WomenScienceDay #WomeninScience UW Public Health's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 11:35 PM UTC
Today is #WomenScienceDay. Here are just a few of my fav pics. Most of my lab’s discoveries have been driven by #WomeninScience, who first authored the Lab’s last 7 @PubMedCommons papers. Thank you all! @ATS_RCMB @CU_PSCCM @denverpostdocs @CUMedicalSchool @WomenScienceDay @ASBMB https://t.co/e62tdhjFsj
11 Feb, 11:16 PM UTC
anna marie stuart
Proud of my two daughters who have pursued science degrees just like their momma #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:08 AM UTC
Miller Medicine
We are honored to celebrate women in academic medicine. Recently, 6 women faculty members received recognition at the Women in Academic Medicine event. #WomenScienceDay. https://t.co/UKj3AH7JfM Miller Medicine's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
Spoke 🏳️‍🌈
Scrolling through the #WomenScienceDay hashtag and realize that it exclusively highlights women in #STEM. So I would like to take a moment and give a shout-out to Dr. Leslie Leve, @UOPrevScience, at @uoregon. If you haven’t checked out her work yet, today is a good day to start.
12 Feb, 12:20 AM UTC
Te invitamos a conocer la historia de la joven mexicana Yvone Martínez, quien ganó el premio en ciencia y tecnología que otorga su escuela. Yvone creó un sitio web para promocionar el negocio de su familia. #MujeresEnCiencia #WomenScienceDay @ONUMujeres ConsulMexAlb's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:06 AM UTC
Paigor Tom, again ⚡️
Happy International Women and Girls in Science Day, folks. I assist in a disease research lab. Sometimes, things sit on shelves past their time for discarding. Enjoy this, a fluffy intruder in a jar. #WomenScienceDay #WomenInScienceDay #WomenInScience Paigor Tom, again ⚡️'s photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 10:52 PM UTC
Julian Garde
.@uclm_es Nuestra Escuela de Traductores de Toledo tb participa en @11defebreroES #WomenScienceDay #diamujeryniñaenciencia #11F2019 @Escueladetraduc 👏🏽 Julian Garde's photo on #WomenScienceDay
11 Feb, 11:54 PM UTC
UC Water Institute
To celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we wanted to give a shout out to a few of the women whose research we've written about recently. #WomenAndGirlsInScience #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay https://t.co/RsPaKSqztF
12 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
Jay Hinton
That’s how to give an excellent seminar! @proftracypalmer reveals that Staph aureus secretes TspA, the 1st Type7-translocated toxin with activity against both eukaryotes & prokaryotes @livuniIIB #WomenScienceDay https://t.co/9aKPzcJxQH
12 Feb, 12:16 AM UTC
What I love most about teaching younger #girls to #code is that sparkle when their creativity and logic come together and they know they can do anything. #WomenScienceDay #WomenInSTEM @ai4allorg @CongressionalAC @nuevaschool https://t.co/6KzKmMc4qX
11 Feb, 11:34 PM UTC
Jamie Sumner, Author
I'm loving all the amazing tweets with the #WomeninSTEM hashtag! #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay https://t.co/J9ziUR9qyR
12 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
UW Public Health
Dr. Irene Njuguna was on a path to be a pediatrician when she realized there were gaps in health care that she could not heal. Now she tests inventive strategies to find some of the world's most vulnerable children w/ HIV. https://t.co/lrTjDOjF0L #WomenScienceDay #WomeninScience UW Public Health's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
In honor of #WomenScienceDay check out a couple of our favorite female faculty in EOSC doing what they do best, TEACH! https://t.co/BJkY7GP7gY
12 Feb, 12:25 AM UTC
Days of Dialogue
#WomenScienceDay #BlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/eCVezLm1Vm
12 Feb, 12:25 AM UTC
Happy #WomenScienceDay ! We at EOSC are proud of all the marvelous women scientists who help make our department great and pass on their awesome knowledge to the next generation! USD_EOSC's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:21 AM UTC
happy #WomenScienceDay ! i love 2day
12 Feb, 12:14 AM UTC
Daisi Estela❤️🚀
Happy international day for woman and girls in science !❤️ #WomenScienceDay #nasawoman ! #spacexwoman Daisi Estela❤️🚀's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:06 AM UTC
Debra Ruh
Happy #WomenInScience Day. #Women #scientists have been changing the world for years. Let’s celebrate #WomenScienceDay #RuhGlobal #WomenInScienceDay #AXSChat @KevinRuhGlobal @StreitzAbility @Davidperezcr91 @RoseMusachio #SDGs #WomenAndGirlsInScience #WomenINStem #WomeninTech Debra Ruh's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
Dr. Claudia T Fitzgerald
Today is #WomenScienceDay. "Gender gaps in #grant funding are attributable to less favorable assessments of women as principal investigators, not of the quality of their proposed #research." -Dr @hwitteman et al. Still much work to be done. https://t.co/GdTEdBjifT
12 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
👁 am Byki
It’s one of those wonderful days. #WomenScienceDay #WomenAndGirlsInScience
12 Feb, 12:30 AM UTC
Spoke 🏳️‍🌈
I love my female STEM friends, but when the hard sciences get all the attention on #WomenScienceDay, I feel a certain responsibility to break that hegemony. So here’s to @elenaglt. Follow her if you’re on Twitter for good reads and intriguing takes on things you thought you knew.
12 Feb, 12:29 AM UTC
Ross Allen
My kids’ bedtime reading on #February11th (bottom right is for when they are a bit bigger) #WomenScienceDay Ross Allen's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:20 AM UTC
EESA at Berkeley Lab
Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! #WomenScienceDay EESA at Berkeley Lab's photo on #WomenScienceDay
12 Feb, 12:17 AM UTC
APS Gastrointestinal and Liver Section
Check out APS member Ida Henrietta #BlastFromThePast #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #WomenScienceDay https://t.co/zYpwbTCrDt
12 Feb, 12:15 AM UTC
Carlos Zaldumbide
#InternacionalDayOfWomenInSc #WomenAndGirlsInScience #WomenScienceDay qué honor para el #Ecuador contar con #VerónicaDávalos como una científica reconocida a nivel mundial. 💪🏻 👏🏻 https://t.co/cTixHaXw0H
12 Feb, 12:11 AM UTC

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